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  1. Bedford MWC restoration

    Looking great Richard looks like we are restoring 28hp's in parallel I'm just about to get my block rebored, wish I could use your guy but a bit too far away. Any more progress on the RLC info ?
  2. Bedford MWD restoration

    Another find 😎 Complete set of Wheels and Tracks some good reference reading for those winter evenings.
  3. Bedford MWD restoration

    Had a great day at Malvern, picked up all new bearings, camshft and bits n bobs from Chris then over to see Dave just up the road to pick up a lovely NOS. standard crankshaft, all for helping me with this project.
  4. Bedford MWD restoration

    After a first attempt using parts washer solvent I decided to try a hot air gun to remove the preservative gloop , gently melting the sticky stuff inside and out speeded up the process some. Pistons are in perfect condition after being in storage for so many years, testament to the quality of the packing methods used.
  5. Bedford MWD restoration

    It seems a shame to have to unwrap these babies but needs must, and they're needed for the spare engine rebuild
  6. Bedford MWD restoration

    After a quick scoot around the Malvern land rover jumble an afternoon of tinkering with the truck was achieved Managed to get the catches sorted out for the trap door in rear floor a fiddly job I'd been putting off. Then painted a patch of "gas detection paint " on the bonnet. Looks rather light in the pic but ok in daylight .
  7. Doh !

    Sorry Joris I still cannot find the threads that I used to follow 😣
  8. Bedford MWD restoration

    Have a couple of the wiring diagram plates left as per original Pm me for mates rates 😎 Pic of an original for comparison, please note this is the early pattern wiring diagram.
  9. Bedford MW wiring diagram

    Have added a pic of an original plate pm me for mates rates
  10. Doh !

    Is it me or have my subscribed threads link disappeared along with my pm,s ? If they are lurking where can I find them please. RR.
  11. Bedford MW wiring diagram

    I have one last remaining early MW aeroscreen wiring diagram for sale , acid etched aluminium plate , hand finished . Price £80 plus p&p Just to clear up any doubts here's a pic of an original plate RR.
  12. Welcome back!

    Good to see the hmvf up and running again, but it seems a lot of photo's cannot be viewed on most threads I have looked at hmmm ?
  13. Bedford MWC restoration

    Great progress Richard
  14. Bedford MWC restoration

    Hi Richard I have a spare drivers side floor access panel if you need one, pm me a list of the other parts you're looking for, can't remember what they all were.
  15. 1940 re wdc

    Had a quick look at the Enfield this afternoon after working on the MW and after taking the tank off and head managed to free up a stuck valve and it turns over really nicely, luckily the piston had been left at tdc so the barrel suffered no damage from rust, can still make out the Enfield name and +40 stamped in the top of the piston good as new. Will probably restore this machine to its original spec when it left the factory on 25/06/41