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  1. Took the Bedford to the Welland steam rally Friday and had a great time, though with bad weather forecast for Sunday we bailed out around 8.30 am and I drove the 45 odd miles home today in the p#ssing rain. I now know that these early MW,s are character building and that even in summer can be interesting to drive ! In fact it got so interesting that I could barely see where I was going at times, must be fecking freezing in the winter no wonder they were called pneumonia wagons ! Looking a bit damp after a shower on Saturday 😎 Back in it's shed and it's all wet and muddy 😎 bit like the owner and just like an army truck should be, 250 miles in and still going strong 😁 will check brakes and wheel bearings etc before I take it out again.
  2. Hey Scott Great to meet you too glad you like the old girl 😁 journey home was easier with less traffic no probs with the truck though will change the oil and filter now it's done about 150 miles . J.
  3. Just back from Wartime in the Vale, great wkend met friends old and new, 90 mile odd mile round trip and no problems There were three Aero screen early Bedfords there which was great as in previous years there were none in attendance.
  4. More fettling and have moved the truck to my parents place to help with the running in process Truck has now done 50 odd miles and is really starting to settle down and run sweet and I must admit I'm really enjoying driving the old thing as long as it doesn't rain ! 🙃
  5. Thanks for the info Maurice will cut them to size on my next visit to the truck.
  6. Busy day in the sunshine getting those hoops sorted. Quick redesign with the angle grinder and the U clips are ready for welding. After welding the corner and getting them to fit over the sideboard next job was to tack weld the clips to the tubes in the correct position then take them off and weld down each side tidy up the welds and paint. fitting those clips really made a difference, good solid and upright, canvas next. Canvas fits a lot better now. Next job will be to sort the rear lights, the set I made to hook onto the taiboard are now covered by the rear canvas that hangs down below the foot holds so am experimenting with magnetic ones. Or I prefer the second pos as the lights are higher and are more in your eye line God knows if they will stay where put, will give them a try, I don't want to have modern lights fitted permanently if pos but I do want to be safe. Last job was red nuts Think the reds a bit too bright will see what it looks like when dry.
  7. Thanks for the pic Maurice, I can see how they work now, how long are the sides of the U 75mm or 100mm ? Thanks again J.
  8. Hi Danny Looks like both these trucks have "new" owners post Dunkirk, both sets of hoops look ersatz to me, I'm restoring my MW as used by the British Army so would like to get it as accurate as pos . Nice pics though, don't think I've seen the second one before. J.
  9. Thanks for the info Maurice could you take some pictures please ? Or post a sketch to show how they made.
  10. Jus Picked these up from my mate Pete the blacksmith 😁 Will fettle these up and get them attached to the down tubes on Saturday 😁
  11. Hers a pic of the front off side corner of my rear body as found Not sure there would have been a pair originally.
  12. By the time I left t'shed the canvas had shrunk by over 1/2" after two good soakings from the hosepipe, have left it to dry uncovered in't shed 😎
  13. Just about to head down t'shed with a hosepipe in the van to give it a bit of a soaking 😎
  14. Hi Danny Yes I'll have the angle irons made this week but cannnot weld them to the upright tubes until the canvas has shrunk at the moment I can adjust the height up or down to suit, I hope the angle irons will help keep the tubes upright. J.
  15. Yes Frank allows an extra % to allow for shrinkage as per the original factory drawings, the problem is that the front and rear hoops are not exactly upright so allow for the sagging, will have to remedy this by possibly fitting hooks to tubes over the top of the side boards, but can only do that after I finalise the height of the bow hoops after the canvas has shrunk, or fit horizontal tubes to hold the tubes upright and rigid.
