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  1. David Herbert

    Do you recognise these lights?

    Good grief ! There seems to be a huge variation in the price of these. I suspect that a show with a good autojumble might be the place to buy these reproductions if you are not in a desperate hurry. David
  2. David Herbert

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    SWB series 1 Landrovers were only 80"wb until 1954. They then went to 86" wb which resulted in the rear edge of the cab doors to be vertical instead of sloping and the load area became 6" longer inside. In 1956 another 2" was added to make room for the diesel engine so the front axle and front cross member were moved forward. The resulting 88" wb was carried on into the series 2. I think the one in the photo is an 86" so built 1954 to 56. David
  3. David Herbert

    Facebook marketplace

    Unfortunately they are not a matching pair and are very rusty. David
  4. David Herbert

    Spotted today....

    Looks like the truck the Morris is on is in Japan though. David
  5. David Herbert

    New Use for a Land Rover

    Err, it's not water that they are selling guys ! David
  6. David Herbert

    Panzer 2 turret

    I have a NOS Panzer IV track link if that helps..... I know the feeling, my Canadian Ram project started with an armoured filler cap cover. David
  7. David Herbert

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    It does have the transverse rear spring though. David
  8. David Herbert

    Armoured hoses ?

    AU is Austin and I think LK is Lockheed so Austin brake hose is probable but with no FV number showing I suspect it pre dates Champs and K9s. Others will correct me ! David
  9. David Herbert

    Push starting a Russian Tank

    Russian real men ! Soft westerners wouldn't have even tried. It has got a manual gearbox which helps. David
  10. David Herbert

    Morris C8

    Jon, I wondered how long it would be before you spotted it ! Simon, Are there not bolts (1/4" or 5/16") through the bottom ends of the hoops and the pockets they locate in? David
  11. David Herbert

    Voltage Regulators Period Correct or (gasp) Modernised?

    My feeling is that these were pretty reliable technology untill alternators came along and as long as they are set up right and not corroded inside should be fit and forget items. Certainly setting them up is often seen as a black art but if you follow the instructions to the letter they will work, often for the life of the vehicle. David
  12. David Herbert

    Morris C8

    Simon, I think that the idea of the long hoops and extension pieces for the canvas was that you could have more headroom within the truck if you were not needing to be very mobile. The centre hoop could not be lengthened as it would overlap the wheel arch opening. Certainly you could use it as a tent (and there are photos of that being done with 8cwt tilts) but the radio instalation is very much built into the 15cwts and would then not be protected from the weather. This is a purpose built radio truck, not a GS truck with a radio. If the tilt were raised as I suggest the wooden planks that tie the hoops together would be useful in preventing the tilt blowing inwards . David
  13. David Herbert

    Morris C8

    Hi Sigve, Your truck is amazing, my first MV was a Bedford MWR which I bought 48 years ago and was not remotely in as good a condition or as complete as yours. David
  14. David Herbert

    Morris C8

    Hi Sigve, Is this truck in the condition it came out of the military or was it restored, say 30 years ago, and then left in the barn to mature ? Which ever it is, it is in remarkably good and complete condition, a great find ! David
  15. David Herbert

    1914 Dennis Lorry

    Looks great but if it rains, any rain stopped by the windscreen runs down it onto your feet ! I am glad things have moved on ! David