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  1. Paul, Count me in, my Stolly (Stal II 915) has been in the water quite a bit now, just giving it a re-spray at the moment so would love to come along. Please can you confirm dates etc so I can book work off! Cheers Arran
  2. Hi Could anyone please help me with the power steering on my S26 SLDT, The problem started after the vehicle had been left standing for a while, when at a T-junction and turning left the steering goes really really heavy about half way to full lock, it turns right fine. So I had a look in the old manual which suggested the steering box was at fault, as I had another S26 that turns fine I swapped the boxes and guess what the fault is still there, I don't think it is the power pump as surely it would do it when turning right also? I've checked the King Pins etc and all moves freely ball joints are all OK, hydraulic levels fine, (have changed the fluid and filter) Now I'm thinking it could be as simple as an air lock, so how do you bleed the system??? I've jacked the vehicle up taking the wait off the wheels and with the engine running turned from lock to lock 10 times with no difference, do I need to crack the high pressure pipe from the pump to the box with engine running to bleed? Any help would be great as i'm stuck/lost! Regards, Arran
  3. Hi The Stalwart is mine sorry to have up set all you people but at the end of the day it was the highlight of the show for everyone that was there. We took all the correct precautions and no one was even scratched let alone hurt. I've learnt alot and thank you for everyones comments, espeically all you guys sticking up for us, the video makes it look alot worse than it was, ask anyone that was there Best regards Arran Stal915
  4. Hi Sorry forgot to do this when I first joined up, I'm Arran I live in the south Birmingham area, I enjoy working on Historic Military Vehicles, the engineering side is just great, Vehicles owned are a MK1 Ferret Hong Kong spec currently in bits with diesel engine now ready to go in, A Mk2 FV624 Reme Fitter Vehicle full swimmer, and have just bought (for my sinns) a Scammell S26 SLDT, and now all I need to complete my collection is a Rogers Trailer. This is a great forum, with what seems many very experienced military vehicle enthusiasts Regards Arran
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