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  1. Bedford MWC restoration

    Hi Richard did I give you the details of the company that made me a dozen of these trays ? I supplied an original tray for them to copy which they did inc cutting the correct sized holes in the correct position, the corners are not butt welded along their length but are folded and spot welded please refer to page 13 of my resto blog which shows the correct method of constructon are your trays tapered ? couldn't tell from your pics.
  2. Bedford MWD restoration

    Had a spare hour to tinker with the truck today, have decided to fit the early Rubbolite type rear lights so made a new bckt up for them and removed the slightly later ones. Then on with a couple of other odd jobs, wiring next visit.
  3. Bedford MWD restoration

    Sorry Rob yes clutch is ok and the brakes have a good pedal, but the handbrake ratchet spring gave up the ghost so although I "fixed it " I think I'll get a new one.
  4. Bedford MWD restoration

    Nuther full on day in't and ooot of t'shed first job was to tighten up the head bolts and warm the engine prior to setting the tappet gaps, while waiting for the engine to get up to working temp I made up an extension to the lead on my timing strobe light as it' a bu##er to reach the battery in the cab. 20180414_104333.mp4 Hopefully here's the video of it running. Then time to reffit the front panel but before I did I replaced the new rubbing strip with the original ones I took off yonks ago I think they look better and I also replaced the brass coated steel bifurcated rivets with more suitable sized examples. Then bumper and brush guard to be bolted up and after setting the tappet gaps the timing was set up using timing lamp then it was time to pull the old girl out of t'shed first to check clutch adjustment then to give better access to the brake master cylinder as the front system needed bleeding, plus the seats and rifle butt holders needed fitting. Bonnet on and it really starts to look better. Next session will be reconnecting headlights and indicators etc plus fit the cab canvas. With the panels attached the engine sounds f#cking luuvly 😎can't wait to get some miles on the clock roll on summer 😁
  5. Bedford MWC restoration

    There's a lot of carpentry involved in the MW cab and rear body on the MWD I found it a bit of a Bus man's holiday to be honest, I enjoy the fabrication of new panels and learning about the mechanical side of things more. Your doing a great job Richard at least I didn't have doors to make for my truck 😎
  6. Bedford MWD restoration

    Meant to go to the Dallas digout then the 4x4 sale but was so close to running the new engine I just had to get down't t'shed and eventually after fitting the rad filling various things with various fluids fitting the prop shaft and exhaust pipe it was time to press the tit or rather pull it in the case of the MW. Struggling to add video will try again later. Not much of a pic just topping up the rad prior to running, I removed all the spark plugs and turned the engine over on the starter untill the oil pressure light went out before ignition. Believe it or not it fired up straight off though I'd forgotten to connect the choke cable, after that was sorted it run very nicely though the tappets will need adjusting but run out of time again
  7. Bedford MWD restoration

    Yes it is
  8. Dodge D15T

    Great looking project Pete I'll look forward to following this blog 😎
  9. Bedford MWD restoration

    Managed to get some hours on the truck today. Doesn't look much but the sump, gearbox and most of the ancillarys are now fitted. And all the fiddly hard to get at bits done before the rad goes back in. Floor back in helps it looks like it's coming back 😁
  10. NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Just caught up with this post, I'd be interested in a set of four 900. X 16 trakgrips to fit British rims please.
  11. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Proper job Rob 😎
  12. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Hi Rob what thickness steel are you using ? too thick and its hard to dress ove the rod, especially the curves, are you using a panel beating hammer ? When dressing the steel over its best to used lots of light blows working along the peice from one end to the other then repeating. Its hard to describe how to strike the hammer blows but I tried to catch the top edge vertically to start curving the sheet over the rod it's a time consuming job but gets easier with practice 😎 hope this helps some.
  13. Bedford MWD restoration

    Hi Richard I'm not sure when I'll get to the shed as we are moving house next week so things are a bit mad, might try and sneak down on Sunday as I want to fit the oil pump 😎
  14. Bedford MWD restoration

    Thanks Rob glad you enjoyed reading this epic 😁 I can't wait to get that engine running too, couldn't get to t'shed this wkend due to the bl**dy snow again !
  15. Mk1 Militant Tanker

    Hi Rob just remembered you need to add 2.5 x the dia of the rod you're using so you have just enough steel to wrap around the wire, I didn't use any heat at all even on the tight radius curves of the mudgaurds. I found it best to sandwich the sheet steel between 2 sheets of 3/4" ply and then dress the sheet down 10 mm to form a right angle, turn it over then place the rod inside, dress over the sheet at each end to capture the rod then slowly dress the remaider over working up and down the peice gradually bending the sheet over the rod I used a pair of old style nail pincers to hold the rod tight to the radius. Like I said it' time consming and a bit fiddly but very satisfying, I had a go on a bit of scrap as a practice before I got stuck in 😁