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  1. Hi Tom Ok the large brass plate is the post war rego plate. -- YP 49 registration the chassis no on this plate should be the same as the chassis no. on the chassis 75293, but appears to be stamped 75393 I have to note the first 3 is in a different font, not unusual for there to be a mistake here. So I think they meant 75293 So Chassis no. 75293 WD No. A5850193, contract S.3165 30th April 1943, starting March 1944 . Chassis no. 74701-75577, A5849601-5851100 . you Have A1782244 which is a wartime rebuilt no. -- YP 49 is the post 1949 WD No. if you enter this into the Royal logistics Corps. web site,(pay 30 pounds) you will get a key card or two, that may give you a bit more info or not.
  2. Hi Higgins, I did notice the word implement on your tyres So no good to me out here, i will have to get some that are better on the road. Anyway I never posted any pictures of our Ambo. So It is A 1941 model Austin K2Y, A1207004 history came out of the factory 0n ANZAC day 1941(guess). to North Africa April 1942 to Australia 1948ish sold off, rebuilt as Ambo 1950s, cut up as flatbed truck, Dumped. As 1207004 of the 2AACC NSW, Darkes Forest circa 1942 at rest in Cootamundra Note the 9mm pistol hole just in front of the lubrication chart the door has the later large cutaway, as the body was a late model found in very poor condition in the UK, i have made it look like an early body in most places. fitting seat belts, was an option but with the nutters on the road why not. the dash instruments were all smashed. new switches had to be fitted. note the m/c gun bullet hole in the engine side panel below the fixing screw, and in the upper corner just below the steering column the 9 mm bullet hole from the other side. orignal early engine layout, the carburettor is slightly newer as the old one had rotted away inside, I did not fit plug top resistors, and the lead restores failed after a time so I made false ones. Original coil! there are 16 bullet makes along the engine block and head,at two different heights, the radiator does not quite fit as its a 1936 model and was replaced in the middle east, mice I guess. Australian Army Painted the make and model and year on the toe board. note the holes in the accelerator and toe board, to set two engine speeds, for the modified power take 1'"inch square drive fitted in the Middle East, to power what?Why? the hand rear light bracket was the original, so I made another one up, lots of compromises just to be safe. i fitted hinged plastic sdie screens,in the windscreen frame mountings. these are really good at stopping those bugs! A1207004 ,As 2/3rd Australian Fied Ambulance Middel East, Which it may have served. note should only have a passenger side headlight. A1207004 (1207004) as newly arrived at 2AACC NSW before painting. You may have a question or 4x4, regs Rupert
  3. Hi I would Like some Austin K series engine side panels, I need the WD type as I have the early 1940's civilian type at present. regs Rupert
  4. Hi Nice to hear another 81" Landcover on the way, the B40 engine fitted to the Land Rover was a Rolls Royce Engine and so had BSF Threads, as the Champ had the Austin B40 with UNF threads with can be tapped out, Early champs I hear did have the Rolls B40. I think they mad about 47 of these, But I came across list that some were sent to Australia, best check the Land rover web site I worked on one back in the, late 1970's which the Patrick collection(Birmingham) later bought. They were know to brake the rear diffs. regs Rupert
  5. Hi Higgins I checked the rebuilt switch although the switchesI think I am wrong here, as the holes in the dash are drilled differently, So fitting later switches to an early dash makes the levers point down wards. early switches on early dash. later switches on an early dash, but with the raised sign. switich To be fair it does make sense to fit them this way as it keeps the water out etc, as with the flood lamp switches, hence my error. keep with the good work I know how hard it is to work under a tarp, outside. in cold weather, best Rupert
  6. Hi Higgins, Well its coming along, Well done i hope you do not mind me being a bit critical here, the speedo is not quite right, I do really appreciate how hard it is these days to get the right parts, there should be a brass plate fitted around the choke pull. although I have rarely seen this fitted. I think I have an illustration some where. the fuel tank and brake light switches should be Lucas 30001A, 2H3771, MD6L9. levers pointing down, ch.no. 23844 onwards, as as a rebuilt model A1782244 this would be the case anyway. The lower 2( 2/3) pictures are of easy rebuilt models with the later type dash panel fitted, the above Ambulance has quite an early scuttle fitted. The top Ambulance would be like this as standard. these pictures are of course of restored Ambulances so they are not completely original or right, depending how you look at things, as least they are saved, ready for the next rebuild. This Ambulance is a very early model, and is made up of bits, note the choke fitted to the engine cover. As this has an early dash panel fitted, the ign. switch in the centre. I will need to look into the F.tank and horn as this is shown like this on later models. regs Rupert
  7. Hi Just see if I can add some pics, So as for colours standard army WW2, Blue postwar. see AWM (Australian War Memorial) film FO1683 Australian soldiers leaving Singapore, Austin K2Y Ambulances Royal Navy. Could be a Navy one? this I think is an altered picture as the same ambulance is picture below with the same mud on the tyers, Post War Austin K2Y door and rear body Last one I have wartime pic. regs Rupert
  8. Hi Ted thank you very much for that I have been going the wrong way. regs Rupert
  9. Hi Can any one tell me more about this Austin K2Y. picture came from the net somewhere. Taken in Australia, the rego number would be a help or a better picture, or other ambos used here by the RAF or any RAF Austin K2Ys or Navy regs rupert
  10. hi I hope this helps regs Rupert
  11. Hi All maybe not the best place for this question. I noticed on an LRDG jeep a bracket on the front L/H wing, I though this may be for a lamp. these brackets were also fitted to Austin K2y ambulances North Africa drivers side(R/H),, Malta pass side(L/H), any Ideas at what it was for? regs Rupert
  12. Hi H there an instrument cluster on e-bay under, Austin Multi Guage Ampmeter Fuel Oil Pressure, K2 Tilly K3 K5 K6. regs rupert
  13. Hi H. Yes I have a 1941 model K2Y, I tried the Mitas, but as I said they came with the word implement branded on both sides, so I would only be able to do 40 KMH here. So I had to send them back. I send you list of part numbers for the instruments, So for each part I sent you the, type. Makers part no. Austin Part No. War department Part No. may help with a parts search. regs rupert
  14. hi B the books Allocation By Central Census of B Venice WD Numbers, by Rob Van Meel, (there are two books for the Census number nut)! list vehicles as impressed various make's. you would have to got to the RLC digital Archive, and contact them, regs rupert
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