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  1. Seriously there is no denial, some of the blinkered readers of this thread will be aghast to hear that I like pre-war, wartime and post war, but I also like to make my own mind up about what I do, where I do it, with whom and how, and not have to cow-tow to people who've got nothing better to do than moan about what you correctly identify as a non-subject! If I can wind a few of the them up whilst injecting a little light hearted banter, all the better! The laugh really is on them! Just to prove my post war delectations, here's a shot of my Fox troop in Germany on Exercise Keystone in 1986. Can't show you any more shots from my three years on CVRW as Chris MacMillan has them all to scan in for use on his CVRW web-site - as you can see, I'm a real PW vehicle hater aren't I? . http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b107/richmorris/1stTroopsomewhereinGermany1986.jpg[/img] About time you PW boys got together a nice armoured recce Squadron re-enactment on Salisbury plain or somewhere appropriate - that I would travel to see..... and offer my services of course! Peace and love and GMC's - and maybe the odd Fox!!!
  2. An Ode to Wartime Superiority As a fan of American wartime kit It really starts to grate a bit When folks who just own P W C Think that they’re as good as me (tongue firmly in cheek!) I am of an elitist bent I love the stuff that Lend lease sent Without it we’d speak German now And that my friends is the where, what, how. So take out your Landy’s, your Ferrets please wield And park em down there at the back of that field This space is reserved for some proper MV’s Some Dodges, some Jimmys and a few Diamond T’s! The Gauntlet is down Gents - I await your retort!!
  3. An Ode to P W vehicles There’s a post from an owner of P W C About all the hard luck that’s heaped upon he He needs to be wanted and showered with love From sibling bigots like me and my bruv He’ll join in our jollies, he’ll try not to harp Park his Champ with the public Stick it under a tarp Just give me a break……… my truck needs to be seen It’s as good as a Jeep only painted bronze green I think he’s confused! He’s started to weep! Cos it isn’t Jimmy and it isn’t a Jeep. It’s owed an existence he tells us with passion It’s even reliable….. well after a fashion Well that might be so I respond with a shout Of it’s right to exists, well there isn’t a doubt But it isn’t for us, it don’t light our lamp We’ll still push a Jeep, a’for we’ll drive in a Champ!
  4. I once owned a post war truck It’s a shame as I wanted a DUKW It had to suffice, but t’was not my true vice I felt sad and real down on my luck Never fear said a voice We all have a choice Mine is a WW2 truck Now go get your Pig or your Champ And park at the back of the camp….there’s a good lad!
  5. Some of you guys need to lighten up and remember that for most people MV's are what we get involved with away from the daily grind! Your lives may need suitably enlivening by making the hobby more like a workers co-operative in communist Russia, but mine doesn't. Nice to know I've ruffled a few feathers amongst the more precious darlings out there, but do stand back and take a look at yourselves please! For those that have been offended, I suggest you visit the Flame Warriors home page at: http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/index.htm and decide which caricature you best resemble in the database of online discussion forum contributor traits. For those that own PW vehicles and haven't taken offence, 'praise the Lord'! Maybe like me, you are sat there smiling at the passion generated by such a non-subject and wondering when the rest of the deeply hurt and offended MV contributors will realise. Or you remember when your Scammel Explorer towed my GMC home after a terminal case of the gremlins! Ok so I did wear a bag over my head due to the shame and pretended that from behind I was really looking at a Diamond T..... I've got to go now and post comments on the National Bus Preservation Forum, regarding the exclusion of non-London Transport Routemasters from the annual London Transport Routemaster rally and then have a go at the Trans Pennine Commercial Vehicle rally organisers for their Northern bias and lack of events in Sussex! Keep smiling and to subvert WHY DON'T YOU's old catch line, why don't you leave this particular thread and go and do one much more interesting!
  6. We've heard it all before and it's just as boring to listen to as it's ever been. Clive and I do WW2 oriented historically related WW2 events and post war vehicles are not welcome - so if you are hurt or offended by this, pick your toys up, put them back in your pram or Champ of Humber Pig and go bleet at somebody else who feels inclined to listen. We aren't, as it's like listening to a very sad stuck record. Alternatively channel your spare energy (as you obviously have plenty of it to spare) in getting the chip off of your shoulders and satisfying your need for love and inclusion. I might even come to one of your events, to re-live my own experieces with post-war vehicles - 3 years on CVRW. The MVT is broad church, but I joined it to get involved in WW2 vehicles. Subsequently it has satisfied my desire for post war vehicle contact and still does, but that doesn't make pot war vehicles welcome at one of our WW2 events and it never will. If you don't like the link with the MVT, complain. That is what democracy is about. If the MVT think Clive has stepped out of line or abused his position, they will tell him and I'm sure he will toe the line accordingly. If you still don't like what the MVT say, stad for election and start to change the way it is operated - it's a free world (thanks to what WW2 vehciles have done)! The post war wingers (and I know that it's only a hard core minority) need to understand that we don't seek or need their approval to do what we are doing, so they really are pissing in to the wind on this one. Stop acting so hard done by and get a life or better still get a Jimmy so that we can include you! You're probably quite nice people underneath all that scrim net and attitude! Love, peace and GMC's to all, but I'd still rather push a jeep than drive a Champ!
