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  1. Jerrykins

    New Format

    I quite agree this 'improvement' is retrograde. It is great shame. The old adage of if it ain't broke don't fix it applies here. Jerry
  2. Splendid vehicle Kevin we'll miss Queenie, I'm sure she'll sell in a trice. Best Jerry
  3. You're right Adrian, there goes another senior moment... The toolbox looks & fitted great - thanks. Best. Jerry
  4. Mike & Sam - many thanks for the useful tips. Best. Jerry
  5. Mike We've got the manuals, which we've read. Thanks for the re assurance that it's as straight forward as it says. No tricks or nasties. You know what we're going to be doing tomorrow... Thanks again - Jerry
  6. Can some kind person tell me how the 'Lite' clutch is adjusted? It appears to have a bl..dy great central coned coil spring providing the engagement and a sort of lever plate within to disengage the friction plate. There are adjustment shims to increase the spring tension and the clutch pedal linkage needs careful adjustment. Any advise in getting the best from this set up will be gratefully appreciated as the clutch is starting to slip. Thanks Jerry
  7. Many thanks Ian & Runflat. I'll be following up your recommendations. Best. Jerry
  8. The speedo cable has just failed on my C4, the inner cable failed at the speedo head as the chronometric speedo failed on the way home from an event on Thursday. Thankfully the inner cable can be removed easily. Does anyone have a spare cable or any advise on a source for a replacement. Jerry
  9. Can some kind soul tell me if the MW uses UNC, UNF, BSF or Whitworth nuts & bolts? Thanks - Jerry
  10. Iain. Excellent pics, did you take any of the compressor in the back of the Morris? I only re-fitted it last week after being seperate from the truck for 20 or 30 years. Jerry
  11. I have a similar engine in a frame dry stored in the barn. I also have a crate full of Enfield spares. I bought them ages ago for rather too much. I never started the restoration. If of interest I have a very rare Scott 2 stoke military engine, which powered an Ericcson predictor. If your interested in acquiring either send me a pm. Jerry
  12. There's an opportunity. Your Cs8 is a later C4 judging by the 4 cyl engine. Good luck. Jerry
  13. Hi Tobin Have you looked at the dynamo brushes for wear and/or can they move freely in their guides? Jerry
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