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  1. I'd be interested in one if they are. I'll dig out my military parts book to see.... Alec.
  2. No, no, that is the correct jet for the modified burner. The plain No.2 Mk2 jets are hexagonal brass carriers with steel inserts. Alec.
  3. Message sent Bob. Alec.
  4. The M1009 is still doing well. It needs a radiator badly but it's still rumbling away nicely 😁 Alec.
  5. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a spare burner head for a No.1 Burner / Hydra Cooker, with/without jet cleaner assy. Any condition of burner head (yes really) considered, either the squared off type as per the attached photo or the curled-pipe type, up to and including a complete Hydra Unit. Thanks, Alec. N.B. Photo borrowed from www.parafinalia.biz/
  6. Thanks for the heads-up 👍Unfortunately not an A2 (I'm after the model with chevy stud pattern). Cheers, Alec.
  7. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a couple of 6 Gallon cooking insulators/hayboxes if anyone has any at the back of their sheds? I would also be interested in any of the cylindrical flasks (thermos style, holding maybe a couple of gallons). If you have the backpack to go with them, even better. PM with details please. Thanks, Alec.
  8. Hi Folks, I'm looking for Hydrastatic Cylinders or cylinder parts for an early 80" Land Rover, particularly the rear ones. Fronts are 1 3/8", Rears are 1 1/8" diameter and they are of cast iron. Complete cylinders or parts/springs/pistons/etc in any condition considered. LH/RH, it doesn't matter as they can be machined to fit either side and re-sleeved to spec. Fire a PM if you have anything lurking in a shed please. Long shot but sometimes they pay off! Alec.
  9. I asked him about manuals at the time and he never got back to me. I have a reasonable selection but some elude me. Alec.
  10. Hi Folks, Looking for a supplier of Gaiters for 16" Divided Rims, in the UK. Any recommendations? Alec.
  11. I'd post your other machine photos here as well. That bloke seems to have gone into meltdown about wanting the thread closed! :wow: I like your Belt Lacing. I have seen images of it in books but never in the flesh! Any problems with it wearing out/rubbing through? When we join a belt it is usually the countersunk bolt/button/strap method. It too is less noisy than the staples/alligator for joining. I have a war pattern 18" LeBlonde turret lathe and an old 1930s/40s British Denbigh drill, alongside one or two marginally newer machines! I'd like a smallish radial arm and/or a mill to add to the collection at some point in the future. Alec.
  12. Now that you have had an evening to reconsider, how about reinstating the thread and all of the great machinery photos? Alec.
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