  7. Strange isn't it, we wouldn't dream of jumping on a Bedford TK or a Scammel Explorer and trying to recreate the sights and sounds of WW2, but we'll happily jump on a post war train being pulled by an engine wearing post war colours and numbers!! As you can see I'm an anorak as well! Neil
  8. Jack, Truck (and Anne!) looks good! I must get another..... Cheers, Neil
  9. Guys, Chances such as that come few and far between such that when they do you have to say things like, "what the hell can I sell to get there"!! Good old eBay is all I can say! But 32 Wright Cyclones singing in harmony were fantastic! I'll knock up a bit of narrative just to rub it in......can't decide what was best to fly in, the B17 or the B24............! Yawns and rolls over! Neil S
  10. Anybody got a horn assembly that will fit the White? Also a lead as to steering wheel refurbishment, as the original wheel is complete but a bit cracked and tired.
  11. Can anyone point me in the direction of the following for an M3A1 White Scout Car........ and give me an idea of prices for each? Fuel pump overhaul kit Carburettor overhaul kit - zenith Water Pump overhaul kit New points - rotor arm marked 'Lorimer' At Beltring Chris Wilkinson said he had some White stuff - anyone got a contact No for him? I'm getting back into this crazy past time after nine years without a truck and it feels like I'm learning to walk from scratch! Is there an idiots guide to fuel addatives and how/how much to use anywhere please? Thanks, Neil
  12. Berni, I'm no expert so coming to me in your hour of need might be unwise!! Thanks for the welcome though. I'm sure your first year of Jimmy fun will be long remembered! Attached is a picture of my 353 in Holland in May 95 when impersonating a 91st BG vehicle!! The wing mirrors were black with convex glass and came from Steve Rivers, providing superb panoramic rear views which allowed you to reverse the truck with ease into any space that would take it. Anyone know if these are still available? Jack to note that the RBE pictures require scanning first, so give me time. Regards, Neil [attachment deleted by admin]
  13. Pete, Good to hear from you. My return to the MV frey isn't a done deal but is looking very hopeful....like Arni S, I always said "I'll be back"! Cheers, Neil
  14. Hi there, Newly registered and glad to be on board - top marks to Jack for his sterling efforts - where does he find the time? Got my first machine vert in 1990, a WC51 ex Colin Dennis from Calne, Wilts. Had done three years on CVRW with the Wilts Yeomanry and missed green machines too much when I left! Developed a keen interest in the local WW2 US scene (which is still going strong) after camping on Ramsbury airfield with the TA on June 5th 1986, then got hooked up with Colin Spencer and his Jeep in Marlborough and the 51 followed soon after. Have subsequently had two CCKW 353's, both open cabs, one with and one without winch, but have been without a vehicle since 1997 and look likely to be soon re-entering the frey with a friend - White Scout Car - a means to an end! Had white cargo body and wing edges on my last 353 as per pictures of CCKW's at Ramsbury airfield with the 437th TCG in 1944/5 - also had 437th markings most of the time. Vehicle now owned and well rallied by Kevin Gant in Suffolk and still going strong when last seen. With my dad Dave and brother Clive, we organised the successful series of 1990's Red Ball Express WW2 US Heavy Truck Convoy weekends based on Marlborough, Wilts. We had three Jimmies on the road at the height of our interest and before our oil wells ran dry! Highlight of our activities was the return to Wootton Basset of veterans of the WW2 US Army's 452nd Mobile Laundry in 1994. All had driven Jimmies and COE tractor units and most had also been drafted in to serve on the RBE during it's height. We filled the trucks and took them around the town. When we got back one came up to me and told me I'd driven my truck just like they'd driven them during the war and it had taken him right back to the RBE - I took it as a compliment, but upon reflection......... Attached is a shot of our last RBE effort in 1995 showing a suitable line up of trucks outside Tottenham House in Savernake Forest - US Army Ordnance Depot 0-375's HQ between 42-45. Now live in Newark, Notts and still have a passion for Jimmies. No other truck gives me the buzz that a Jimmy can, whether it be driving them, looking at them or listening to them. Medium term I'd like a shop van - keen to see Robert Claydon's when done and the repro Clubmobile. For those interested in a planned re-energised UK Red Ball Express, Clive and Ed Abbot are working on one for East Anglia for next year (with my enthusiastic encouragement!) - visit http://www..co.uk to register your interest! Neil Stevens [attachment deleted by admin]
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