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  1. Also if there is any slight possibilty of the law changing when we leave the EU. It won't.
  2. FOR SALE. A very nice 1943 dated Tilly drivers handbook (No. 100/AN2) Very good condition, some staining to cover, insides almost mint. I no longer have a Tilly, so it has to find a new home. £25 + P&P Please PM or email me direct on mark@ecsleeds.com
  3. Two more very interesting vehicles are booked in to this years Yorkshire Wartime Experience. The first one is The Rolls Royce Phantom used by Montgomery during WW2; This Rolls Royce was built in and owned by the Managing Director of the British Talbot Motor company, Frederick Wilcock. It's greatest claim to fame is that it was the car assigned to General Montgomery in the run up to D Day. It's known as the 'green car' because of it's black and British racing green colour scheme. Mr Wilcock loaned it to the Ministry of War on condition that it did not cross the channel, because he didn't want it to be blown up or shot at. This backfired on him as after D-Day the Phantom was reassigned to the Chief of staff of United States Air Force, General Carl Spaatz, and an American fuel tanker backed into it causing severe damage.' Monty's original wartime Phantom Rolls Royce is now owned by a private individual. Having been on show at a museum for several year's. This tiny "Tank" is a very rare 1936 Carden Lloyd carrier, one of only 15 built, and now the only survivor in existence. This vehicle was sent to France, as part of the British expeditionary force in 1939. It was captured by the Germans, then found in France in near complete condition, and restored to running condition. These are the first published pictures of this incredibly rare beast. Both of the above vehicles as well as many many others will be appearing at this years Yorkshire Wartime Experience. This is the only event either will be attending this year, before they go back into a private collection. For more info on thios years YWE check out the web site on http://www.ywe-event.info/
  4. Couple of interesting vehicles booked in; Monty's Rolls Royce Phantom Carden Lloyd Carrier, The last one in the world of 15 manufactured in 1936 As well as masses of other armour, artillery, vehicles & reenactment groups. This is going top be a show that is not to be missed. Check out the web site for details; http://www.ywe-event.info/ M
  5. I run a 1943 Willys Jeep that I want to badge up as a reconnaissance vehicle for GHQ Liaison Regt. (The Phantoms). This would be part of the 21st Army group post D Day. I am however finding it almost impossible to discover exactly what markings would have been carried. I have reason to believe that they would have carried the white "P" on a black square & the 21st Army Group shield front & rear, but am not certain about this. I have consulted the recognised works on vehicle markings, but there is no mention of "The Phantoms" at all. Any help would be much appreciated. On a similar note, if my assumption is correct, can anyone suggest a good source for a pair of 21st Army group shield transfers? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  6. Anything acidic will have a similar effect. I use the stuff sold in machine mart as brick cleaner as a bulk de ruster. Its a fairly strong solution of hydrochloric acis & works about 100 times better than vinegar. When using acid to remove rust it is always essential that the component is thoroughly rinsed & then nuetralised in washing soda or something similar.
  7. Hi, I'm mk1mark. I have been very much involved with the classic vehicle & historic racing scene for a good few years, but MV's is a totally new departure. I have been under Guantanamo bay type pressure for months from my 10 year old son Adam to buy a Jeep so I am about to take the plunge. So I don't have anything at the moment, but hope to have a nice original WW2 Willys or Ford very soon. I'll keep you posted. Regards, mark F.
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