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  1. hej klaas i know how it feels when they are standing outside even if its only for a week. //olle
  2. hej David. yes, its my playroom. i develope it the whole time. you are welcome over to see for yoursef //Olle
  3. hej DD not planned that bec i have a lot of work now in the shop when the sun started to shine, but will go to W&P. //olle
  4. happy new year to all Diamond T entusiasts all over the World from the jewerlybox in sweden
  5. hej pierre its not my trailer. it belong to a friend thats restoring the autocar for it. the trailer is empty inside and it was emty when he bought it last year. he had a tread here for a couple of weeks ago and wanted contact with someone that has restored an autocar. nice blog but i dont understand much of the text.
  6. yes, that is the one to the far right. still running with the rolls-engine. starts very easy but body needs rust repair.
  7. yes, thats the one left on the picture. this picture is from inside building. not a good camera but it leaves something for the wiever
  8. i didn,t chose bec i had to. w&p moved and my green army tent and all other nessesary items was stored in a container at Paddoc Wood so i had to bring it back to sweden since i didnt had any storage in folkstone area.
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