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  1. No not bored at all. Welding fresh air is often what serious restoration is all about. keep at it and keep posting progress Pete
  2. Suggest having a look at 'War Paint' you'll find them on Milweb no connection with them other than a happy customer Pete
  3. Not too easy to tell as the photo is difficult to enlarge however I think it is a Retriever with a very smart hard cab conversion nice picture thanks for posting Pete
  4. No Niels providing you get the first top coat of G3 on within 48hrs of the gloss coat. I spray all my paint finishes using cellulose thinners the idea of getting the first G3 coat on within this time frame is that the surface of the gloss coat is still slightly active (soft) so the next coat bonds with it. A word of warning here, it's best to experiment on a piece of scrap steel first using the undercoat, gloss coat and top coat you intend to use to make sure that all three are compatible and don't adversely react (sometimes known as pickling). Pete
  5. Not one of the fastest restorations I've ever done for sure, as other projects have come and gone over the years this one's drifted on in fits and starts and it's very much a case of it'll be finished . Like the paint matching I mentioned in the previous post technology, information and the supply chain have developed and evolved over the duration of this restoration. Things that were just not possible or affordable 20 to 25 years ago now are common place and can be found on a well known search engine at the press of a button so as time has gone on it's actually become easier to tackle marginal projects like this one and I'm firm believer in the getting there can be as enjoyable as reaching the destination. Pete
  6. Well Neil looks like your sorted now thanks for coming back with the update Pete
  7. That's exactly what I have found like you I have used it as a resource on and off for many years going back before the days of home computers when you could book a visit to the archive department and rummage around shelves of albums and cardboard boxes. Then it started to go on line and with a bit of lateral thought things could be found using the search engine. I haven't had cause to go on the site for some time until recently and now the search criteria seem very broad brush Glad it's not just me Pete
  8. Done some work on the Leyland frame recently, right back near the start of blog there are some photos of the major work carried out on the frame and as that effort was nearly twenty years ago it was time to give it a little cosmetic attention. Another reason is that information regarding the correct colour and also the accuracy of paint matching technology has advanced subsequently it has been determined that the initial colour I used on major components was too light. So after a light rubbing down (320 grade paper dry) to provide a key for the new paint a gloss black primer coat was applied followed by two coats of G3 the front of the frame under the cab and the cab itself will be done next. Just for comparison this is how it all looked when the truck first arrived. Left hand frame rail and running board Mid frame brace and cross member (front of the truck to the left of photo) All the handbrake linage and gubbins (front of the truck toward the top of photo) And this is what it looks like today first three photos in gloss Black (Front of truck towards bottom of photo) And then in G3 Refurbished main prop shaft fitted Pete
  9. Does anybody else find the the IWM online search function clunky and frustrating I know the photo reference numbers I want to look for but for the life of me I can't find a way of inputting them directly into the search function...... or perhaps it's just me ?? Pete
  10. Good point well made Steve I've had a couple like that and done exactly the same fix. The other thing worth mentioning perhaps is that before the body screws are tightened down the cam shaft operating lever needs to be held in the raised position while the body screws tightened evenly. Doing this draws the diaphragm down so that it locates properly and ensure maximum deflection without stress around the screw holes as this may lead to premature failure Pete
  11. It would be a good idea to check all of your steering linkage for ware while your at it this sort of problem is often a combination of ware or poor adjustment in all the components. One point about the cross shaft end thrust adjustment make sure you have free movement through out the full travel lock to lock of the steering wheel it is possible to adjust the free play at the mid point and have the cross shaft biding or too tight in the worm on both left and right full lock . Pete
  12. Can't provide an answer on the black star other than perhaps a unit specific identifier The stenciling I suspect will including shipping dimensions and weights for the vehicle often seen at this period on the petrol tank of trucks such as GMC etc and on the right side lower cowl quarter panel on jeeps Pete
  13. Come back here and tell us all how things are with the stat fitted Neil it's always useful for all of us to know the successful outcome of problems Pete
  14. Sorry Richard our post crossed there Pete
  15. That's why your gauge is registering a low temperature then Neil without a thermostat you need to heat the whole system up to operating temperature and that will take time most certainly with a new radiator fitted. Old by which I mean pre war cooling systems often did not have thermostats but any system that had them the reason is to reach operating temperature as quickly as possible as this limits bore wash and oil dilution as a result from prolonged use of the choke and also to reduce engine condensation and get the whole internals hot enough to get any formed converted to vapor and expelled from the crankcase via the breather. Pete
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