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  1. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Yep Ensign Universal picked them up at the Netly marsh autojumble, looked quite chunky before fitting but look ok on the wheels.
  2. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    New boots today
  3. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Bit more loosely lamped together to test fit all those spacers etc Then a bit of tank fettling
  4. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Yes Jan taped up all the spindle ends etc with lots of layers of heavy duty duct tape though I will of course strip everything for thorough cleaning with new wheel bearings as the old ones are worn out 😁 BTW Thanks for posting my full frame number something I didn't want to do !
  5. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Hi Chris frame No. Is 1289# will probably go for the later type carrier as it's handy to have panniers, yes need to get some new rubber stops 😁
  6. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Doh ! Sorry Ron I mistook the part you were referring to 🙃 I can see now the part that needs to be sorted, I'm finalising my parts wanted list, need new fork spindles, nuts and friction discs are just a few bits needed just to start with.
  7. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Lashed a few bits together this eve just to see how it goes together, there are extra holes in the rear mudgaurd and I had some other stays which seem to match up with them.
  8. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Thanks Ron Will leave as is for the mo until I am sure it should be flat then I'll give it a beating 😁
  9. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Couldn't find any seat springs at the wkend so cleaned up the old ones which look the biz as modern replacements don't seem to be tapered as per originals.
  10. rampant rivet

    Bedford MWC restoration

    Great to see more progress on the truck, looks like the cab is really coming together 👍
  11. rampant rivet

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Great wkend at the Netly marsh autojumble and the Beaulieu one too, apart from N.O.S. sets of pistons and valves, I found The Bedford Drivers handBook No.1 😁 I had the second edition but never thought I'd find this gem.
  12. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Here you go, called by and picked this little lot up from Deano and got it home to etch prime before the dreaded rust sets in. Most of it survived ok but the front ribbed mudgaurd is dead I think considering it all looked like it had been at the bottom of a pond or under a hedge for yonks it's not too bad, have sold off some of the spares I won't need which is helping to fund this resto, must admit I'm really enjoying restoring this WDC so much physically easier than the MW though I'm sure that there will be the odd part or two that will be hard to find.
  13. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Flying Enfield today down t'shed well more like dangling Enfield as the frame got it's undercoat proper ready for the green stuff weds hopefully. Sorted inner and out primary chain cases too as well as giving the forks a coat.
  14. rampant rivet

    Royal Enfield WDCO forks

    Pair of WDCO front forks and steering yoke with handlebar bckts £375 Plus post or can deliver to Netly bike jumble on Friday.
  15. rampant rivet

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Bearings arrived today, just time to fit them with the top and bottom yokes and steering damper, need to sort the large nut that holds it all together. Loosely fitted side stand and rear footpeg