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  1. PS, my Cummins B series manual says 15W40 for -10 to +45C, 10W30 for -25 to +20C and 5W30 for -40 to + 20C.
  2. Robin, what you need is Defstan 01-005 - it came up on the oil equivalent thread. This will tell you the NSN, MOD name and al the specs, including civvy equivalent. It seems you now need to register with the Defstan people and you can find it through google. Toby
  3. Could be to protect it in transport.
  4. When applying for plating and first test, I filled in a tachograph and speed limiter exemption forms which give the valid reasons. Well worth getting it right for plating. I have found the technical officers at DVSA very helpful indeed in answering my questions. T
  5. Graeme, It may be more obvious. Is it cover to fit on the end of a canoe paddle. Difficult to size from the photo but I am sure it will be easy to see if it's the right size. T
  6. Dear all, this vehicle was previously owned by Dave Crouch and was the subject of an article by Bob Tuck in the May 1998 Truck and Driver. 15t Boughton crane, 14l Cummins 335, 10 speed fuller, 2 speed transfer box, 85t GTW. Suspect 25t pull winch. Toby
  7. Dear all, the document you need is DefStan 01-005 - you can google it and download. This gives the equivalent specs for everything. Toby
  8. Dear All, I believe you can have different NSNs for the same part, as part of the NSN identifies what equipment it's for and allows DE&S to track what is consumed on different equipments. Sorry, no good examples readily to hand. T
  9. Dear all, thanks for input, neither the ISPL number or the one John suggested came up. However, a close match which fits it is SPZ 1662 and you need 3 of them as it is not a banded belt. T
  10. TJSB

    REME Museum now open

    There are a number of rare and interesting vehicles in the Museum open to the public (eg Sherman BARV). The Reserve collection is housed on the far side of Lyneham site, so not all of them are on display. T
  11. Dear all, the REME Museum in Lyneham is now open, Tues to Sat 1000-1630. There are displays, shop, cafe, research and education facilities. At £7 for adults, £5 for children, it seems to be good value. It is on the A 3102, same as the main gate for MOD Lyneham which is well signposted, try SN15 4PT. More details on their website. http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/ Enjoy! T
  12. All, it is worth reading some of the RNLI histories, especially Never Turn Back. I agree with the RNLI philosophy of not charging - else people see the pound signs and wait until danger has increased before calling for help which can increase the dnger to the crews and increase risk of loss of life. Rather get out there in time to save someone and not wish what could have been if you went earlier. I speak as someone who normally drags in a number of boats each year (16 in last year's Cowes week where I helped out with safety). Very very few of them don't know what they are doing, mostly they have gear failure or the wind dies or kicks up the other way. And the Union Star, that the brave men of Penlee went out to rescue in Solomon Browne, was a commercial vessel. Note the Coastguard Emergency Towing Vessels aren't cheap either, but preventing another Torrey Canyon/Braer etc is probably not meaningfully quantifiable in financial terms. Finally, I am in awe of what the RNLI volunteers do - so please lets support them, not question them. T
  13. Dear all, these RSLs were Talisman 49s, designed by Murray Cormack and Associates. The same hull is also marketed as a Weymouth 51, and has been built by a number of people including Seaward Marine, based on Halmatic hulls - hence why they are often confused with Nelsons. Nelsons are designed by TT boat designs. Both are semi displacement designs and very good if wet at sea. November 1988 Motor Boat and Yachting gives a report. Equally search MOD police launch on Google and you will get pictures. Toby
  14. Only! 11t when stripped out, and assuming not hot and high (and depends on range)
  15. John, try Hampshire hose under the Itchen Bridge in Southampton, they should be able to make it up. Toby
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