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  1. skeggy

    Welcome back!

    Welcome back, Now i can get my fix again. Well done with the change over.
  2. skeggy


    Very good point. It makes you wonder how much in service "life" has been lost due to over restoration.
  3. skeggy

    Spotted today....

    My eyes my eyes:wow: do a Google images search for green goddess with caravan on top for some more images in the daylight.
  4. skeggy

    Rock & Chips

    Have you had a look on YouTube there's some episodes on there.
  5. :wow: Having trouble getting around this winter, no problem just call a Taxi. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a82_1419624763
  6. skeggy

    My copy of a RAF Fordson armoured car

    Some people live to make others lives a misery. Do you know which neighbour it is that complained, and have you asked the other neighbours what they think about it, I think if it's only one and the other's are OK about it I don't think there's to much the council can do about it.
  7. Hi. ot-90. These chap's may be able to help, There not cheap though. :wow: http://www.russianmilitary.co.uk/ Good luck finding one. Skeggy.
  8. skeggy

    Battery Chargers & Width Indicators

    Also known as Bumper guides
  9. skeggy

    Scammell Accident

    Thought I'd seen it before, It's in the Pioneer gallery, post number 25
  10. This is the place, still going it seem's Click here Hope this is of some help in finding out the history of your Scammell. Cheer's Skeggy.
  11. skeggy

    Painting wheels (using 'dog collar')

    Nice one Jon, That's a brilliant idea it certainly beat's masking tape.
  12. skeggy

    Chevs rescued

    Fantastic thread, Some people have talent's some of us could only dream about having. Keep up the good work, and keep updating Chev41. All the best Skeggy
  13. Hi all, I joined this forum back in 2010, But it seem's i did'nt introduce myself.:red: Well i'm Kev, i'm 56 and i've had an interest in Military truck's for far too many year's to be Healthy. I do not own any Military vehicle's, I almost got an AEC Matador a few (10) year's ago but a Divorce put paid to that:cry: so now i just get pleasure from seeing the restorations that you guy's do :bow:Respect. Anyway Keep up the good work, All the best. Skeggy.
  14. skeggy

    GMC 352's

    Hello Howard, Im following your restoration with interest. As for your trailer and it brake's legalities you may find this interesting CLICK HERE it gives you an idea as to the legalities of Electric brake systems in the U.K. All the best Skeggy.