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  1. Hello Tyler, You may want to consider using the Harwich - Hook of Holland (Hoek van Holland) ferry as that might be an easier journey. There are no organized trips to Arnhem but feel free to drive up there from our base camp, it should take you around an hour to get there. Please let me know if you have any further questions! Joris
  2. I'm with Maurice on this one and please don't use this thread to start a discussion about this.
  3. Yes, that will throw a spanner in the works....
  4. The only vehicles allowed are World War II, though the (modified) Hotchkiss Jeeps are also welcome. There is no cut off date yet, we have space for up to 600 vehicles and we've not yet reached that number, we're now at close to 200 vehicles.
  5. There is a discount if you do only one of the tours but there is no discount for doing both the tours but not use the basecamp.
  6. Let me know if you have any other questions, would be great to see you there!
  7. It was in your signature, I've removed it for you.
  8. Yes to all, you can do one or both routes and you have the option to stay at the basecamp but you are not obligated to do so.
  9. We are not able to secure a discount on DFDS yet, but I will inquire on the status. There will be a secure location to park your transporter, but I do not think it will be able to follow the road run as all the streets are closed for all traffic. The transporter will be able to park near the route on multiple locations or meet up at the end of the run, If you could tell me why you want your transporter to follow then I'm sure we will be able to work something out.
  10. Thanks for registering mate! I think you will find that we are flexible and understand that you cannot decide everything in advance. Things change, vehicles get sold and new ones bought and we will accommodate all these changes. We just need to know what the preferences are for everybody is in advance or we can't organize anything.
  11. Yeah unfortunately my advice with regards to the text has not always been followed and now some things can be a bit confusing. You can still book with your vehicle, there the "don't fogret to order your free vehicle tickets" is a reminder that you select the routes you are going to drive. So if you drive both routes, you have to select a vehicle ticket for both routes. I hope this clears it up, I will talk to the organisation about this some more.
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