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  1. rupert condick

    K2 Ambulance parts for sale.

    Hi Gavin I am looking for engine side covers,(see pic) I have a set of covers but for the ATV model, less louvers.
  2. rupert condick

    new guy

    Hi all, Rupert here i am no good on*computers, but i am looking around for information for my brother i am not really, just interested in mvs anything mechanical does for me, i just have got involved with this*Austin*k2y and its putting up a fight, i really want to make an*automanaton*, robot, but another day, i am being pushed into a t ford now. regs rupert
  3. rupert condick

    Rupert australia

    hi all, i am a bit out in the wilds here, so i am involved with my brothers long term restoration ( he thinks, could be right the way its going) of an 1941 Austin K2y Ambulance, A1207004 what there is of it, i want it in the ANZAC parade soon. trying to get some history for it, only a guess at north africa and then left with the australians in 1942 and New South Wales driver training school, (2nd AACC). also i need parts, not really an mv person its more the history / engineering. regs rupert
  4. rupert condick

    colour of WW2 RAF jeep?

    if you look at page 256,the story of the RASC i think thats an RAF jeep, also page 323 has pics of an RASC air freight jeep, looks standard army paint, with extra touches.