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  1. Can anyone tell me what this new old stock exhaust manifold is off. It is old and says qualcast in the casting. Massive lawnmower?😁 Any help appreciated. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  2. Can any body tell me what this is off. I know it's old and possibly Landrover? thanks Graeme 07765086115.
  3. gwrightoy

    Armoured hoses ?

    Yes thanks everyone. May be to old to use .In storage from 1953! Thanks Graeme
  4. gwrightoy

    Armoured hoses ?

    What are these for? Maybe champ ?More photos later. Just look like armoured brake hoses. Thanks Graeme 07765086226
  5. gwrightoy

    New old stock injector identification

    Ok, will go down that route. thanks again Graeme
  6. Hi just wondered if any one could identify this new old stock injector. Its old British Army . Possibly Scammell ? Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  7. gwrightoy

    Scammell rear axle gaskets

    New Scammell rear axle cover gaskets .See pictures. Not sure what these are for but possibly pioneer. Packed in 1949 Part number 39 T 12. £1.50 each plus post or all 18 for £26 posted. Thanks Graeme 07765086125 Sorry all sold
  8. New old stock Bedford mw oy ql brass handbrake cable guides. £10 plus £3 post. Thanks Graeme 07765086115
  9. Scammell pioneer new rear wheel studs. Right hand thread . I think 41 T 10 is the part number. May fit other models. £10 each plus post £3 Sorry all sold. Graeme 07765086115
  10. gwrightoy

    Oil seal identification.

    Hi have some new old stock oil seals for something? See picture . Any help appreciated. 07765086115 Thanks Graeme
  11. Hi , can anybody tell me if this volt meter that I have discovered is of any use. I connected it up to a 12v car battery but nothing happened .The top scale I thought should be DC volts but the bottom scale I don't know( a little high for DC volts? There is also a small terminal below which says Fe and nfe. That's something to do with ferrous and non ferrous ? Any ideas thanks Graeme
  12. gwrightoy

    Manifold identification

    Will have a closer look. I wonder are they out of a deutz engine as there was some deutz engine bits along with the ex army stuff that I bought. thanks Graeme
  13. Hi anyone know what this is off? I think there is a section missing as there is no exit hole. So maybe with it there, it could be for an 8 cylinder. Thanks 07765086115
  14. gwrightoy

    Larkspur C13 ATU wanted

    Sorry I can't open the file to see.
  15. gwrightoy

    Scammell front hub seals

    Hi. Shims are £2 each .I think they are all 28" thickness but I don't know how many you need. Thanks Graeme