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  1. Quick query - timeline and edited posts

    When you edit an existing post it is not regarded as a new posts so it will not show in the timeline.
  2. Constructive feature requests

    Thank you, Baz48! I'm here to help too and so are other forum members so if you have any questions, please ask them.
  3. Constructive feature requests

    I'm going answer these feature requests and hope that will be the end of it. 1. and 2. The new posts tab is providing the exact same functionality as the one we had on the old forum. Changes to this can't be made, this is how the new forum works. 3. Just add "fixed a typo" to the description, can't see what the problem is with that. 4. This wasn't possible on the old forum and we will not make this possible here as it has been abused in the past. If you need something deleted, use the "Report post" link at the top of every message and we will help you out as quickly as possible.
  4. New Format

    I have explained this a couple of times now, but here goes again. We were forced to move away from our old server because it reached its end of life. The old forum system didn't work on the new server (and was outdated) so we were forced to make a choice: 1) We could either try and fix the problem, which could take forever and would be rather expensive 2) We could move to a new system. When moving to a new system there were two options: 1) Migrate to a new version of the old system, which would be expensive, risky and very time consuming for me and quite frankly, I don't have the time anymore to work on this forum for full days. 2) Migrate to a new system that has a future, is managed (meaning there is a team of tech guys behind it), and where the whole migration is taken care off. And this all would be at a company that we are already working with and have proven to be very reliable. Naturally, we went for option number two; why make life more difficult for us having to manage multiple forum systems? We don't and that is why we chose this. Now I want to close down this whole discussion about that the old system was better. This is it, this is the forum that we are going to use. If you have questions about why it works in a certain way, have a feature request or want to ask if we can change a setting then please do and I will do whatever I can to help out.
  5. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    Thanks for the feedback everybody, I'm going to add the requested changes to the list and see which I can implement and which are not possible. One thing I don't like is that when you post a link it turns into a preview, am I the only one who hates that?
  6. An annoyance

    This is the magical green dot we are talking about:
  7. Signatures

    Thanks for letting us know, I will look into this!
  8. New Format

    Locations are back!
  9. New format

    Change is always difficult and a new system is always a challenge to get used to, even for the administrators. I'm glad to hear that you are soldiering on!
  10. New Format

    You can change your notification options here: http://hmvf.co.uk/notifications/options/ This is where you can find that option:
  11. New Format

    I will try and fix this today, it has been on my to-do list far too long now.
  12. Editing ?

    I fixed this, you can now edit old topics too.
  13. Doh !

    I'm sorry but I think these got "lost" in the forum transition...
  14. New Format

    You do realize that we are trying very hard to help you?
  15. Doh !

    That can now be found under Activity -> My Activity Streams http://hmvf.co.uk/discover/followed-content/