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  1. Dodge D15T

    This is for all of you out there with a rubber fetish Nige if your lurking this is just for you This is one of a pair of tires on the back of the truck and may well be original factory fit for the vehicle the date is right and the amount of ware could be right for the recorded mileage. Points to note: they are Goodyears made for British wheels Made in Canadan synthetic (that's what the red dot means Couple of photos fill your boots chaps Pete
  2. Dodge D15T

    Good call Gordon particularly as I've only managed to save a couple of the original ones. However you got me thinking and a poke about in the ''box of stuff under the bench that might be useful one day'' turned up some very ancient tiny Whitworth coach bolts the head size and shape is almost identical to the originals but the shank is a bit large but I think they'll do the job I'll just have to cut a bit more thread into the shanks and trim them to length. Pete
  3. Dodge D15T

    Excellent well done Matt thanks, that was the information I was missing I should be able to find out the model and cu inch now in case I need to source parts from the states if it's an industrial unit it will probably have Sodium filled valves another plus point, it may be a larger cu inch than the original engine which would be a bonus if that's the case Pete
  4. Dodge D15T

    Thanks Gordon yes just looked it up 4 blade is standard fit for these models, I'm just in the process of removing the trim it's painted steel but some of the tiny coach bolts and nuts are proving tiresome so I'm cutting them off carefully from the inside using a Dremel and a mini cutting disk that way I don't risk mangling the front of the trim pressing........ all dreadfully Commercial I'm thinking. I currently have a bit of a mystery surrounding the replacement engine that's currently in the truck, it's not a short block US version as I was lead to believe, it's a long block (25 3/8") but for the life of me I can't find an engine number and code on the front left pad it appears to be blank or possibly it's been ground off for some reason that's beyond me. I wonder if it's an industrial unit perhaps? I know Dodge made so many versions of both long and short block SV engines for all sorts of applications right up to the early 1960's but without the stamped engine codes they are not easy to pin down I'll have to wait until I disassemble it and measure the bore and stroke that may help perhaps to identify what it is........ Any thoughts Gordon?? I don't suppose the casting numbers are any use?? Pete Pete
  5. Dodge D15T

    A bit more negative progress on the disassembly phase. So far everything has come apart with just the addition of a little WD40 and the application of an industrial hot air gun if further persuasion is needed. I now tend to use the gun first before I reach for the gas torch as it does a lot less damage and it seems to work and it saves dragging the gas out and hunting for the spark gun which should be hanging on the trolley but never is !! Here the wings have been removed The front nose cone complete with radiator is craned off Note the 4 blade fan I need to check the parts book tonight to see if a 6 blade was an option Radiator and nose cone removed Radiator removed from the frame Nose cone in the process of being disassembled fortunately there is virtually no serious corrosion of these parts which is a stroke of luck as fabricating the grill pressings and some of the compound curves in the nose cone would be very difficult Pete
  6. Bedford MWD restoration

    Looking very fine Jez out in the first sunshine of spring Pete
  7. Dodge D15T

    Bit more progress on the strip down. The Canadian Dodge range was built with removable cab roofs presumably to reduce shipping volume the joint is covered by a strip of steel fixed with pan head machine screws at the back of the cab and is socketed into the rear doors pillars and front scuttle secured with bolts into cage nuts. Before the truck came into my ownership at some point in its wanderings around the UK it unfortunately sustained some minor damage in the form of a dent to the mates side cab roof. The decision to remove the top of the cab at the manufactured joint was made to enable the dent to be worked on using a sand bag and pullers and also to make blast cleaning of the whole cab easier. Pete
  8. Dodge D15T

  9. Dodge D15T

    There is a line checkers mark on the engine compartment bulkhead in blue pencil is that the one you are referring too? Pete
  10. Dodge D15T

    Hello Matt good to hear from you after all this time yea kept the truck in the dry at the back of the barn all this time waiting it's turn. I'll have to make a date with you in the summer and I'll come up to Bandit country and collect it if that's OK? Best regards Pete
  11. Dodge D15T

    With the tank removed the next step was to strip out the cab of instruments, seat, door trims and the careful removal of the original wiring harness which will be used as a pattern and replaced with modern cotton covered PVC wire in the correct colours and terminals the loom will then be sent away for over braiding. Bulkhead original wiring loom Bench seat with original cover The early contract cabs were fitted with commercial pre-war gauges shown in the photo below. Later Dodge contracts used standardized round military gauges identical to the types used in later 13 cabs Ford and Chevrolet CMPs. The dash area of the truck has not suffered too badly from the usual post war civilian addition of extra switches and gauges in fact there are only two additional holes that will need to be closed off. The dash with the instruments and seat removed All the Data plates for the truck are still in position and in good condition. Now removed and stored away along with the gauges and will be some of the last items to be refitted when the restoration is complete. Pete
  12. Dodge D15T

    First task was to remove the water tank this will be restored as a separate project after the truck is completed to chassis cab stage the mobile gantry crane is invaluable for this type of work. Tank removed and stored at the end of the workshop Pete
  13. Dodge D15T

    Interesting Alex thanks for posting unusual on two counts, 1, D15 in Canadian service and 2, a round roof hatch, I've seen photos of D60S and D60L with the hatch but not a 15. Pete
  14. Dodge D15T

    Interested to see that Alex if you can find the photo, it's certainly very rare to see any evidence of Canadian use. The British RASC and RAOC used a lot of D60L's in Italy and Northern Europe and the Free Polish forces seem to have been issued with a high number of D15's and D60L's. Pete
  15. Dodge D15T

    Fully agree with you Gordon, you only have to look at the sad fate of my C15A 12 cab which unfortunately had a chequered history after I sold it luckily it seems to have last found a loving home Pete