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  1. I'm looking for a A34 comet instrument panel and the instument/gauges, dont mind to much about the condition of the panel so long as its restorable or complete enough to use as a pattern instrument need to be usable or usable with minimal restoration Cheers Mad.ideas
  2. Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply last night, babysitting duties! Thanks for all the responses, really useful info on the paint! I've attached a couple of photos of her as she stands, i haven't actually had a chance to look around her in person yet! No documents sadly, is their a data plate of any kind anywhere or any other way of tracing the history? Is it worth paint stripping any areas to look for insignia or markings?
  3. Hi Guys, I'm after a bit of help, I recently purchased a Series 2a ex military soft top land rover as a project, Firstly I would like to find out whatever I can about the history of the vehicle while it was in service but have no idea where to start really, so anything one this would be a great help (an idiots guide would be ideal!) I've been playing around with landys for years so I'm pretty confident with the mechanical side however this one i would like to restore to as close to original as possible so can anyone help with the correct paint colours for chassis, body work, light blue for engine/ancillaries (preferably high temp), ect and a decent supplier would be a again a great help. Thanks in advance! Mad.ideas
  4. Thanks! nope definitely mad. I'm not rich otherwise i could at least call myself eccentric :-D
  5. Hi Guys, been lurking for several years so its probably time to introduce myself! Got a several MV's in varying states of disrepair (Mk1 fv432, 110 defender wolf, Series 2a soft top), helped out on a couple of tank restos but still pretty much a novice compared with most of you! Ww2 Tanks my primary interest my new years resolution is to get hold of one as a long term project but we will see how that works out! Regards Mad.ideas
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