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  1. earlymb

    How do you camo up your tank

    That depends... it could have spinner hubcaps 🤣
  2. earlymb

    Found in France......

    I think this is Dainler-Benz Fahgestellnumber 441246, but I'm not 100% sure. It is listed (with a different reg number) on http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_SdKfz8_SdKfz9.pdf
  3. earlymb

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Essential support vehicles used to be free parking... so not anymore?
  4. earlymb

    6 or 12v jeep?

    With good connections and cables of the correct size there really is no need to go to 12V. Unless it's a radio jeep, 12V only detracts of the value in my personal opinion.
  5. earlymb

    Hello all!

    Welcome! 😎
  6. I'll be there for a week too. It's my summer holiday 😎
  7. If you have the space available, maybe a used shipping container would be an option for storage? They come in several standard sizes, are easy to place and more weather resistant than a tent. It's amazing how well they can blend in the surroundings if painted a suitable colour and they're not that expensive, compared to a tent garage.
  8. I have a nice T60A pintle hook for a GPW available, in very good condition with only very minor wear. I am looking to trade it for a T60A pintle hook in comparable condition that is correct for our early Willys MB, which can be ID'd by the rough surface (cast in sand) and the name 'STEEL' cast onto both lower- and upper jaw. Alternatively, I might also be interested in other slatgrill parts for trade. Feel free to let me know what you have. Looks like I will be going to Beltring so I can bring the pintle hook there.
  9. earlymb

    Jeep carburettor problems

    If that doesn't fix it I suggest you post your problem on http://g503.com/forums/ There are some experts on jeep carburetors there too.
  10. earlymb

    Spitfire colour scheme

    You might be able to find something if you look into colours scale modelers use and convert that to RAL?
  11. earlymb

    Fordson WOT 1 Tanker / Fuel Bowser

    Thanks for the pic! Very interesting but that's a completely different tank; it seems it only takes about half of the space, with the remainder used for wooden storage lockers. That is a possibility. While it still seems to be in the original paint, I couldn't see any trace of markings but it's very dark in the warehouse. I'm going to try to persuade the owner to move it to the workshop and see if we can get it running. That would also give the opportunity to inspect it better.
  12. Since a few weeks I don't see the small forum 'buttons' anymore (like the green dot or star in front of unread content and other places), only a small square. Clicking them seems to work fine though.. Is there any way to fix this? See screenshot below:
  13. Thanks. What are the costs of just entering the convoys without staying or using facilities at the base camps?
  14. Will there be an option to just participate in one or both convoys and avoid staying at the camps?