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    VIP toilets

  2. Pete Ashby

    VIP toilets

    'Officers and Gentlemen' Old Boy.............. it's a class thing
  3. Part number 608447 stock number G-85-34-473 I believe is for the US G506 1.5 ton truck running the US built 216 cu in engine. This is an unopened kit sealed in the cosmoline wrapper and includes all items for major overhaul including the Metering rod and seat, (Chevs of the 40's kits do not include this item). £75.00 p&p @ cost anywhere ask for a quote outside UK Pete
  4. Pete Ashby

    Jeep ignition timing

    The whole body of the distributor looks upside down to me. Have you timed the engine on TDC compression stroke for No 1 cylinder inlet and exhaust both shut? Pete
  5. Pete Ashby

    Fordson Wot 2 hard back manual SOLD

    PM sent to you David Pete
  6. Pete Ashby

    Dodge D15T

    Left and right fuel tanks and bracketry have been removed along with the chequer plate tank shields a feature of the water tank version of the D15 done to prevent damage to the fuel tanks by the operating crew when filling the water tank. Both tanks seem to be externaly in good condition and both hold a small amount of very smelly old fuel so there is a possibility they made be usable after draining and steam cleaning the issue may be with corroded pick pipes but all that’s for another day. The two half of the cab (as described in a previous post) have now been separated and will be lifted off the frame and stored awaiting their turn for repair and then media cleaning. During the work to remove the cab bolts it was necessary to remove the rifle butts from the rear corners of the cab floor I assumed that they would be like similar Canadian and British fittings routed out of a solid piece of wood however once the dirt was removed it turns out they are open ended the bottom is closed off with a form of thick rubberized canvas? or perhaps rubberized asbestos? . They appear to be original and never to have been removed the bases are the same rubberized material that formed the draft seal on the pedals and steering tube. Small detail but not come across this type of rifle butt holder before,........ has anyone else seen something similar? Pete
  7. Pete Ashby

    Dodge D15T

    I expected a welded single piece unit as well Gordon, I wonder if it's a pre-war design feature on Canadian civilian models to allow for construction of perhaps 1 ton panel vans using the same scuttle and front end sheet metal throughout the range ?? . Fortunately there are no major repairs needed to the cab main structures, it's just some tin work in various place so it shouldn't need to get hot enough to distort anything. I too was wary about removing the hinge pins with the risk of mashing up the door post if they proved stubborn however the door posts are sound and with a little heat and carefully balancing of the weight of the door on the crane they knocked out with no problem but I can see that if the pins are rusted and the knurling is tight in the top of the hinge there could be issues. Pete
  8. Pete Ashby

    Dodge D15T

    The strip down continues with the removal of the removal of the door way valances and side steps from both sides of the cab, it is interesting to note how much lighter the construction of brackets and fixings etc are reflecting the Dodge's pre-war commercial design compared with the contemporary CMP range of purpose designed trucks from Ford and Chevrolet. The cab floor is made up of a two piece ply wood insert around the transmission and hand brake and then a two piece pressed steel toe board that forms the foot well Here the floor plates have been removed and the battery tray is visible on the left This is the other side and shows the PTO for the power pump, sadly the connecting prop shaft and pump have long gone I suspect when the truck was converted to a civilian recovery vehicle A feature of cab construction that became apparent during strip down was that the front scuttle, the rear seat base and rear cab sheet are two separate units held together by a double row of slotted machine screws through fish plates under the floor secured with captive nuts. I had assumed that it was all one unit welded together as the joint and heads of the screws were hidden under layers of paint and dirt. This feature will make the handling and the repair of the cab a lot easier The screws all came out intact using an impact driver WD40 and the hot air gun previously mentioned Pete .
  9. Pete Ashby

    Leyland Retriever

    Taking advantage of the recent dry spell the Retriever was moved from the barn into the new workshop with the help of Trevor the tractor and my wife Anne Pete
  10. Pete Ashby

    Leyland Retriever

    A little more progress to report the axle now has both back plates and hubs refurbished and refitted along with the brake pivot and bisector units. The whole assembly has now been given a coat of red oxide undercoat on top of the etch primer. Pete
  11. Pete Ashby

    Albion BY5 F.B.E

    You could carefully trim the fins from the leaking tube dry it off and solder the split closed or for a short term bodge use something like "Wonder Weld" bodged on the outside of the tube. For the capacity of your rad you would need so much miracle jolop poured in the top it would not be cost effective. Pete
  12. Pete Ashby

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Those are the storage loops one single where the front hoop remains in position and then a double behind to take the middle and rear hoops
  13. Pete Ashby

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Maurice is correct the early 15cwt's were intended as open rear bodies with a flat sheet this design feature followed through into early Canadian 11 cab CMP's 15cwts as well the idea being that the hoops could be stacked into the front loops when not in use without having side bars to unbolt and store. The addition of canvas rear covers was given a separate identifier by the Chadians who classed them as 'Vans' usually seen in the personnel, anti tank gun tractor or FFW role, Iv'e not seen this form of nomenclature used for British trucks however.
  14. Pete Ashby

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Good point well made, get it well wet then let it stand on the truck until it dries out again depending on the type of weave it may well shrink in both length and width by a noticeable amount
  15. Pete Ashby

    Fuel Tap Parts

    You could try Googling Paul Beck vintage motor supplies he keeps stocks of all sorts of taps and fittings