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  1. Hello folks, hope this posts under wanted! I am looking for a centurion clutch assembly, this could be a worn out unit as it won't be taking the weight of a tank. What is out there.....? Jerry 07962 240847
  2. Hello, would any kindly soul know what vehicle these are from? Jerry
  3. Work still going on, I will add some pictures asap.
  4. The green wreck on the back of the low loader is mine, only fit for spares really, but....
  5. Further to my previous post, this is the turntable, I simply need dimensions!!
  6. Hello gang, would anyone have detailed plans for the turntable on a pioneer tank transporter. I need dimensions and drawings as I'm going to fabricate one or maybe more if anyone is interested? Jerry
  7. Ok, its very easy, whether my description of how to do it will make it sound so remains to be seen. Turn the engine over by the ring gear in an anti-clockwise drection through the inspection hatch (top of the flywheel housing) until the marks for number one cylinder come into vision (on the flywheel). Then depending on whether the advance is set forwards or backwards, read off the settings on the housing and look for these on the flywheel and align them with the pointer in the inspection hatch. Now look at the injection pump and number one injection pump element, there is a little window in the body, and this has a scribed line on it, this will align (if the timming is set correctly in the first place) with a scribed line on the mooving element inside the pump. Then its simply a case of removing the pump. The first time it takes a bit of time but from then on, it can be done in minuites. The engine can be turned over with the pump removed without any issues.... Jerry
  8. A few pictures of the dashboard, the lower picture shows the original damaged item with the donor dash at the bottom. Simply a case of cutting aligning, making sure the mounting holes still aligned and welding the two together. A qhick skim of filler and back to new again.....
  9. Here is the text that I'd wanted to include but having a few tec issues! The previous pictures show the dashboard, windscreen panel and wooden cab bulkhead all now atached and shown on the chassis a few posts ago. I will try and upload more but this is playing serious games with me! Still need leads on a radiator and an osf wing in any condition? Jerry
  10. A picture of some progress, however info on the rear floor would be useful as I need a surface to work from.... Jerry
  11. Hello folks, there have been a few dramas recently, but I'm bac to work on the K2. Would anyone know of details for the rear floor, I need to know the width of the floorboards. I have the inspection hatch in reasonable condition and some lengths of hardwood, but I need to know what dimensions to machine it? I'm also in need of a nsf wing and a radiiator if anyone can help? Jerry
  12. Hello, I see they are old posts, have you removed it now. If not, I can help....
  13. BEC 381 is a little buried but still needs an air filter..... who has one? Any leads gang?
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