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  1. Pete Ashby


    These might be worth a try Bob https://burlen.co.uk/ Pete
  2. Pete Ashby

    Dodge T110L

    The engine looks very tidy Kevin nice work, keep the updates coming Pete
  3. Pete Ashby

    Finding the history of my Bedford MWD

    Hello Alan, it is not an easy task to identify a vehicles war time history unless you can uncover the remains of an original Div or unit sign by carefully sanding down to the wartime paint always assuming it has not been stripped back to bare metal at some point in it's life as a great number have been. Post the Z number and the frame number here and perhaps some of the Bedford guys on the forum may be able to give you a little more information with regard to build date and contract number. Pete
  4. Pete Ashby

    Leyland Retriever

    The temperature has not been too conducive to working in an unheated workshop recently however some progress has been made. The rear axle the differential worm and wheel assembly has been lifted out and put aside for checking and cleaning, meanwhile the case and axle tubes have been cleaned ready for painting once the weather improves I’m working on one side at a time so the next set of photos show the right hand axle hub and back plate wheel bearings and races are in excellent condition as are the leather grease seals so these will be cleaned and reused. Hub cleaned and etched painted right hand wheel nuts sorted out awaiting cleaning painting and thread chasing It’s the small parts that take the time in any restoration project here are the brake shoe adjuster and bisector unit that h ave to be cleaned, disassembled, checked, greased with a smear of copper grease and then reassembled # Here's the same bisector unit cleaned and stripped ready for reassembly. . Leyland made a large amount of fittings in house including nuts, bolts and spring washers all made out of high grade steel and stamped Leyland Motors with the specific part number for the application. Where ever possible these fixings are being cleaned and the threads chased with a BSF die or tap and a dab of thread cutting paste then reused. Cleaning nuts and bolts is a mind numbing job so this is the tumbler I made out of some scrap laying around in the barn and a coffee tin donated by my son ( I drink tea) . I use it for cleaning nut's, bolts and washers using sharp sand while I get on with something more interesting. Pete
  5. Pete Ashby

    Binned stores tricks

    These are off the web note the source credits on the photos Pete
  6. Pete Ashby

    solex help

    Try these guys they do spares for various vintage carbs including Solex http://zenithcarb.co.uk/ Pete
  7. Pete Ashby

    British WWII Camoflage Scheme

    Like many things in life there is not a definitive answer to your question it really depends on number of factors, the first and probably the most critical is when was your Pioneer built ? as this will determine what the specification for the factory finish would have been which may sound not a very useful way of answering your question however bear with me. Front line units engaged in the second front were issued with a lot of new vehicles and your are correct that by this stage of the war they would be coming out of the factories in Olive Drab British standard camouflage colour No 15 (not quite the same shade as US olive drab) and for the most part would not have have had a camouflaged over pattern applied. However second line and support units used vehicles that had been on muster for perhaps a couple of years and unless they had been into workshops for a full rebuild as specified by ACI.533 dated 12 April 1944 it is unlikely that they were repainted so it is more than likely to have seen trucks in G3 Khaki green with Nobel's Dark Tarmac No4 disruptive patterns in the pattern now commonly called 'Micky Mouse' . There is now another "but I'm afraid" and it's this since 30th May 1942 (ACI 1160) the basic colour for both A and B vehicles will be 'Brown' SCC No2 disruptive patterning would be SCC No 4 until stocks were exhausted then No 1A (very dark brown) would be used instead and once again if these vehicles had not been through workshops they would not have been repainted. All this is a long winded way of saying basically the choice is yours go on the web and look up Mike Starmer his book on 'British Army and Disruptive Camouflage in the UK, France and NW Europe' is the accepted authoritative volume on the subject with colour chips of all the colours used appended in the back Pete
  8. Pete Ashby

    1940 Bedford MWD

    Thanks for sharing the photos lovely restoration, good to see another early MW restored Pete
  9. Pete Ashby

    Jeep transfer case SOLD

    PM sent Pete
  10. Pete Ashby

    Jeep transfer case SOLD

    West Wales Llandysul I can post by courier if that would be easier for you and unless you live west of Swansea I think it will be much cheaper. If you are interested I'll get a price including p&p in the morning, .I can take payment by Paypal or cheque or choice Pete
  11. Pete Ashby

    Jeep transfer case SOLD

    Yes still on the shelf here Pete
  12. Pete Ashby

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    You may find this publication will supply the answers for you, 'The GMC Truck in US Service Historical Reference' author David Doyle ISBN 9780897477246. This is the definitive work on the subject and can be obtained from the usual web sales outlets, put the title into your search engine and shop around second hand copies are now available. Pete
  13. Pete Ashby

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    As others have said the 6x4 353 was rated at 5 US tons for use on metaled surfaces, it also differed from the 6x6 variant by having only a single speed transfer case the low range being blanked off. The 6x4 was quickly listed as limited standard by the US Ordnance department and most of the 23.5 thousand produced went to Lend Lease contracts a large proportion going to Russia . Pete
  14. Pete Ashby

    Bedford MW fuel taps

    Try Paul Beck www.vintagecarparts.co.uk or any of the other vintage car or motor cycle part suppliers on the web Pete
  15. Clip posted by Jordan Baker on MLU Forum for those of us with Tankers here on HMVF it's worth a look Pete https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060015406