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  1. Series 1 land rover fuel cap on ebay item number 173902030092
  2. Any ideas what this is for?.It's got traced of green paint. Any help appreciated Thanks in advance. Graeme. 07765086115
  3. Ok thanks to you both. Its forsale and open to offers. I don't have one so it has to go. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  4. Can anybody help identify this? 07765086115 Thanks Graeme
  5. Any ideas what this was off? Sorry about the dull photo. But the limit is 24cwt. Thanks Graeme 07765086115.
  6. Vintage voltage regulator .Ex army surplus. Packed extremely well in 1954. Have been told these could have possibly been fitted to Lister powered generators that powered anti aircraft guns or search lights. Radio generators? 200/250 volts. May fit generators of a similar period. Immaculate condition. Made by the Isenthal and Co ltd Duncon works London. £40 plus post. thanks Graeme Any questions 07765086115 .
  7. Its been painted with a yard brush by the look of it .and looks to have been painted after the label was fitted . It has a bit of paint on the label but was well sealed up at the ports etc. I think it's out of warranty anyway but maybe someone would need it. Thanks again Richard👍
  8. Hi ,does anyone recognise this new or reconditioned water pump . What remains on label suggests an Austin. BLR LV7 AN RV? Any help appreciated. thanks Graeme
  9. Its solid steel. Measures about 8" long. I suspect it's off some kind of plant machinery that the army had 50 to 70 years ago or maybe before that. The reference code is odd. I have big differential wheels for either a steam roller or diesel roller or small traction engine that has the same code . So I think it's for something like that . I have a number of them. I have large bolts in perfect condition that go with the same code as well. thanks Graeme
  10. Have now been told that they don't fit K2 K3 or K4. Which is what I originally thought as the k 9 is a slightly larger engine. So probably just fits k9 and possibly civilian Loadstar?
  11. 😂. Be good exercise if that what it is.
  12. Any ideas what these are . Sorry about the photos. Thanks Graeme
  13. Can anyone tell me what this is off. 😁 Any help appreciated. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  14. Have been told this also fits K2 K3 and K4 but cannot confirm this. thanks Graeme
  15. Austin k9 new old stock inlet manifold. £70. + Post .Have been told it fits K2 K3 and K4 also but cannot confirm this. Any questions 07765086115. Thanks Graeme
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