  16. Another busy day down t'shed having missed last wkend mooting about the Beaulieu autojumble finding lots of goodies. Used a dwell meter to check the dizzy, all seems ok plus double checked the timing and stuck a vacuum gauge on the inlet manifold again and all seems good. Then pulled the truck out after it had stopped raining and got stuck into fitting the bow hoops. Having no real idea how the new canvas would sit on the rear body I left the uprights long and used blocks of wood or clamps to set their positions roughly. Little bit saggy but some adjustments will sort it. Need to stop the canvas pulling the front and rear hoops towards each other and hopefully remove some of the sag. More to do next visit 😁 must thank Frank Brown for a superb job on the canvas 😁
  17. Nuther fun packed day in't and out of t'shed, got the timing sorted better and took the truck for a spin all seems ok. Then on with welding the bow hoops together Ground the welds flush then paint. Even painted the wheel chock.
  18. Here's the tube bender I used to make the bow hoops
  19. Always nice to meet and chat Clive, glad you approve of the MW and Mrs R 😎 great wkend at Caldicot castle wartime wheels 😁
  20. Hi Richard Will post a pic tomorrow I used a 4" mandrel to fit 1" pipe, I drew a 7.5" radius on a peice of ply then carefully bent the tube in half a dozen places untill it matched the rad on the ply, repeat the process over and over it's a bit fiddly and time consuming but I couldn't find anyone who could produce an 8" centre line radius bend so I did my own, had loads of spare tube as I bought enough to do the cab as well but as I found an original set I didn't need it all .
  21. Having managed to borrow a 12 ton tube bender I thought it about time I sorted the rear bow hoops for the canvas. First job to form six 8" radius curved sections then I cobbled up a jig to hold the upright tubes in position and put a slight kink in the top bow for strength and to help shed rainwater. Had some steel tube which was a tight fit that I used as a dowel to add strength and help keep the joint true. Three hours and three sets ready for welding, the uprights are over long to enable me to adjust the height of the canvas to suit the rear body.
  22. Thanks Chris It was very nice to meet you and talk rivets etc for awhile, thanks for helping with the firewood 😎 Avin a brew 😁 The truck went well for it's first time out to Caldicot castle wartime wheels event some slight adjustments to carb or timing to remove a flat spot and the return journey was better still. Its very different from the champ thing but once the engine is run in and things settle down it' going to be a great little beast 😎 30 miles in. It never fails to amuse me how much food, booze, cooker, tents etc etc you need for a couple of days at a show. It's nice to have a decent sized truck to lug it all around in now instead of trying to stuff it into the champ thing. The show itself was very good the weather was even better Some idea of interest in the gun display put on by my good old mates 😁
  23. Took it for a spin down the drive yesterday only to have it spew coolant out of the rad FFS ! Ok quick search last night through the resto threads on here and today replaced the spring inside the top of the rad and set the level of the castelated nut as per manual remembering to seal the nut, plus replaced old thermostat with a NOS. one and hey ho ! no more problem ...... so far, then replaced the handbrake spring and made bckt for the accelerator spring thingy. Little difficult to see but it's the grey painted part between / behind the pair of oil lines. Next job was to investigate why the charging light wouldn't light up when the ignition was switched on, this turned out to be a duff bulb, then it was time to investigate why I had no side or headlights working this was traced to blown fuses and dirty contacts in the fuse holder. Then the moment to see if it all works as it should, half a dozen laps of the feild first before venturing out down the lane and back. I guess thats about it apart from maybe blowing over the rear body to get a better colour match, possibly fitting blackout masks to the headlamps and making the bow hoops for the rear canvas, 5 years and it's been a blast and I'd like to thank everyone thats helped me with this project wether it was spare parts or good advice it's much appreciated 😀 Now what's the first show ? Caldicot castle wartime wheels event is not too far for a first attempt 😁
  24. Hi Richard did I give you the details of the company that made me a dozen of these trays ? I supplied an original tray for them to copy which they did inc cutting the correct sized holes in the correct position, the corners are not butt welded along their length but are folded and spot welded please refer to page 13 of my resto blog which shows the correct method of constructon are your trays tapered ? couldn't tell from your pics.
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