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  1. cellstar

    War and Peace 2017

    Drone footage of the showground including the arena
  2. cellstar

    Wolf FFR Clansman Power Feed

    Thanks Clive, the diagram really helps. Ian..
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to get the power restored to the radio rack on my Wolf 110 FFR. The cables shown were all wrapped in insulating tape and not connected to anything. I'm assuming that the thick brown cables are the 24v supply from the FFR alternator and on reading the wiring diagram I can see that connector 3 is the twin alternator control socket. I'm guessing that cable number 4 has had the plug cut off and that should go into socket 3? Cable 1 should go onto the fast blow fuse FFR at number 5 on the photo? I can't see where cable 2 should go? I've got some of the Wolf repair manuals but can't seem to find something that shows the FFR power supply connections. Thanks all
  4. cellstar


    I don't anything concrete has happened yet, not even an actual planning application submitted yet. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/folkestone/news/12000-home-garden-village-plans-95421/ There was some 'talk' of moving the show back to to Hop Farm, but that might have just been wishful thinking, also given the issues around the "Military World show" and probably not coming back, who knows?
  5. cellstar

    30 cal deac

    Computer animation of the strip down of all the component parts of the (this isn't the Haynes manual of weapon teardown:D) but certainly interesting to see all the parts that go into the weapon.
  6. cellstar

    Has anyone seen the Eurodeacs yet?

    You can track the progress of the new deac law (part of the Police and Crime Bill) here http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2016-17/policingandcrime.html Here are the EU technical specifications to deactivating weapons. http://ec.europa.eu/DocsRoom/documents/13965/attachments/4/translations/en/renditions/native
  7. Looking at the schedule for the Vulcan, I think it will only display over the the show on Saturday 15th.
  8. In their 3rd year, getting bigger and better each year. An expanded arena with a pit to drive in and hopefully out of! Chinook helicopter arrival - at 2:28 (I get to experience the rotor wash) - The helicopter landed mid morning Saturday and stayed until late afternoon allowing people to inspect it up close and go inside. Chinook takeoff Chinook helicopter flyby on it's way home Stalwart climbing out of arena pit T54 car crush - a Volvo this time
  9. cellstar

    info wanted on a show.

    Could this be what you were thinking of ? Website URL is http://www.slovenskepiesky.sk/en/uvod.html
  10. cellstar

    Recovery and Towing

  11. cellstar

    £10k eBay Harrier Jump Jet

    Looks like he has done a really nice job restoring it from the rather shabby state it was in 2007 when he bought it . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2441319/The-man-keeps-Harrier-Jump-Jet-garden-Builder-spends-years-10-000-restoring-Falklands-plane-bought-eBay-telling-wife-first.html
  12. cellstar

    Recovery and Towing

    Think this tow truck driver needs a little bit more training or a rear view mirror http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=015_1374998063
  13. cellstar

    Reporting Live from W&P Revival 2013

    Here are the search results using the Post code for Westenhanger railway station (right next to the show ground) fuel stations with 5 miles of the Show (Unleaded) fuel stations with 5 miles of the Show (Diesel) fuel stations with 20 miles of the Show (Unleaded) fuel stations with 20 miles of the Show (Diesel)
  14. cellstar

    Reporting Live from W&P Revival 2013

    There is also the Drum Inn about a 1 mile walk from the public entrance over a footpath/bridleway over the M20 on Stone Street in Stanford.
  15. cellstar

    War and Peace Revival *New Location*

    Can you recall what the breakfast cost was or any beer prices :-D Thanks