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  1. I have a pair of complete hubs and brake drums on stub axles (from genny trailer) same a all brit pattern trailers . Any one interested PM's neil
  2. If we were to sell our one of these for not silly money would there be an interest ? Needs a repaint (its a bit of a funny colour) and a bit of love . PM's neil
  3. In defence of the wise and venerable Mr. Lawrence, my mortar trailer's tail/head gate is fixed in place by opposing fittings and were refitted on the original holes; along with confirmation of fitment from the photo in the postwar parts manual. With respect and regards to all, Neil Any comfirmation details can be found in: WO Code No 12995 Illustrated spare parts list, for Trailer,1/2ton,G.S Cargo 2 Wheeled, No 1 and 2 Trailer,1/2ton, 4.2in Mortar No1, 2 Wheeled Trailer,1/2ton, 4.2in Mortar Ammunition No1, 2 Wheeled
  4. think i can help on this one but im a bit slow getting replies on here sorry The mortar trailer is mine if its of any help to people the data plate is a copy of the original which had been snapped in two. any help on the id of airborne trailers post pics and we can workout who made them (side back hitch and underside) regards neil pm for more detail on mortar trailer
  5. hi john nice to see more 80 watters being restored have you got the end pannels (2nd pic ? left hand side) if you have some pics (with dims) would go down well on here and in the world as they are proper rare like rocking horse manure! some if your lovely drawings would be the best .............and would get you in the warm keep on grinding neil
  6. Hi all Just posting to keep this link on the first page of trailers ... which is where it should be:D And to let you all know the progress on my one .. allsmall kit but started cleaning up and rewiring the big drill and started the search for a boxfor or harrison lathe to fit the back (most seem to be too big or too price exclusive) Been working on raf oxygen kit over the winter and displaying at stoneleigh but back on wheeled kit now. hopefully john will start back on his and start posting graet pic again! happy grinding and painting neil
  7. Hi guys, and any ladies who are on here? I am looking for a murex trailer to add to my unit, anything considered; if anyone has or hears of one I would be interested. At present I have a 5kva cov climax gen trailer, and I would be up for part ex or swap, even sale, after i fill the murex requirement. Restored and running, it is post war but with wartime stenciling and is still a nice item. I've missed out on three so far, so still looking. please help..... Regards, Neil PS: Nice work John, but you are making it hard for me to keep up!
  8. Markheliops I SALUTE YOU..... if people dont like the game take your ball and play somewere else. its simple really if you dont like the changes dont come and dont complain. I wish all who are going and rex the very best for this next chapter. regards and a merry xmas in the gararge/shed neil:angel:
  9. The wood in question (sourced form the carpenters workshop in the place next door to where I work) is "sapele" we had 4 sets cut to thickness , tongue and grooved at the right width planks ,then cut a little over length. I assembled mine drilled and bolted them up and then trimed ends flush . If anyone wants a quote for some wood please send me a PM. yet again nice photos john
  10. Sorry no pics yet but the benches are all but done.. harder work than you would think. wood / metal and soooooo many measurements so all the bits fit on both units . now time for more tea then bed (sunday 1 july 23-55p)
  11. machinery trailer now at home so the real work can start to get it up to johns standard . repaint , fit big drill , make drill brackets , make cover , make benches , sort tools and drink tea ...not forgetting to post some photos on here to show the magic happening all before belters............right wheres the kettle.
  12. ok john i will get some pics up soon now you have set the bar so high i better crack on with mine. neil machinery trailer owner
  13. For any one interested I will be taking the afore mentioned "trailer, 2-wheeled, lightweight type MACHINERY" to the war and peace show in july where along with an airborne binned trailer we hope to entice john to park up with us to set up number 7 L.A.D. . If we can we will try to get our 110 genny along to power some of the tools but the 240s will be running! hope to get visit from some of you neil agincourt no1 Rob get some pics of your up and I will do some of mine
  14. its also the name of my 75mm howitzer goes by ... as it was the tradition with in the royal artillery name the guns after great british victorys..... the other guns in our troop are crecy and blenheim .....
  15. hi brian i have had an airborne trailer for 16 years it is 99.5% original ( two little drain holes added in bottom and two new coats of paint ) it had the load straps inside but we took them out and stored them to prevent damage. but as for the LITTLE brackets in side we have looked in books, read the manuals, tried every sort of pump, jack, puncture repair kit , bulb box and battery of the time and non make a good logical fit. The last port of call was a veterans reunion of RASC guys ( who used the trailers in pairs as jeep trains ) and non of them could remember any thing going in them , one chap even asked if i found out what goes in them would i let him know! as for answers online just look to see where the answer has come from or is it just someones idea (there are a lot of weard ones out there ) ie planks to sit on which put all the weight on one side and is the most inefficient way if moveing men who could just sit on top of the load. regards neil
  16. Hi Im neil got a collection of WW2 vehicles which I dont list caused too many people read forums as shopping lists. but I do sell stuff and make almost any thing from rubber and resin wife and I trade as MAECUS. people how know who I am understand why I make introductions like this Sorry if you dont member of the MVT and one of the smaller living history groups doing airborne, raf and poor bloody infantry hope to be able help answer questions and supply parts to other forum members regards and happy restorations neil aka agincourt no 1 :-|
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