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    Morris commercial C4

    The receiver is a HRO with a rack of coils above.
  2. Make sure the serial plate is readable this can be a issue in France .
  3. mogmaner

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The Perkins p series engine may give some your full info on piston size ,engines rated 1500 rpm and below had iron pistons industrial ,1500 up road engines ,alley pistons .
  4. mogmaner

    Munga talk...

    My munga is finely back on the road 20180422_161704.mp4
  5. mogmaner

    Aerial mount

    Thanks looks like I will have to look for the rest,
  6. mogmaner

    Aerial mount

    Picked this aerial mount up today at Newark auto jumble for £5 ,but not sure what it fits any ideas.
  7. mogmaner

    Aerial mount

    The spigit is 5/8 and the aerial mount face is 8"x 5" with a 1.5" hole in the center hope this helps.
  8. mogmaner

    Wanted - mast set

    5.2 m clansman mast kit if that helps
  9. mogmaner

    Towing when under SORN

    The fact that you can turn the engine over 4 times before it locks hint at injector pump ,this is run at a 4 to 1 ratio from the CRANK.
  10. mogmaner

    engine change

    The main point to look at is the rpm range of the engine to be replaced. This will give you an idea of the engine to look at ,if to low revving you become a hazard to other road users, aim for 45 to 50 mph max ,then people will not get so inpatient .hope this helps.
  11. mogmaner

    Towing when under SORN

    If I remember correctly a sorn vehicle can travel to and from a place of repair as long as insured ,this should be a garage or work shop .hope this helps
  12. mogmaner

    Whaddon Mk III "Tinker Box" HF radio

    Have you any pics of the set ,will have a look in my junk box to see what might match if you have.
  13. mogmaner

    R109 front gard

    Thanks should be able to work from there,
  14. mogmaner

    R109 front gard

    I'm looking for the guard protector ,that fitted to R109 ,or dimensions to make one. picture with a ruler for reference would help thanks for any help Graham.
  15. mogmaner

    R109 front gard

    Thanks when time permits will be ok, need to look at the unimog brakes be for i can start on the guard ,regards Graham
  16. mogmaner

    Panzer 2 turret

    The quality of your work will sell it self ,look forward to seeing the finished results.
  17. mogmaner

    AEC O854 Coles Crane

    Spotted this little group while trying to find a job sit last week.
  18. mogmaner

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

    This may be a stupid question ,when building engines how many parts are taken from there 6 cylinder range ,The manifolds look very much like the ones on the Meadows powers pioneers?
  19. mogmaner

    WW2 R1155 receiver

    I youse mains when I can, but if not I have 2 invertors from 12v to 240v ,one rotary military the other is transformer based yousing a good quality transformer and invertor driver board of the web .The cheap invertors you can buy create to much interference,
  20. mogmaner

    WW2 R1155 receiver

    6.3 v dc for the heater and 230v dc for the ht hope this helps
  21. mogmaner

    Radio equipment question.

    I agree AR88 the chrome strips are the giveaway.
  22. mogmaner

    Radar Truck ?

    The jack legs look like the ones on the 40mm bofors gun carriage, and the Cab and rear corners say coach .weren't the some BBC out side camera vans with raising platforms.?
  23. mogmaner

    Munga talk...

    Been playing with a alternative engine till a 2 stroke turns up
  24. mogmaner


    This may be of youse ,the side mounted spare is fitted to the 6 and 8 seat versions of the munga. The munga where also to be found been yoused by range master's ,so may tie up with the artillery.
  25. mogmaner

    Mungo seat cushions

    Will try and catch you tomorrow Graham