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  1. winchman

    T reflector

    Thanks I have done in the past but it the weathers ok and its not dark I like to have it original, its not looking good for it at the moment as I am struggling for space so might have to sell it.
  2. winchman

    FV432 driving on street query

    Personally I would get the kerb dropped and apply for a garage I am no expert but why would you mention the vehicle type? I feel it may give some one more to object to, but its just a vehicle and as long as the estate has no covenants on vehicle type / weights I dont see a problem, often the said covenants are never enforced as no one wants to pay the legal costs. Until recently we had a local bloke with the biggest Zil I have seen in the garden
  3. winchman

    T reflector

    Can anyone point me to the legal bit? IE when where these in use? Mines a 1930 Gibson Eccles, we can date it by the Morris Minor wheels as they only did that type from memory 1927-1930 and the catalogue. I have fitted a T but I have been asked why no triangles and would like too give a more exact answer. The lids rough and its still not finished, but its saved and in regular use
  4. winchman

    Mystery socket set

    We cant find any info on the hex drive?
  5. winchman

    Mystery socket set

    Thanks will see if I can join, he has a 9/32 set but its missing the ratchet, bought from an aircraft engineer who was retiring, he bought it military surplus when he was a teenager with no ratchet it had a Tipco one with a reducer, I have a scan of the Britool catalogue and they sold sets with and with out ratchets
  6. winchman

    Mystery socket set

    Cant quite read it 3280076 but not certain?
  7. winchman

    Mystery socket set

    Not sure which section to put this in? As some of you know my son has a strange addiction, he collects Britool tools pre the Blue handle ratchets, so pre 80's ish (He started with just sockets but now will buy a Plastic bag with Britool on it!)Here is my son's latest purchase its his first Hex drive set for his collection, he bought it as it looks to be complete and we have never seen another.It looks to be from WW2?We also wonder what the long spanner type thing is? I wondered if it was a tool kit for a military vehicle? Found this on line "Demand for Britool’s products grew between the 2 World Wars; indeed, Britool was the principal supplier of tools to the British armed forces, during the Second World War, supplying over 200 million wrenches, sockets and accessories."
  8. winchman

    Saracen coolant pump

    I too have seen this, [plastic bungs left in a brand new pump
  9. winchman

    Night heaters

    An update I got the two from Paul, on reflection it was too difficult to make a 24v heater run in a 12v vehicle so these have been passed on to a good friend of mine for his truck. I bought a Chinese one for £172 delivered and I cant fault it, worked straight from the box, well made and working well. My mate has a 12v Petrol one if ant one is looking for one? Its the usual story I coolant find one then loads come out of the wood work.
  10. winchman

    Any trolley jack experts ?

    Might be worth asking here http://www.classic-british-car-jacks.uk Nice bloke on Retro rides restores German made ones too
  11. winchman

    James ML spanners

    Here are 4 James ML spanners James ML M.55 James ML M.56 James ML M.57 James ML M.57 £40 the lot posted
  12. winchman

    Ferret purchasing advice

    Now I know nothing about these, but how much more for a good one? Some times its just cheaper to buy one needed less work as costs mount up. One thing I didn't think about was cost of driving to and from storage!
  13. winchman

    Night heaters

    Thanks Bill I am buying some used ones from Paul so that will be handy.
  14. winchman

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Another thing I didn't know
  15. winchman

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Well I can't believe the progress you have made already! Never heard of a flat Meadows engine until now.