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  1. Could be German supplied like the Munga towing it.
  2. Pto generator was yoused on US Marine core jeep fitted with the Collins TCS series of radios,
  3. Looking for install information for vrc321 and auto atu . I have pair with matching serial number but no cables .
  4. Check for oil contamination ,this can give the fault you have .
  5. I started with the intention of yousing the EFI setup ,but it refused to work even with all the system taken from a running downer. So went old school Land Rover distributor electronic points and modified 1.6 rover manifold with 1 3/4 SU .Which ever way you go look forward to seeing the finished results.
  6. The other way is to go old school back to carb and points ,this is how I fitted my Munga with a Nissan 16v twin cam.
  7. Kemper parts list a rebuild kit for the master cylinder .Metz autoteile also has brake parts have yoused both with no problems
  8. Cylinder is ATE Lockheed, as are the wheel cylinders which are 1 1/16 ",Available in uk ,will lookup details when I get home.and check for master cylinder seals size.Graham
  9. The munga carb is very similar to the 404s unimog, so over hall and tuning should be similar.
  10. Will check my hand book when I get home this evening.
  11. Are you checking the voltage with a battery connected ? With no load the regulator has no reference voltage .40 to 50 volts is not uncommon in a open circuit situation .
  12. mogmaner

    New toy

    The gear box is based on the 5 speed fitted to the v8 90s built before the R380 came in with defender name , oil will be listed for this box in the UK.
  13. You could build a clear plastic tube around it to replicate the torpedo filled with water.
  14. Could the model track links be up scaled then 3d printed to form a casting pattern.
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