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    Range Wrecks

    Spent a week there with the cadet force a few years ago, I always wanted to have a look around the MV recovery area as (IIRC) I could see the pig, an AEC Militant and something old and MBT shaped... never did mind. Thank for those pics!
  2. m0rris

    Range Wrecks

    Are these two in Nescliffe? Keep 'em coming
  3. Surely you'd deserve a medal for effort if you managed to hack into the Mil Radio Web for those on excercise etc as its all bowman (i.e. heavily encripted) innit :undecided: ? m0rris
  4. Very sad that story... it is so often that those killed in training accidents are sadly forgotten in the mist of time. The point about the Beetle incident reminds me of a story my dad told me of when a german driver speeding through the morning fog managed to slice his car in half via a mineplough attached to a cent/chief. (luckily the driver escaped unharmed if somehwat shock and confused!). m0rris
  5. ...Especially with the threat of a conflict in Korea, my money will go on much of the kit, chally 2s included, disappearing into massive warehouses ready to be fired-up and sent elsewhere. m0rris
  6. Defence cuts ment that FRES, didn't quite turn out how the RAC imagined. m0rris
  7. Ah, thanks for the heads up I look forward to his possible posts! m0rris
  8. Thanks alot for the info, it has been bery useful! m0rris
  9. Wow, thanks for the quick reply, I don't suppose it wouldn't be too cheeky to ask whtether you know if the 109 went to northern ireland at any stage in its life...? (a long shot I know...!), but thanks again for the prompt reply and useful facts sheet! m0rris
  10. Hello All, I'm writing to ask whether the British Army used any landy series 2 109s (hard or soft tops) I ask as I have been a long term lurker on here (without MV unfortunately :cry: To Be Changed over the next few years) and of all the forums I have come across, this one has the greatest breadth and depth of MV history! I am constructing a northern ireland diorama in 1/35th can only find limited picture banks of british landies at the beginning of Op Banner, and they all seem to be S2 SWBs. Any help/pictures/links etc etc will be greatly appreciated! m0rris
  11. Wow that is absolutely incredible! m0rris
  12. Going through Bulford yesterday, no pics unofrtunately, I received the shock of my life when I saw an Antar looking very smart next to some OSHKOSHes followed by a line-up that included a Centurion T55 and Chieftan, this was all part of a detour to check if the Perham Down AVRE was still there, needless to say at the end of the journey I was pleased with the haul! m0rris
  13. Unfortunately I do not know the designation of the truck, but, I do find it amazing that you can still find these wrecks out there! m0rris
  14. Out of interest, what was the stanar paint scheme for British army beetles? Was it green or civi colours? m0rris
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