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  1. The issue he had is he is a 2nd year apprentice, so limited budget running it as a second car for shows and camping type activities, so needed to be economical, so had to be one with a more modern engine or an old economical thumper, this was all he could afford. It needs a lot of work but all looks to be stuff we can do our selves.
  2. Thanks Ruxy. It is indeed an 88" but it has a 3L Mercedes Diesel engine, currently you don't need 1st gear! My son wants 750s as he feels it will look better, we are some what committed as we have half a set of 750 so for the moment have stick with them
  3. Thanks the problem is he is on a very limited budget so it would have to be used
  4. Thanks for the reminder, I was aware thats why I mentioned it as if some one has 4 radials or two cross plys I am sorted, you never know some one might have two cross plays and want a radial? I can believe how difficult they are to find, all the ones on Ebay etc are down south? Found loads of metric ones but it wouldn't be quite right. So why shouldn't you mix them? I know Cross plays have stronger walls?
  5. My Son has bought an old series 2 Land Rover, the tyres have had it we have found three locally just need two more if any one has a full set or just two and are local to the North west let me know. We have three cross plays and one Avon Radial so just need to make a usable set of 5 with or without wheels. We are also looking for a series 2 front end to put Bob back to how he should be, hops for his canvas and doors even tatty ones to fit whilst we repair the current ones
  6. Thanks that's a great help. We have some very good detergent so we will look for a dry day and give it a go
  7. Winchboy has bought a series 2a truck cab. He has the rear canvas but no sticks etc for it, he wants to make a set as being an apprentice he should be able to and he has very little spare cash as he needs 5 tyres! So has any one a set they could measure? How would you clean the canvas? Should we stare proof it Fabsil as we have some?
  8. I would just like to say a big Thank you to rewco He sold us some parts for the Model A all well packed and such an easy transaction. Just need wheels and tin wear now
  9. Welcome. I am sure some one will be able to point you in the right direction, my son has a 34 Model A and a forum member has found parts for him so give it a few weeks as many people don't visit every day. Whats up with the crank shaft as I am certain it would be able to be repaired / re manufactured.
  10. Thanks Ron we will keep looking.
  11. I don't suppose your donor tank had the hand change bracket? Ours is missing from a Model A but they look to be the same but we cant find one i the flesh to copy
  12. Hello Looking for parts to get a 36 Royal Enfield model A back on the road, its my son's bike, he wanted a 20's or 30's bike but being an apprentice couldn't afford a complete running one so he has loads of enthusiasm but not much cash, so what cant be bought used will have to be made. Not bothered about accuracy as long as they look period, need, wheels, mudguards, lights fork parts, Exhaust, mag dynamo no doubt lots of little odds and ends. Wheels really any period 19" rims with drum brakes just to get it back on the road. Basically we have the frame, engine and gear box, bars, seat, mudguard brackets, tank but no fuel tap. Any info gratefully received He is also struggling to get the gear box together, we have asked local shops but its too old the one that would do it was very expensive and wouldn't show him. Its a 3 speed Royal Enfield specific box, not an Albion, we have found many of the 30's Enfileds are the same with just the engine and box different.
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