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  1. Yes thanks for that. My m20 is like that one. This catch is for a red hunter 1934. I can get one on ebay from India but thought I could get a genuine one closer, but maybe not. Thanks Graeme
  2. I am looking a headlamp catch for the 8 inch lucas du142 headlamp as fitted to late 1930s motorcycles . Not sure if they are all the same. Like this one in the picture. Will be painted green so condition not vital. Thanks Graeme.
  3. Look on Facebook marketplace under Bedford 4x4.
  4. Apparently not for Bedford QL, RL, Green goddess or Morris commercial MRA1. So far.
  5. Seem to big for a car but thanks.
  6. Could anyone identify these spring pins please. It's an unusual part lettering code. Thanks Graeme
  7. Anyone recognise this? I presume it's a window winder handle of a British wartime or post war vehicle. Its seems to be aluminium. Thanks Graeme
  8. I was told that these mains and big end shell bearings. 010 u/s fit the Standard Vanguard phase 1 and 2 up to 1955. New old ex army stock. £25 ono +£3 post. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  9. New old stock gearbox main drive pinion or spigot shaft for Bedford MW OX OY QL and probably all Bedfords with crash type gearboxes. £37.50+£3 post. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  10. Any photos of what it looks like?
  11. Bedford mw ox oy ql. Brass Radiator Cap. All greased up. £50 +£3 post. Can combine post on items. Any questions 07765086115.
  12. Bedford mw ox oy ql. 2 Brake shoe Anchor Links £10 and 4 brake quides.£20 .ono. Handbrake Fulcrum Pin Bell crank lever £8. See photos for numbers. £3 post. Can combine post on items. Any questions 07765086115.
  13. New old stock Bedford mw ox oy Accelerator Pedal Shaft Levers Long and short .£20 for both+£3 post Also Accelerator Cross Shaft brackets £15+£3 post. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  14. Bedford QL Front right hand spring hanger. New old stock. A bit scruffy. will need a paint. but good £35 +£3 post. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  15. Thanks for trying. I get a bit too attached to certain things that I have worked with and owned a long time. I think it was lifted by a passer by😢. It is similar to the one in this photo just a bit chunkier.
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