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  1. Jeep guidance please

    It's not a big deal really, there are some very poor condensers on the market coming in from China the points issue is a bit odd but ties in with a failing condenser it could also be related to an issue with the dwell it's a two minute job with a meter to fix it. Pete
  2. Evening all

    If it came in from the states it's a fair bet that it was from a US contract all indications are that very few jeeps were returned to the US from Europe after the war, all to do with not crashing the US home automotive industry by flooding the market with surplus vehicles. Photos and a bit of description in the restoration forum are always well received if you feel so inclined Pete
  3. Evening all

    Welcome in Smithy is your GPW a British or US contract vehicle? Pete
  4. another jeep any red flags

    Looks a tidy Ford GPW, you don't give us a date or frame number, however for your information notice the following small points post war wheel rims Solex WoF carb Replacement fuel pump 6v generator replaced with alternator so presume now 12 volt 6v control box replaced on wing ditto above post war head fitted to the engine additional non original holes in the dash Non original horn Door well snap studs missing Non original horn (should be spartan long trumpet) The plates on the floor may be an indication that there is corrosion issues over the top hat channels ( body u channel strengtheners) under the drivers and passengers floor pans these are filled with wood which gets wet over time and rusts out, a very common issue on original bodies, not a problem to make a nice welded invisible repair and replace the top hat but will require the body to come off and a repaint. All the above with the exception of the floor plates are minor issues if you are happy with how it appears mechanically at the right price it could be for you. Pete
  5. Jeep guidance please

    Not so bad as it goes but at the right price, Frame number tag is the wrong design for a jeep purporting to be in that frame number range, from frame number MB 339842 ( June 44 to end of production Sep 45) it should be the larger plate labeled 'Jeep Willys scout car' small point but it indicates that all may not be as it seems. Body has extra holes as well holes that should have fixings and fittings that are missing, The gauge you can see under the bonnet is the oil pressure gauge that is doing not a jot of good in that position where you can't see it at all times and should be in the vacant hole in the lower left of the dash cluster The rest of the gauges with the exception of the ammeter look wrong and are either post war or civilian replacements The dash has extra holes cut into it The hand throttle and choke knobs are in the wrong place The main rotary light switch is missing Ignition switch is wrong it should be a turn switch not keyed. no blackout light switch No door strap loops on the bulkhead Wrong carb it's fitted with a Solex (WoF) should be a Carter WO No rubber seal between the scuttle and the windscreen Addition of free wheeling hubs on the front axle, some people like them but not correct for war time vehicle Non of this is deal breaking but it would need to come at the right price ( and that up to you to decide what that is) and will require work which will include welding shut extra holes the body and anything else that may appear when the paint is removed then a full repaint afterwards and some additional purchases to obtain the correct fittings Pete
  6. 2 Gallon Can

    Very festive Clive...... Well done that Man ! Regards Pete
  7. 6 volt Jeep Starter Motor

    Spoilt for choice really, all the usual dealers in the UK have them and most of the French and Dutch outlets as well, do a web search to compare prices although there's not a lot of difference in prices remember to factor in carriage it's a relatively heavy bit of kit to courier any distance. Pete
  8. That file would be interesting to a number of people could you post it here perhaps ? with the usual disclaimer about unknown source Pete
  9. I think you will need edition No4 Hanno if it exists, my copy is edition No3 and has the same upper range limit ie L6277385 Pete
  10. carb gasket set / engine swop

    Try either of these companies both are very useful http://sucarb.co.uk/restoration-and-rebuild or http://www.carburettorspecialists.com/ Pete
  11. jeep queries

    If it was a genuine Canadian contract vehicle it would be an interesting project even so from what can be seen in your photos and what you have subsequently described £8.5 to £10K max would be ball park figures assuming it is running after a fashion and expect to spend £4 to £8K to bring it up to factory spec assuming you do the work yourself.
  12. jeep queries

    Agreed there is something unusual with the body as you note no door studs and also no evidence for location holes on the scuttle for the door strap rings that are missing also no trailer socket on the rear panel either (correct for an early Ford body but I would expect to see it scripted and without the factory welded rear panel gussets on the inside face the after issue kits were bolted) it could have been skinned of course. It's an odd one because if it was a repro body why hack a chunk out of the drivers foot well ? . The angle of the screen doesn't look right either it appear in the photos to sit too far back, common problem and not a deal beaker ,also notice looking again at the photos it has MB front springs again not a serious issue the engine bay will be interesting to see and also the left and right door wells showing the body sides and body brace.
  13. jeep queries

    It is always difficult to form an accurate impression form photos but Enignma has given you a pretty fair appraisal from what can be seen it would be useful to see an engine bay shot the frame number would be useful as well. It's interesting to see that there are Canadian contract lashing rings fitted front and rear it if they are original fittings it would be very desirable particualy as it's a Ford the bulk of Canadian contract jeeps were MB's.
  14. Albion BY5 F.B.E

    Occasionally the combined light/ignition switch unit comes up on ebay they are usually the post war version the difference being one rivet on the face and a plastic bezel on the ignition light otherwise it's exactly the same unit you could also put a wanted add in the for sale/wanted forum here on HMVF Providing you are sure you don't have any shorts to ground on any part of the wiring system you can always hot wire the coil to get the truck running if that is just the object of the exercise ( disconnect the wire from switch to coil and replace it with a wire from the + terminal of the battery directly to the terminal you have just disconnected ie ignition switch side of the coil ) check for a spark at your distributor points and your good to go providing your plug leads are OK of course. If you are unsure about a short to ground on any other wiring runs you may like to disconnect the wires from D+ and A on the rear of the combined switch unit before you connect the battery main cables. Pete
  15. Wanted dodge weapons carrier or ambulance

    There's a half ton ambulance on Milweb right now, no connection with the seller. Pete