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  1. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    The venue is not a problem and to be honest it does not have to be in KENT. But I must agree the Racecourse was great for a lot of people. The problem is having an owner who cares what people think.......i will leave it at that.
  2. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    cant help thinking this whole show is going to end in tears,,,,,,,,
  3. gas 44

    First registration..

    Yes if its never been registered you will need a NOVA number, the DVLA will check this for sure.
  4. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Yes I agree and understand,I was just pointing out that it was not how it read on an earlier post that MAY have been edited.
  5. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I agree with you but that is NOT how it seems to read from Nick JOHNS post.
  6. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I have looked again at the online booking form, am I missing what you are say because, If book my 1st vehicle its £35 FOR 2 adults passes and 2 nippers I then bring a 2nd vehicle, NO CHARGE but have to pay £30 pounds each for the driver and passenger total £60 Am I not reading something or am I stupid, or have you not understood the booking system.
  7. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I cant see the charges for extra crew, Im sure they are not going to loose money on this though.......
  8. gas 44

    1945 Willys Jeep

    Its not the condition , people do all sorts of things to their vehicles, and have every right to do so. But there is no way the MVT should have dated that as a "45" the glearing thing is wrong engine, trannie pedals,, need I go on. if it I had made that purchase I would asking some very uncomforable questions.......like did the inspector have a whit stick.
  9. gas 44

    Storage in Northants

    Had a couple of PM's about this but contacts have not followed up. Any interest please pm 1st I will then give you my phone number, Im sure everyone understands i will not post detailed info on here.
  10. gas 44

    1945 Willys Jeep

    Lot 1925 I just dont get this one at all. it states it has a dating letter from the MVT stating its a "45" really ????? did the verification officer have their eyes closed during the inspection.
  11. gas 44

    Storage in Northants

    Available, i thought i had put that sorry.
  12. We some storage available in Northamptonshire please contact by PM in 1st instance.
  13. gas 44

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    To be honest i think that depends what your name is...... The new show owners say a lot.......but don't always do a lot.......
  14. gas 44

    WW2 Willys Jeep

    I think you will find a jeep is worth what ever some one is prepared to pay.
  15. gas 44

    Normandy D Day 2018 events

    Thanks for the heads up Chris.....