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  1. Axis Track Services is making new track links for the Panther they are restoring, while the Australian owner has plans to sell (some of) the original links in his museum shop: https://www.facebook.com/ausarmour/posts/1542209992481923
  2. Belgian Army radio?

    The markings in both Dutch and French would indeed indicate Belgian use. This pale grey-green is more associated with CD than military use I think?
  3. WW2 North Africa Plane Photos

    I'm very sorry to hear about your father. Amazing photo's, thanks for sharing!
  4. willys original parts

    For original parts I think shows are your best bet, especially with private vendors. Depending on what level you want to restore, you might need to do some homework about what variant of a certain part you will need. If you do happen to have to resort to a repro part, I've heard very good things about 'Joe's Motor Pool' products.
  5. WW2 Willys Jeep

    I would say eBay is a pretty good way of determine how much something is actually worth, as it show how much a buyer is willing to pay. That being said, a correct and original WW2 jeep actually IS pretty rare and valuable. Part of this is due to people hoarding original parts and sitting on them as investments. Another reason to applaud good quality reproduction parts. Btw, it is a Willys jeep, not Willy's jeep (unless the owner's name is Willy).
  6. ww2 Jeep £40,000

    Not necessarily, but it does have the French reinforcements at the front of the chassis indeed. Good eye!
  7. ww2 Jeep £40,000

    I think at least the hood is WOF.
  8. Russians recover Shermans

    The Panzerschreck? That was an electrolysis bath. Great for rust but it doesn't neutralize the saline crystals imbedded in the metal.
  9. Russians recover Shermans

    Well, first of all those vehicle remains if recovered would last maybe 30 minutes above water before they turn into brown dust, unless a long-term (and expensive) conservation program is undertaken which involves keeping them submerged in water of which the salt levels are slowly reduced over the course of 3-4 years. And even if that would be done, all that would be left are some rusted frames and parts of relatively common trucks nobody except weirdo's like us would be interested in, all kept in an expensive building with a paid staff etc... Whilst now they attract lots of people that may not have an interest in military items as such, but just want to dive to wrecks. They would be mad to try to recover that cargo!
  10. another jeep any red flags

    I agree, looks like a decent GPW. The engine block itself is post-war too (CJ) but it will work just fine. Not uncommon for Fords either, as the Ford-made blocks were weaker than Willys blocks and prone to cracking. Also, the windshield frame appears to be an early one since it lacks the brackets for the rifle holder.
  11. Graveyard

    Looks like a nice collection of usable parts and maybe even some restorable vehicles... It might be worth while to find out where this site is and who owns it/the vehicles?
  12. is WW2 jeep with different engine a good buy

    An engine like that usually (but not always) also means another gearbox and changes to the chassis (like engine mounts) to make room for it.
  13. jeep queries

    I think the hood is M201 (it sticks out a bit over the grille) and the bodytub might be a reproduction, given the lack of fasteners for the half-doors.
  14. wanted beford truck manual

    You'll probably still need that re-print now for actual use with greasy fingers...
  15. Ageing new repro kit

    Why bother to age? The equipment and uniforms worn then were not aged either, but they will when worn regularly. If you want to look period-correct they shouldn't look as if they are 75 years old. As for dubbing, you could try the original stuff in the round, grey can or a few coats of brown shoepolish followed by lots of coats of clear or brown dubbing.