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  1. Hello I'm interested in any AEC Matador spares you may have, Good prices paid. Kind regards Matt 07779003636
  2. If anyone requires and spares for their matador air braking systems or advice, feel free to PM me or ring me 07779003635
  3. I believe there where two of these at Southend
  4. Where are you in the UK? drag the thing out and stick it on a low loader, get it running at home it will be cheaper sold as a non runner. Ring me for any advice etc or spare parts you might need I have a lot of both! Don't try and start it without checking a few bits first. matt.foster@sei.uk.com regards Matt
  5. Guy's thank you I have really enjoyed reading this thread, I am a bit too young to remember these times as I had just started School! Has anyone written any books regarding this period and the exercises in Germany? more of peoples personal (and by the sounds of it rather amusing) experiences. regards Matt
  6. This isn't strictly ture anymore, the advantages with the original spec straight 30 oil is it is free from the nasty detergents that do more harm than good in older engines and also you can tell all your friends that you are using the 'original spec oil'. However when it gets hot after you have done some serious miles, you will find your oil presure drops and it starts to drip and leak out of even the best of engines. You might not mind this, originaly this would have been fine and the norm, however the nice people from VOSA might take a differnet view at 'excessive oil leaks' on a road side check, anyway who wants to spend there time cleaning the engine all the time? So why not try a multigrade, yes most modern ones have detergents in them but why not try this: Golden Film 20W/50 is a specialist oil recommended for use in veteran, classic and vintage cars, motorcycles and tractors including those which do not have the full flow type of oil filter. It is a low dispersant oil which allows the combustion chamber contamination to drop harmlessly into the sump. Its multigrade properties provide improved cold start circulation whilst maintaining good working oil pressure. We often recommend this oil for customers who remember fondly the old Duckhams green multigrade, as it offers similar characteristics and good value. Performance Levels API SF/CC and MIL-L-2104B its also cheaper!
  7. Welcome to HMVF fellow person from Colne! makes me smile everytime I drive past her. You know where I am if you need any help or tools Matt
  8. I left school and trained as a draftsman, then designed missile guidance systems and radar. Now I supply a certain F1 team with CNC machined parts for their cars, it’s also handy for machining parts for the Matador!
  9. Hi there, Doug Fleet is a good friend of mine and I am pleased to say the matador is in good hands and does many miles on the road each year, we do a fair few shows together. If you are interested I can put you in touch. Kind regards Matt
  10. Hi there Are you doing your Matador up to army spec? Matador engines where painted light colours, duck egg, light green (RAF painted them White I have been told) for one reason, so you could see if they are leaking oil! Don't paint the inside of your cab a dark colour, its like sitting in a dungeon!
  11. Yes this is that one, but no it wasn't sold. The owner Doug Fleet has started restoration and as with the quality of other stuff he has done I look forward to seeing it finished!
  12. I even have one of it in the 60's when the fairground boys 'the Down's Family' converted it....
  13. there's one just round the corner from me, Colchester Essex, she's rough but I drove it last year. She was converted into a showground truck many years ago, have some pictures if anyone is interested but looks very different to her army days.
  14. Hi there, saw the old girl at Newark but never got a chance to meet up with you, my story is very similar (thou only 140 miles) but it was my first long trip and on the motorway. I was worrid every minute that it was going to brake down and every squeak, rattle and bang left me feeling that it was all going to end in doom! I don't have a temp gauge, just an oil pressure gauge that got lower and lower....... I even stopped in the same services and to be fair it didn't miss a beat, all it needed was a pint or two of oil. This weekend was a different story.... the rally was in my vilage so close that I could see my house, didn't stop the Matador getting stuck, the batteries went flat, the caravan leaked, ran out of gas and the batery in that went flat and the fridge broke.....
  15. that's cheered be up, I did a very long drive yesterday and my oil pressure dropped to about 15psi hot tick over and the thought did cross my mind. you can increase the oil pressure by adjusting the pump with the screw on the sump (this is something I have not tried) my question to you and other matador owners is, when yours is hot and you stick your head under the front of the sump can you hear your oil pump rattling away? or am I worrying again? I am still think about changing to a multi-grade, straight 30 just gets to thin when it is hot. If it makes you feel happier I have a spare engine in my yard that runs at zero oil pressure at tick over and it was run in a matador for years and years!
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