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  1. Rangie

    1947 Harley Davidson WLA

    I'm loving that..... Alec.
  2. Hi Folks, I'm looking for Hydrastatic Cylinders or cylinder parts for an early 80" Land Rover, particularly the rear ones. Fronts are 1 3/8", Rears are 1 1/8" diameter and they are of cast iron. Complete cylinders or parts/springs/pistons/etc in any condition considered. LH/RH, it doesn't matter as they can be machined to fit either side and re-sleeved to spec. Fire a PM if you have anything lurking in a shed please. Long shot but sometimes they pay off! Alec.
  3. Rangie

    Meadows generator set

    I asked him about manuals at the time and he never got back to me. I have a reasonable selection but some elude me. Alec.
  4. Hi Folks, Looking for a supplier of Gaiters for 16" Divided Rims, in the UK. Any recommendations? Alec.
  5. Rangie

    More vintage machine tools

    I'd post your other machine photos here as well. That bloke seems to have gone into meltdown about wanting the thread closed! :wow: I like your Belt Lacing. I have seen images of it in books but never in the flesh! Any problems with it wearing out/rubbing through? When we join a belt it is usually the countersunk bolt/button/strap method. It too is less noisy than the staples/alligator for joining. I have a war pattern 18" LeBlonde turret lathe and an old 1930s/40s British Denbigh drill, alongside one or two marginally newer machines! I'd like a smallish radial arm and/or a mill to add to the collection at some point in the future. Alec.
  6. Rangie

    Vintage & antique machine tools

    Now that you have had an evening to reconsider, how about reinstating the thread and all of the great machinery photos? Alec.
  7. Hi Folks, Looking for an M101A2 or M116A2 8-stud trailer if there are any on the go? UK preferred :cool2: Any info gratefully received, thanks. Alec.
  8. Rangie

    No. 200

    Woo Hoo! :-D Bright bits would be the clamp and the rolled-edge? Generally the bright bits would be the hotter region. Perhaps the colour settings are reversed or they are acting as a heatsink? Or, thinking laterally, perhaps the test was subjecting the coil to influences of higher external temperatures to see if it would break down? the clamp being hotter and the rolled edge where it touches a surface? Hmm.... Alec.
  9. Rangie

    No. 200

    A UFO? Death-Ray? Or an artistically photographed ignition coil? Honestly Clive, you've plummed new bizarre depths with this one.... :nut: :-D Alec.
  10. Hi Folks, I'm looking for a copy of the circuit description or even a manual (i'd copy&return or pay for a copy) for the Brush SDAF Generator, (or one of its brothers, even the dc start version). These were prolific from the late 60s to the early 80s and were fitted to Listers, Petters, Rustons and others in military and civilian guise. Just throwing it out there... Other forums/ebay have thrown up no leads to a manual/handbook. Thanks, Alec.
  11. Great trip! Hope all problems get ironed-out soon! :laugh: Alec.
  12. Rangie

    Towing with a MV

    As mentioned above... As long as its primary use is not a piece of "mobile plant" (crane, cherrypicker, generator), it can tow. How much it can tow is dependant on manufacturer's info, Gross Train Weight (if it was ever assigned one in a past civvie life?) and sensibility/looking "OK"! Being a wrecker, there should be no probs weight-wise (considering the weight of a caravan), just make sure the hitch is well made and up to the job (it pre-dates construction and use regs), and that the lighting is up to scratch (bit trickier as all the caravan behind the WLF would need for being towed is triangles and tail-lights, but would be sensible to have indicators and brake lamps plumbed in as well). It goes by the age of the towing vehicle and the regulations governing it, but if some monkey following you decides you should have indicated, grey area. Find/build yourself a mammoth 1940s caravan with matching colour scheme to tow behind! :cool2: Best of luck and show us photos! Alec.
  13. Rangie

    Latest Motorcycle Purchases

    If you get fed up of the Ariel WNG, give me a shout! <br> Alec.
  14. Rangie

    Deactivated weapons at military shows.

    It's fair to say that when the Shorland goes out and about, it will be a broomshank covered in canvas due to the ever-increasing GPMG prices! :cool2::-D Alec.