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  1. Hi Andy. That is remarkably similar. Thanks for that. Steve
  2. Yes, it is a two-cylinder engine but with a tee head so you would only expect two followers per side. Steve
  3. The plugs are to access the valves which are typical of a fixed-head engine. The Thorny and the Dennis are the same. The centre plugs must be a simpler way of sealing off the water jacket instead of a flanged cover with studs. You are right, the apparent spare follower positions are intriguing. To someone who knows what the engine is, they will be the main clue! It is amazing what is about even 100 years later. Steve
  4. Thanks for that. Worth a try. Cheers! Steve
  5. A pal of mine has turned up this engine. Said to be a marine engine but of otherwise unknown provenance. Can anyone identify it please? It is a tee-head, is fitted with a clutch and looks to be of great war era to me. Cylinder bore must be around the 3" mark so perhaps a 10hp engine? Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Steve
  6. Old Bill

    Karrier WDS

    Looking good! Did you put the spring on any sort of pad? I have often seen springs seated on a red fibre pad but never understood why this should be. I have had great difficulty in sourcing any sort of replacements for them and have generally done without. Steve
  7. Ah, yes, we had a flange put on the liners so they couldn't go up. If you are in any doubt, peg them. It is very easy to do on this engine as you have access to the outside of the cylinder wall below the water jacket. Drill through, tap it, screw the peg in until the end of the thread and dress off inside and out. Steve.
  8. Hi Tomo. Put a rule across the OD of the liner and see if it will fit through the hole in the top of the crank case. If it is bigger than the hole (ours are), then no pegs are necessary. Loctite on its own is probably enough as this is a low performance, low temperature engine. Loctite melts at around 150°C so the bottom end of the bore should never get that hot. Steve
  9. I hadn't thought of that at the time. Possibly one for the future. Actually, I am concerned by the roughness around the gudgeon bosses. This photo is the only one I have seen of it. Will have to wait until I can visit again for a closer look. Steve.
  10. Yes, it could be pegged and welded. However, we have enough good ones in store so there is not a problem. We will keep the bits just in case. The reason they were cut was to get the back axle off. The chain tensioning adjuster is a sleeve which rotates on this part but had completely seized. It has to be unscrewed to free the back axle rearwards and then to slide this part outwards off the casting on the chassis rail. I gassed through a pair of these years ago when rescuing a chassis from a field. We only had a morning to get it cut up and removed so we sacrificed them to speed up the loading process. We still have to free those that we have and they are going to take some doing! Steve
  11. Old Bill

    Karrier WDS

    I haven't counted Ben's. Did the list before he did the lorries! Needs a revision. I have a list for my personal interest. However, need to be very careful about publishing things because of security issues. Also, making a list could be your life's work if not careful! Sorry. Bit of a diversion! Steve
  12. Old Bill

    Karrier WDS

    Bit of a mixture really. I started off collecting only lorries of all conditions. However, one of these Thornys is the bus. Also, of the three Dennis, one is ours, one has had the engine replaced for film work and the third is in a shed, pretty well untouched. The owner very kindly let us measure up his water pump to copy. These are all vehicles in the UK. Tim has a much better idea of what is around the world. Steve
  13. Old Bill

    Karrier WDS

    Hi Andy. I have just had a quick look through my list of pre-1920 lorries in UK and have come up with: AEC 6 Albion 6 Dennis 3 Leyland 7 Thornycroft 14 This is by no means definitive as it has been created be me writing them down when I see them or know of them. I think I will have to sit down with Tim to try to put together a more comprehensive list. Come to think of it, your brother's Leyland isn't on there so it is time it got an update! The numbers are not big, however. Steve
  14. Old Bill

    Karrier WDS

    Glad it found a good home! Steve
  15. Old Bill

    Karrier WDS

    Don't worry about being off topic. We all love old machinery of all sorts! I worked at Barfords years ago and we had a D3 plinthed in the yard. I was always pleased to see it when I walked past. I do hope it found a good home. Great progress with the Karrier. You make us look positively pedestrian! Steve
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