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  1. David Herbert

    CVRW FOX where is the hull number located

    It Isn't ! David
  2. David Herbert

    AEC Matador 853

    I suspect that the petrol engine was fitted in anticipation of using them in arctic conditions because the perception at the time was that petrol engines would be much easier to start than diesels at very low temperatures. David
  3. David Herbert

    British WWII Camoflage Scheme

    Actually they will say that anyway ! You just need to decide if you can be bothered to engage in a pointless conversation... David
  4. David Herbert

    sherman M4A4 (in France )

    Lovely !!! David
  5. David Herbert

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Paul, The H class in the UK licence is used much more for tracked agricultural tractors, excavators and tracked dumpers than for armoured vehicles. Surely the Germans have an equivalent ? David
  6. David Herbert

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Thank you Robin, I was there a couple of years after the 'incident' with the Ferret and was told about it by a couple of people who I respected so had no reason to doubt the story. I am grateful to you for putting the record straight and my apologies to everyone for introducing some fake news. I will edit my post to reflect this. David
  7. David Herbert

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Edited: My thanks to Robin Craig for correcting the fake news that I had repeated in this post about a Guy with a Ferret at the Canadian Parliament, Please read his version below. I think that the risk to most of us is people like the guy in 101Ron's post above rather than terrorists but we should be aware that if something can happen it will do, somewhere eventually. No one believed that 9,11 would happen till it did.... David
  8. David Herbert

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    I agree with all of the above but I would point out that Germany has had a requirement for some time that armoured vehicles have 'windows' cut in the frontal armour (which can be filled with sheet metal and disguised) so that the driver can be shot by a cop with a normal hand gun. This has only affected the UK if we need to export to Germany or to a lesser extent if we want to truck a vehicle through Germany. It has not soaked through to the rest of the EU (yet). I wonder how many times the German police have needed to shoot a driver ? Possibly we should give Germany the credit for causing the invention of the tank and the production of the majority of vehicles that users of this forum play with for fun. In fairness though the far right is a much bigger force in Germany and there are huge social pressures built up there that are hard to understand from the UK. David
  9. David Herbert

    Another J Type on the way !

    I totally agree. I can see that towing could rip the dumb irons out of the chassis but the TOP flange of the chassis would be in compression, not tension and there seems not to have been any movement of the dumb iron within the chassis or loosening of the bolts. I think that this is fatigue cracking due to normal driving stresses and cold forming. David
  10. David Herbert

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Actually the limit is that the entire supply of air for combustion comes from a very high pressure cylinder. There is no way that a supercharger is going to produce those kinds of pressures and still leave much power to drive something. This engine produces the power that it does because it is only designed to run for about a minute and does not have to suck in air from the atmosphere and then compress it itself to produce self ignition. Having said that I expect that it would be most impressive to run it off a 250bar full size cylinder of air. It might need a prop to give it some work to do to stop it over speeding though. David Sorry everyone, this is a response to the last post on page one, I thought I was looking at page two !
  11. David Herbert


    Please tell us more ! David
  12. David Herbert

    Allied Inflatable Tanks and Trucks in WW2

    64EK26, Yes they were as you say on DD amphibious tanks but the subject here is the inflatable decoy tanks, trucks and also aircraft that were used to pretend that the invasion force was other than where it actually was. There were also decoys made of canvas over very light frames, that could be erected quite quickly and flat packed (sort of) to allow easy transport. David
  13. David Herbert

    morris mra 1 . i need one to look at

    Hi Lewis, It would help if you filled in the location part of your profile (not just put it in a post). Then we would know what country and area you were in and you would be much more likely to get a response to this and future questions. Good luck with the rebuild. David
  14. David Herbert

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    What an excellent summary Simon ! David
  15. David Herbert

    Panzer 2 turret

    CVRT track has a single guide horn running between double road wheels. Pz2 track has double horns with a single wheel running between them. Not really convertible. David