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  1. Hi guys and gals i need your help i have some picture of my grandads medals from WW2 and would like to know what they were for, I know the one on the right is not military it is his long service medal for the coastguard but would love some help with the others please :dunno: http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd154/MrsT20/DSCF0033.jpg[/img]
  2. a good weekend was had by all, it was great to meet up with everyone, shame that we didnt have our road run :-( but never mind will have to organise it another time, you have never seen anyone so pleased to get a winch sorted and the amount of people involved was amazing, as you can see I was just supervising and couldnt be bothered to walk over to the otherside of the field so thought i would get a lift :whistle:, jack that was a sneeky picture didn't even know you had taken it. look forward to meeting you all again same time same place next year, or sooner for those in Dorset.
  3. N How sexist is that :tongue: Not all women drivers are the same some of us can remove an engine strip it down rebuild and put it back in so please dont tar us all with the same brush not everyone is perfect, I'm sure mrs HF and Bernie will agree with me
  4. Ashley i think we need to keep Mr HF & Mr T20 out of the chinese :cry:, you never know what might happen :evil: :evil: could always get an indian they could be even more of a challenge :-D
  5. this is a small rally although well attended the cost is normally about £5 per adult lots to see and do and on the sunday there is normally a car boot sale an auction on the saturday morning, it is definetly worth a visit have been going for years and mr & Mrs HF and increased the military vehicle attendance 10 fold to what there used to be their, i'm sure that others will vouch for that
  6. Hi Rick how can you miss such a fantastic show, Mrs HF puts a lot of hard work into getting everyone their and making sure they are all happy, and Mr HF is normally incharge of the evening entertainment along with a few others :beer: :yay: :yay:, Purbeck rally is always the same weekend (3rd weekend in August) sorry you cant make it, but there's always next year.
  7. Gonna have to watch this guy not the sort we need on the HMVF, keep an eye on Nessie Ashley dont let her out of your site at Upottery, hope your gonna bring her along to Purbeck in a couple of weeks Mrs T20
  8. sounds like a good idea but would they let you all out of Monkey world :evil: :evil: :roll:
  9. Well what a cross match of occupations we have here Mr T20 & myself run our own business cutabove Flooring Ltd, supply & fitting vinyl & carpet flooring and yes a few vehicles,caravan and lorries have been carpeted in the past, I work fulltime for a marine wholesaler as well in customer services :adminpwr:. Mr T20 loves to get his hands dirty and play with his tractors and staionary engines and helps Mr HF if help is required. :whistle: good to know what people do in life :dunno:as well as hobbies Mrs T20
  10. this grease is no longer available duckhams stopped making it years ago, you can try Unipart waterproof grease this is suitable for underwater use for stern drives etc and should be able to use this for fire engines as well can also be used for trailer wheel and can be obtained from most chandlers, I know that marine store stock this as we supply it to them contact tel no. 01621 854280 very helpful people. Mrs T20
  11. Jack I will make sure that Mr T20 and Mr HF are around when you need to get the bed of the Jimmy repainted it's the least they can do after all the grief they gave you on saturday, they are good at destroying things :evil:, but they can put it right afterwards :-D Mrs T20
  12. Yeah the 2 mugs :evil: :roll: sorry are they useful :evil: :evil: whoops the 2 tea cups sat on the step. he he
  13. Sorry Mr HF don't think he can be converted unless it has 2 wheels then he might change his mind, :whistle: :dunno: I wonder if Jack has given Jess the canteen yet :evil: :evil: see you Soon Mrs T20
  14. Hi Jack it was great to see you today, and as always Mrs Hardyferret & Mr Hardypig made everyone welcome, Bacon butties were very good and most welcome :-D it was nice to see the sun out and happy smily faces :yay::cofee: :hug: :yay: coz you men could get outside and play And we hope that Jess enjoy's his canteen sent over by jerry :banana: :banana: see you soon Mrs T 20 ps Mr T20 says wire crimps and connectors to follow :evil:
  15. come on Jack tell us please I agree with Mrs HF come on Jack please tell :? :?
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