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  1. Bedford MWC restoration

    Very reasonable indeed well done you Pete
  2. Fordson Wot 2 hard back manual dated 1945 in very nice condition the front cover has some light staining but internally it is perfect there are no torn or loose pages and the spine is in very good condition the manual covers everything from basic maintenance to full unit overhaul of all components, models covered are Wot 2A through to the Wot 2H £65.00 p&p at cost to anywhere ask for quote Pete
  3. I'm not sure which engine these valves are for I don't think they are for the GM 270. The dimensions are the same size as CMP Chevrolet 216 Stovebolt however these valves have double collet rebates instead of the Canadian single rebate, Blue Flame engine perhaps ? £ 85.00 for the full set of six as shown in photos plus p&p anywhere. Pete.
  4. Series Land Rover door tops

    Series Land Rover door tops bit tatty but with a little effort will clean up, all glasses present some scratches which will polish out on the drivers front pane, small crack in each frame in the usual place see photos a couple of minutes with a mig will sort it out £40.00 for the pair can take to Malvern or I'll wrap for a courier that you provide. Pete
  5. Original Ford GPW hand brake assembly in good operational condition cable is not kinked or frayed, handle is 'f' marked in center depression may not show up too well in photo, ideal item for your factory restoration GPW You'll know what the cost of reproduction assemblies are from the usual outlets and you may have seen the high price this sort of item attracts elsewhere however I'm prepared to take an offer on this item, this is not an auction you offer me a sensible price based on the cost of reproduction assemblies and it's yours p&p at cost to anywhere. Pete
  6. Hotchkiss M201 head light shell perfect condition no bezel unfortunately £25.00 p&p at cost to anywhere Pete
  7. Head light bucket for all CMP 13 cab variants of either Ford or Chevrolet nice condition in original service brown with all fixing tabs in place and in good condition with adjusting screws all operational does not come with the two mounting screws to the scuttle £ 25.00 p&p at cost to anywhere sold elsewhere Pete
  8. Hand brake lever Bedford ???

    Some random bits appearing now: I'm guessing by the kit it came in with this may be for a Bedford OY ? or more likely QL ? I can't find a part number on it unfortunately, good condition, the release spring is fully working just needs cleaning and painting. If you know what it fits let me know. I'll take a sensible offer on this, you can collect at Malvern on the 19th or I'll wrap at cost for you
  9. Unopened set of Main bearing and Big end bearing shells for L134 Go Devil engine. Size factory standard, £100.00 for the complete engine set postage at cost anywhere Sold Pete
  10. MB GPW steering wheel nut

    Original Steering Wheel nut threads are in good condition cleaned and in primer £5.00 plus postage to anywhere at cost Pete
  11. Original standard production windscreen frame outer (post Sept 42) for MB or GPW with metal stamped hold down clips, top inner glass hinge is in perfect condition lower arms are not bent or welded inner glass hinge pins in perfect condition, there is some sign of corrosion on the pillar uprights (see photos) but the frame is solid and could be used as is or repaired and re skinned. New reproduction frames are well over £200 I'm open to sensible offers can take to Malvern on the 19th or will wrap for courier that you arrange or collection in person. Pete
  12. Early L134 valve chest cover

    Nice straight early type vlave chest cover for the L134 engine ideal for factory restoration of engines prior to Feb 43 for MB and a month or so later for GPW with road draft pipe clips this has been cleaned and etch primed ready to top coat it retains the factory red oxide on the inside face, sorry chaps I did check but no 'F's' on this one . £35.00 postage at cost to anywhere. Pete
  13. Ford GPW transfer case

    Having a clear out and making some space on the racking prior to starting a new project in the spring. I have a few random jeep parts that are now surplus to requirements that I'll post over the next week or so First up is a Ford GPW transfer case: no sheared bolts threads are all good, all mounting lugs in perfect condition, I have left it unpainted so that you can see there are no cracks in the case. Ford cases do not come up very often this side of the pond so save yourself a fortune in shipping and import tax, ideal for a factory restoration GPW or will of course fit an MB should you wish £120.00 I can take to Malvern on the 19th or will wrap for courier that you provide, or you can collect in person (I'm a long way west) your choice Pete
  14. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    Real old school machining and craftsmanship Sam, so many now can only use computer controlled machines. keep the up dates coming it's always a pleasure to see your workmanship Pete
  15. Shipping Scam

    I also read about this case in CMV the figures being quoted were pretty eye watering. I suspect company names were not provided for legal reasons however I would be keen to know the details and eventual outcome as forewarned is forearmed