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  1. On the Dutch side, If it's registered and insured in the UK you can just drive it over or put it on a lorry, no special license or permit is needed. The new owner can apply for a Dutch registration with the British documents and a bill of sale.
  2. The 'April 1st Unit' isn't fully operational yet.
  3. Just be happy they don't refer to it as 'a grey German Boaty McBoatface with big scary guns'...
  4. http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/27615-Consolidated-List-Of-Containers
  5. I think we looked at the same post. 😃 Size: Length 24.7" Breadth 15.25" Depth 10.125" Empty Weight 11 lb. 8 oz. Used for: 3-in. Q.F. howitzer Smoke Number Packed: 12 Gross weight: 144 lbs 4.5-in. B.L. gun Cordite W- 1st Charge Number Packed: 6 Gross weight: 57 lbs 4.5-in. B.L. gun Cordite W- 2nd and 3rd Charges Number Packed: 6 Gross weight: 90 lbs 5.5-in. B.L. gun 3rd and 4th charge Number Packed: 6 Gross weight: 88 lbs 6-in. 26-cwt. B.L. howitzer 4-lb. 6-oz. 4-dr charge Number Packed: 10 Gross weight: 80 lbs M.L. 8-in. projector, Generators Smoke, No. 23 Number Packed: 12 Gross weight: 100 lbs
  6. I just got the exact same metal ammo crate, in original period paint with markings under & on top of it. It is intended for several types of cordite charges.
  7. A list of patentnumbers, unfortunately there is no such number on the binos. A nice and original pre/early war pair regardless!
  8. 'DRP' stands for 'Deutsches Reichs Patent' whcih makes them WW2-era, not WW1
  9. The colour most people agree on is (one of the) correct OD shade(s) is called 'MAT 1' and is readily available from most of the usual parts suppliers.
  10. An armoured tent is called a bunker but the most popular US tent is the 'Small Wall'-model that will comfortly house 2 and, if needed, 3 people on cots. They are available as reproduction although I have no experience with these regarding quality. Example (currently sold out though): https://qmi.be/tentage/us-small-wall-tent.html
  11. g503.com is the THE site for anything WW2 jeep-related, check out the forums!
  12. I think that group is called 'The Fighting French' and they have a FB page. I chatted a bit with one of their members myself as I have an interest in French militaria too.
  13. I guess Brexit won't affect affect visitors/tourists too much as in people with soft skinned vehicles and the like, but for traders it will be a dealbreaker as there will be loads of administration involved and I think most just won't bother.
  14. For the simple reason that a lot of the MV people come from abroad and have other things to do on monday, and so sunday's visitors were greeted by a lot of empty pitches and vehicles moving out. That's why a few years ago it has been decided to start & end the show a day earlier. That being said I had a great time, stayed the whole week and walked the stalls every day. Around noon I would go back to the camp and sit out the heat for a few hours in the shade, with a drink and a book or just napping and back to the stalls after that. I did notice the already mentioned decline in numbers compared to a few years ago, and I hope this is just a transition period and numbers will go up again.
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