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    Vehicle identity

    This pic was taken in the early 50s in Germany by my father ,can any one identify the armerd car in the back ground.thanks .
  2. mogmaner

    Vehicle identity

    That fits ,my father was involved in rewiring the fone system while the new runways where laid for the jets .
  3. mogmaner

    Vehicle identity

    Thanks for ident ,father was Royal Signals air formation, as senior service they had to watch because the squadron leader did not want the army leading his parades.
  4. mogmaner

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    Rims look like 8 stud commercials with adapter plate to 6 stud Bedford, think Ford D series or earlier 6 stud may fit .
  5. mogmaner

    Rolls Royce Armoured Car

    H reg would fit with the Bedford J type 6cylinder petrol .
  6. mogmaner

    Munga talk...

    This is my Nissan K11 install ,flywheel reduced to take kubota D950 ring gear bell housing polished to remove high spots Suzuki alto starter ,steel plate to mate engine to box ,Munga ring gear and starter would also work.Adapter ring to youse munga clutch. 20180318_155710.mp4
  7. mogmaner

    RAF vehicle camouflage

    The jeep pictured on the first page of this post seemed odd , on closer inspection the wiper has been mover to below the screen ,also it belongs to the Royal Signals Air formation attached to the RAF.
  8. mogmaner

    Magneto servicing

    Check your plug gap ,It needs to be around .0010 inch for non mags.
  9. mogmaner

    morris mra oil filter

    Looks like the Perkins P6 filter .
  10. mogmaner

    morris mra oil filter

    Could you post a picture of the filter body, it may help.
  11. mogmaner

    bedford mw

    Are these pics of my fathers any help for details royal signals line troop 1950/55
  12. mogmaner

    Bedford OYC Water Carrier - Preserved Example?

    Would there be a copy of the manifest with the insurance underwriters for the ship.
  13. mogmaner

    Morris commercial C4

    The receiver is a HRO with a rack of coils above.
  14. Make sure the serial plate is readable this can be a issue in France .
  15. mogmaner

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The Perkins p series engine may give some your full info on piston size ,engines rated 1500 rpm and below had iron pistons industrial ,1500 up road engines ,alley pistons .
  16. mogmaner

    Munga talk...

    My munga is finely back on the road 20180422_161704.mp4
  17. mogmaner

    Aerial mount

    Thanks looks like I will have to look for the rest,
  18. mogmaner

    Aerial mount

    Picked this aerial mount up today at Newark auto jumble for £5 ,but not sure what it fits any ideas.
  19. mogmaner

    Aerial mount

    The spigit is 5/8 and the aerial mount face is 8"x 5" with a 1.5" hole in the center hope this helps.
  20. mogmaner

    Wanted - mast set

    5.2 m clansman mast kit if that helps
  21. mogmaner

    Towing when under SORN

    The fact that you can turn the engine over 4 times before it locks hint at injector pump ,this is run at a 4 to 1 ratio from the CRANK.
  22. mogmaner

    engine change

    The main point to look at is the rpm range of the engine to be replaced. This will give you an idea of the engine to look at ,if to low revving you become a hazard to other road users, aim for 45 to 50 mph max ,then people will not get so inpatient .hope this helps.
  23. mogmaner

    Towing when under SORN

    If I remember correctly a sorn vehicle can travel to and from a place of repair as long as insured ,this should be a garage or work shop .hope this helps
  24. mogmaner

    Whaddon Mk III "Tinker Box" HF radio

    Have you any pics of the set ,will have a look in my junk box to see what might match if you have.
  25. mogmaner

    R109 front gard

    Thanks should be able to work from there,