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  1. crikey nice one. how much was the ferry for your van ? like to know how you found a " not fully booked" cheap campsite bigduke , i searched online for over 3 hrs yesterday. cheapest i found was £560 for 7 nights . ridiculous prices
  2. I was hoping to miss the main events and go in July , but even then all of July is crazy exspensive and busy. im more interested in visiting the actually sites , mueseums and beaches anyway so will probably go in late september now .
  3. Hello Has the MVT organised any runs , camping trips to this years D Day events in Normandy ? I dont have a period WW2 vehicle but being a MVT member and modernish military vehicle owner i would still like to visit the D Day beaches with my family and all our kit ? everywhere i have looked in France to stay seems to be either civi type holiday parks or hotels , with crazy holiday season prices , we are quite happy with just a field for a week but want to be somewhere near the beaches etc. Anyone know if theres a option for club members or place to pitch military canvas for a sensibly priced stay ? cheers all Rich
  4. http://www.globalsecurity.org/space/systems/slgr.htm need a operating manual please , or photo copy ..........anyone ?
  5. Hi Andy Yes pulse tech extreme Yes I had it running continuous overnight , it wasn't laboured as I have 4 hawker batterys and the charge was goverened between the batterys with Pulsetechs QUADLINK set up that distributes charge at 10 minute intervals . Im pretty sure that the units are not suitable as described , made in china quality never inspires confidence with me . The chap at United scientific has asked me to return both units , but I know they have failed due to overheating as I have bought a vented solid state charger that's properly vented and its been working 24 hrs for 3 days with no problems . Im hoping to get a full refund as im not impressed with the pulse tech
  6. Hi I bought one of these chargers and the quadlink to regulate between 4 hawker batterys , followed all the instructions and set the charger up , it worked for 2 days and broke ? overheated I guess ? A new one was sent out on warranty and this lasted 3 days and has Broke ? I don't think the chargers are fit for purpose ? I notice they are manufactured in China although coming from the states . I am now using a draper intelligent charger , that's fully vented through the quadlink , so far so good.
  7. Hi The large brass connector at the rear is now emitting a red light , looks like a lazer ? on the female pin socket . so would light carry information , is this a fibre optic connection ?? Rich:-):nut:
  8. [Amazzing pics , looks like a newer set up than my old clockwork jobby . im having some operating glitches with mine now , something seems to go wrong everytime i try and start PC , waiting for a windows 98 disc to arrive so i can reboot . hopefully they settle down ?? Iain your spot on again , the printers i have aquired do have a seperate domestic type connection inside the case . Rich
  9. nearly forgot , this picture shows the new small HDD cobbled up to fit , it isn't very secure sadly maybe a bit of foam top and bottom will stop it bouncing around ? im hoping of finding another Toshiba HDD ( MK 4313 MAT ) HDD 2141 to have a DIY repair of the other LXI . Rich
  10. Are we talking about the 322 amp ? ive seen archive pictures of these these and most are rigid mounted to a table with the 250 watt TURF mounted on top ? no rubber isolating feet . im wondering if the table is for the heavy (32Kg) ruggerised monitor as used in the CRVT ?? Rich
  11. the SSP printer ? does this work with a LXi ??
  12. back connectors of the LXI , of most interest and wonderment is the large brass 2 pin in the middle ???
  13. this is a pic showing the removed removable Interface
  14. the above pic shows the ribbon attached to the interface , by just removing the ribbon from the interface the pin connector will then fit straight on to a normal HDD .......seems too easy ehh ?
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