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  1. New old stock. Bedford MW OX OY Accelerator Cross Shaft Brackets. See photos. May have slight surface rust but all good. £18 +£3 post. Any questions 07765086115.
  2. Austin K9 New Old Stock Front Spring Bracket Rear. All greased up. £25 +£3 post. Any questions 07765086115
  3. Bedford mw ox oy Accelerator Pedal Shaft Lever (short). New old stock. See photo for details.£12 +£3 to UK post. Any questions 07765086115. Can post further if required.
  4. Bedford MW OX OY Accelerator Pedal Shaft Lever (Long.) New old stock. May have slite surface rust in places but all good. £12 +post £3 Any questions 07765086115. Can post further if required.
  5. I never seen one in a photo over here before. I put it on the QL Facebook page and somebody recognises the reg and now owns it. I have asked the museum to send me the whole of the picture as there was another odd vehicle in it and a better close up of the QLR. Thanks for your input. Graeme
  6. I recently visited the Apprentice boys museum in Londonderry and came across a photo of the army out the back of the Masonic Hall barracks on the city walls probably guessing in the very early 70s. I noticed a radio vehicle in the photo and upon closer inspection I believe its a QLR. I never seen a QL in any Northern Ireland troubles photo before. Sorry for the poor quality.
  7. New old stock Series 1 Steering Column Support Bracket RH. Small amount of surface rust on edges but otherwise perfect. See photos. Does not fit 80".£35 posted to UK. 07765086115. Thanks Graeme
  8. Don't know if anyone on here has one but it's a New old stock ex army or RAF Standard Vanduard chrome hub cap. Was all greased up but its in good shape. See photos. £40 posted. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  9. New old stock K9 fulcrum pin for handbrake lever . See photo. £12 . Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  10. New old stock K9 front spring pins rear. See photos.I think there are 4 fitted per vehicle. £11 each. Thanks Graeme
  11. Sorry for the ignorance, but more identification needed. Anyone know anything about this or interested in it? Hopefully photos are the right way up this time. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
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