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  1. Fuel pump diaphram material

    You might want to look for some modern material that can handle the nasty additives they put in fuel nowadays. It eats older membranes in no time.
  2. RAF vehicle camouflage

    I think this may be a colourised photo so I wouldn't depend too much on the exact shades?
  3. Preview of post

    Thanks both for your reactions!
  4. Tin toy Jeep made in Holland in 1945

    Yes but it lacks one of the hood bows. I think my dad has an all complete one, he has a nice collection of 1945-1955 made tin jeep toys/models and hands the models he improved on down to me.
  5. Preview of post

    Maybe I missed it, but is there an option to pre-view a post or reply before actually posting it?
  6. Tin toy Jeep made in Holland in 1945

    It is indeed, this is my example:
  7. Generator for what vehicle ?

    I have been looking at pics of US Signal Corps generators, but all seem to have a 'oil drum'-model petrol tank and not the 'oxygen bottle'-model fitted here.
  8. Panzer 2 turret

    I am in awe of your fabrication skills and eye for detail and I can't wait to see you progress with this project!
  9. Bedford MWC restoration

    Never thought I'd see 'Lucas' and 'they rarely fail' in the same sentence!
  10. Catching Up

    On the right above the 'Recently updated topics'-bar is a link for 'unread content'. That should do the trick.
  11. Welcome back!

    + 1
  12. WWII British torch

    MB II0247, d.o.d. January 8, 1942.
  13. WWII British torch

    Ours is only 4 days older
  14. WWII British torch

    Sorry for the off-topic, but what's the d.o.d. of your Willys?
  15. I find the lack of original primer a bit odd, it might indicate the paint was completely stripped during an earlier rebuild? As for RAF blue, the RAF had loads of WW2 jeeps in service after 1946 too so it's certainly not historical incorrect.