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  1. A long but very rewarding day that started at 5.30 am with a trip up to the Dallas dig out then on to the vintage/ 4x4 sale at the Newbury showground where this little gem fell into my possession 





    Yes it's the elusive Bedford MW 15cwt dipstick for the petrol tank, think I'll have some reproductions made 😁

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  2. I have two 1940 dated jacks both had original light green paint underneath dark olive drab, the green original paint looks the Same shade as Morris commercial engine paint ( there is a crazy expensive one on evil pay at the mo ) as I didn't like that colour I've gone for Morris minor engine green enamel 



    Traces of the original green paint can be seen on my spare jack this will be left in its original condition. 


    I've had a number of these jacks non of them were black. 

  3. An enjoyable afternoon spent tinkering with the MW repainted one of the jacks and replaced the old shovel with a 39 dated example and swapped out the wire cutter for a pair of 1940 ones.




    I know I know  the greens too dark but I don't care I like that colour so that's the colour it's gonna be  😁

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  4. Hi Col 

    Both myself and Bill found our vehicles by word of mouth, sometimes it's a chance conversation that can lead to you finding that elusive vehicle. Keep looking it's out there somewhere, if you don't find anything by next summer I could add you to my insurance and you could take the champ thing to a couple of shows if you feel brave enough 😁 

    Must catch up over Christmas 


  5. Having sorted the track rods out took it for a quick spin without the canvas to check all ok the other wkend.


    Noted a dull knock / rattle on tickover 😣 suspected loose crank pulley ! ! Yep that's what it turned out to be .


    So off with the front of the truck and yes even though we drifted the pulley on when the engine was rebuilt it was loose in fact loose enough for me to remove it by hand ! Luckily the old OY engine had a decent one which I managed to remove and swap over.


    Back together by end of day with peace of mind knowing it should be sorted, engine running nice and quiet again 😁

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  6. Yes Jan taped up all the spindle ends etc with lots of layers of heavy duty duct tape though I will of course strip everything for thorough cleaning with new wheel bearings as the old ones are worn out 😁

    BTW Thanks for posting my full frame number something I didn't want to do !

  7. Doh ! Sorry Ron I mistook the part you were referring to 🙃 I can see now the part that needs to be sorted, I'm finalising my parts wanted list, need new fork spindles, nuts and friction discs are just a few bits needed just to start with.

  8. 13 hours ago, Ron said:

    Well done that man! The broad 'D' shaped plate on the nose is definitely a Royal Enfield thing, but I've never seen one curled up!....... should be flat I'm sure!



    Thanks Ron 

    Will leave as is for the mo until I am sure it should be flat then I'll give it a beating 😁

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