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  1. Cheers for that mike! Im going to go and look at a few and see if I can find one that I can have a drive of (if im lucky) before I jump in the deep end. Truly id love to own one, it would just be a shame if it couldnt be drive on the road a few miles to a show! Though there are several that are road registered! Its all very confusing :nut:
  2. Right, now im really confused!!! having spent the morning talking to people at VOSA to find out about road registration, mot testing and what a stolley would be classified as, ive been told that you Cannot legally drive a Stalwart on a public rod, because it is more than 2.55 metres wide? How do you all get round this? :embarrassed:
  3. Hi mate, cheers for that! Ive heard conflicting arguments for this "Wind up" that seems to hang round the neck of the stolley lol One of the chaps on the stolley yahoo groups said that as long as all of the wheels are standard, and measured/matched, and that all of the fluids in the transmissions are as they should be, then there would be no problem? Im not 100% convinced though. Second question, im 22 so obviously gained my license after jan 1997, if i bought one and wanted to drive it on the road, am i going to have to sit a bloody HGV course to drive it on a public road?
  4. that sounds like a good idea have you got a link for that group? Cheers Ben
  5. haha cheers mate Really after a stolley as something unique to take to shows etc, worried about "diff winding" though. I suppose the answer is to just cross country to the show? :-D
  6. I understand that there are risks with driving a stalwart on the road concerning "diff wind up" I was wondering how far you can drive one on asphalt safely? couple of miles? 10? 50? i heard somewhere someone quote 1000 but i fail to see that being the case! Any information would be massively appreciated
  7. Hi Guys! My name is Ben, im 22 and im in love with stollies (as im sure many people are) joined this forum to find out more about these awesome beasts! Cheers Ben
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