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  1. If they don't issue refunds, I reckon that could be the final nail in the coffin for w+p.
  2. The public think any 4x4 is a 'jeep'. As a long term landy owner, I feel limiting landy numbers is snobbish. The land rover is the most used MV all over the world, therefor, there will be more in private hands. There is room for all of us in this hobby.
  3. I said last year that this would happen, and people thought I was mad! IMO, the new owner wants to change the show to a ww2 festival type of thing and get more public campers in.
  4. JLR have gone for what will make them money, and I agree with them.
  5. And so they should. If mv owners have to pay, then so should the re enactors.
  6. For the simple reason that a lot of the MV people come from abroad and have other things to do on monday, and so sunday's visitors were greeted by a lot of empty pitches and vehicles moving out. That's why a few years ago it has been decided to start & end the show a day earlier. But it has made no difference what so ever, people still pull out early.
  7. I had a great week, but, Was the quietest I have ever known w+p, even the re enactors field had spaces! Toilets really need to be cleaned twice a day- by midday they were awful. Severe lack of traders, was told the prices had been put up. The living history that was there was good. I cannot understand why the new owner does not open to the public on the sunday-it would give him more chance to take gate money if the sat is a washout.
  8. 2 of my mates got there today, people had already roped off spaces! Outer monktons is now public camping, which will upset a few!
  9. Must admit, I have no problems with caravans/civvie tents, but should all be in a seperate area, they did this at capel and it worked well.
  10. Good idea! And if they are no good, I can charge w+p £250!😀
  11. Would love to know they will enforce it!
  12. I think the MV scene is still busy, just in different ways. Facebook has taken alot of the net traffic from forums. I started doing a few steam shows last year instead of MV shows, tbh, ive seen nearly every mv there is and steam shows make a nice change. W+P excitement?, I know alot of people have just become fed up with the way we are treated by the people who run W+P, Ive done 24 out of the last 25 W+P's, and overall have enjoyed them, but as many on here know it's the bloody toilets that spoil it for me. I'm doing a week at W+P this year, have done for the last 20 odd yrs, am I excited about it?, not as much as I used to be, for me I treat it as a weeks holiday, but find the GDSF far better for a week.
  13. New owner of W+P should talk to the owner of the great dorset steam fair. Toilets and showers are easily solvable, just need someone who WANTS to solve it. I honestly think the new owner really does not care.
  14. Agree. Living history was excellent, imo.
  15. You was doing really well until the last paragraph. Why should we take our own loo's when we are charged an extra £10 for toilets and showers? I would say that there was nearly enough toilets, it's the type that everybody was p*ssed off with. Sadly, it does sound like the new owner really does not care, which I cannot understand.
  16. Good of you to come on here ron. Every other show I go to has excellent toilets and does NOT charge MV's to enter. Take the great dorset steam fair; no charge for MV's, show held on fields with NO permanent facilities, and yet clean toilets everywhere and at least 4 shower blocks. Steam engines need HUGE amounts of water, and yet no problems with water supply. You can put on the best show on earth, but people will ALWAYS remember the toilets! I was in the americas field, there was enough toilets, but, toilets without a flap are NOT acceptable. The toilets would also be better being spaced out more. all the toilets in americas field were together and by the entrance. Sadly, americas field was a free for all, people camped in the roadways and huge areas roped off and people taking up to much space, sadly, the twickenham off roaders were not asked to run the americas, which I feel caused the problems, it also meant there was no off road corse in operation. What we, as MV owners find hard to accept is that every other show gets it right, and lets us in FREE! TBH, if I could find another show were I could go for a week, I would stop going to W+P, which is sad as I have been going for 25 yrs bar once. He got the toilets and showers spot on at folkstone, imo, how on earth did he muck up at the hop farm?
  17. 3 of us used a 9x9 for years. Beds arranged in a U shape. All parties Must be tidy though!
  18. I arrived on the sat before the show. Big queue to get in, but I did arrive early, but the security were stopping and talking to people as they entered the hop farm which in turn caused queues, which led to the roundabout being blocked on the main road! Booking in was easy. Went straight to the americas field which was full of roped off areas, there where only 2 spaces left, and my group were camped all hotch podg. Shed loads of civvie tents and cars as you entered the americas field, and people were even camped on what should of been roadways. The main reason americas field was so bad, imo, is because the twickenham off roaders were not marshalling this year and the field was a free for all. Some of the twickenham off roaders were camped in the field and they told me they had not been asked to marshall the field, which also meant no off road course, which was a shame as alot of people enjoy it. No tank rides either. Toilets in the americas field were a disgrace! No flap portaloos and not enough of them, and all up by the entrance. When you consider that every mv paid an extra £10 this year, as oppossed to £10 per group last year, this is a p*sstake. There is no reason why each field cannot have good clean toilets and showers-same as we had at the racecourse. I go to the dorset steam fair, which is held in a field with no permanent facilites, and yet they got it right, and the steam engines need alot of water. The steam fair is also free for mv's. I was told the new owner was spoken to about the toilets, and his reply was 'if you don't like it, don't come'. I did use the pod showers which were excellent, but spoilt by the fact that as you left the pod you stepped into a load of mud! Why were the showers not seated on plastic pallets? On the last day, wood chipping were laid around the pods, but what good is it on the last day. The living history was brilliant- really take my hat of to those guys. My friend came for the 1st time in his mv and said he would not come again, I asked him why; 'its the only show that charges, the toilets are awful and the food stalls overpriced'.
  19. Just got back from a week at w+p. I had a brilliant time, the weather was superb. The toilets and showers that I used were excellent, apart from today. The toilets were overflowing with poo! It looked like they had not been cleaned today. Numbers of mv's was down on last year by about 30-40%, imo. I was in green camping and it was only about 2/3rds full. Walking the stalls it seemed very quiet, and the bars were also quiet of an evening. I honestly believe the new owner will move the show to stoneliegh, and change the format towards more living history/re enactment.
  20. Hi guys, as many of the regulars on here know, I have not posted for years. I was very critical of certain parts of WP when it was at the hop farm, and this year have been to the race corse for the 1st time. Heres my take on the racecorse. I really liked the new site. The layout of the stalls was a bit hard to figure out, a bit hodge podge, but soon found my way around. Quadbikes/motorbikes. I was on site for 9 days and did not see ANY lunitics on quads/bikes, I think the layout helps stop people flying around like lunitics. I was in the kitcheners field and there was a young lad about 10yrs old on a small motorbike wearing a crash helmet and protective clothing and closely supervised by his dad, he was only doing about 10-15mph and stopped whenever a MV approached. The barmy army had their party on tues night, and it did go on until late, but, I slept through it and they raised alot of money. Toilets. Now, as many of you know, these were my biggest complaint at the hop farm. Every single toilet I used at the racecorse was SPOTLESS!! I was camped in kitcheners and had toilets and showers at the entrance and had use of the public camping toilets and showers. They were spotless every single time I used them, the gurkas were brilliant at keeping them clean. It just shows that if we can have good toilets at the racecorse, we could of had them at the hop farm. The only minor gripe was that the plastic portaloos were the 'non flap' type, not very nice. Overall, 9 out of 10 from me.
  21. I did'nt see a cd player in the drivers cab, was it hidden?.......:-D
  22. Not military, but very good. Daddy, it's ok to click on. http://www.trucknetuk.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=94408
  23. Sometimes marmite, you can be very 'short' in your replies. Perhaps, 'I moved it because I thought you would get more help in other chatter', would have been better.
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