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  1. First time I have seen it, thanks for posting.
  2. Hi sas pinkie From memory they are seven feet one inch wide (plus mirrors). Most mechanical parts are easy to obtain, engine common to other American vehicles, have ordered parts from Kascar in the states and they have arrived within THREE days, have waited longer than that to get parts for my Transit van! Soft top/Cargo is the best to drive particularly in summer with no doors, Slantback best looking but very noisy to drive and poor visibility. Cargo easy to convert and slant back kits are available. Power steering and automatic transmission make driving easy. Importing one from the states is likely to be difficult, many sellers will not even consider it due to the laws preventing the export of military equipment. I guess that fuel consumption is in the order of 14 to 15 per gallon, I don't do enough miles in mine to worry about it. Had mine for 2 years and have no regrets. If you want a ride in one to help you decide, let me know I am also in Suffolk (Near Ipswich) Mick
  3. That was myself and my friend Mark, Correct about the destination, slightly wrong about open sides, mine had the canvas doors on for the journey, I am not as tough as Mark. Mick
  4. Lots of degreaser and pressure washing, repainted a few parts, and got hold of some new decals for alternator etc. Have not decided what to do with the rest of the truck yet, paint work is far from perfect but not bad enough to justify a repaint, too busy driving it around to worry about it too much! Mick
  5. Hi all, Recently got myself a Humvee with the 6.2 V8, have not worked out fuel consumption yet, but it certainly is not too scarey. Here is a pic, I am assured there is a 6.2 V8 in there somewhere. Mick
  6. There must have been other interested parties for the bidding to have been pushed so high, may turn out to be a sound investment if the new owner puts it back on the market some time in the future with the paperwork from the auction to add to the helmets "provenance". Mick
  7. 49°22'1.62"N 0°52'55.03"W Think that deserves a coconut. Mick
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