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  1. I have a 2 burner marked as no2 mk3, base colour looks to deep bronze green.
  2. Under some classes such as heavy road locomotive yes ,others you would have to check .
  3. I'm looking for the pouch and battery case for larkspur A41 ,can anyone help, thanks
  4. Done properly the 320/1 ,dose not need to loose the last decade switch .mine has the LSB on the battery test switch.
  5. Same basic mod as the 320 ,never noticed any fine tuning differences between before and after .
  6. I believe Anchor surplus have had tent connectors listed ,for 12x12 and 9x9 tents.
  7. My fault should have explained ,unit markings may lead to a MT inventory.
  8. Look at the markings below the windscreen.
  9. Found this pic ,may help with identity of trailer .
  10. There was a clansman simulator listed on eBay, not sure what set it was for,
  11. Could be German supplied like the Munga towing it.
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