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  1. gas 44

    Who can verify a vehicle?

    It is my understanding there are a few problems/delays with the mvt verification service at the office end. Also regardless of it being a voluntary post its only good manners to return calls, emails etc.That as I am informed is also not happening. Saying that when I required a verification the service, was very swift,so my personal thoughts are very good service, but this didn't appear to be the case 12 months later when I suggested a friend used their service.
  2. gas 44

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Reading this is better than Eastenders........
  3. gas 44

    Polsten Quad Manuals

    Told you !!!!!! hence my post.
  4. gas 44

    Knowledge / Assistance required.

    I may line of work, I also see " similar but not the same" products. These are normally cheaper too, but they are not the same and that why they are cheaper.....lol. 🤣🤣🤣
  5. gas 44

    OGEL again

    Out of interest has the MVT organiser read the same paperwork ? if he has does he not understand what is written ? If i he knows something other than that for a fact, why is it not being made public to all members. In in fact they or he does know something are they keeping it to their selves so IF it goes belly up they can gloat and say "you should have travelled with the largest MV group in the world"
  6. gas 44

    OGEL again

    Ron, its not only the countries, its the VEHICLES that are exempt due to age. The wording on page 11 para 3 is QUITE CLEAR vehicles over 50 years old and travelling to the mentioned countries DO NOT NEED an OGEL. That's what it says.
  7. gas 44

    Knowledge / Assistance required.

    As you only require 4/5 I take your point, regardless looking at them, I doubt they ever sold for pennies even to the Army. I suppose its one of those things, if you want it then one has to pay for it. I've had plenty of people tell me what they thought things were worth in the past, I'm not saying you are wrong but most people are wide of the mark with their estimation of costings......just my thoughts.
  8. gas 44

    Knowledge / Assistance required.

    Have I missed something here 29 Euro for 10 ? that's only 2.90 Euro each. That seems cheap enough considering what they are. Out of interest what do think they are worth ?
  9. gas 44

    The Sun newspaper - 22nd August 2018

    John Wardle, secretary of MVT, said "One of the traders was selling Nazi memorabilia. There's nothing illegal about selling Nazi memorabilia. "There were no Nazis at the event - there were people dressed in German uniforms but they weren't Nazis." Maybe this was enough to upset the lady in question, I personally don't mind . But perhaps selling Nazi instead of German memorabilia should not be allowed. We are for ever being told "not ALL German soldiers were Nazi's" However I doubt this will go away.....lets see next year.
  10. gas 44

    OGEL again

    I believe its quite clear there is already an exemption in place that covers our vehicles going to France next year. PAGE 11 PARA 3, its VERY CLEAR I think the MVT are asking people to get an OGEL because......well just because !!!! I have asked the MVT why they believe an OGEL is now needed and they cannot give a sensible answer as to why. Because we are coming out of the EU things may change of course BUT at this stage NO ONE knows how they will change. Should we all get an MOT, Insurance GREEN card enough petrol in case the French wont sell us any, I understand that the MVT have their own tour planned BUT IF THERE ARE NEW CONCRETE RULES THEN THEY SHOULD PASS THEM ON TO ALL PAID UP MEMBERS, not just the elite few.......
  11. I didnt mean you Tony I was refering to the museum.....
  12. I'm sure there is some motive behind this.
  13. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    As i said no one forces you to go. if you don't like it stay away,it will save you £1500 to spend elsewhere.
  14. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I'm not sure that I agree about the booking and paying and not what you bring. I was under the impression it was a military vehicle sort of show, not a white van show ??
  15. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I've never understood why people moan about the cost of getting to the show, no one is forced to attend, its your choice.