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  1. beepbeep

    Cckw closed cab windscreen help

    From the photos, which parts are you missing? PM me your email address and next time I'm up at the storage I'll take the parts off and template them on a piece of A4 Chris
  2. beepbeep

    Cckw closed cab windscreen help

    Don’t think the parts are available but they don’t look too hard to fabricate. If you need any measurements etc let me know Chris
  3. beepbeep

    GMC Insurance

    Oh and I use RH Insurance in Essex, been with them over 20 years. We paid about £150 last year for me and my son on the policy
  4. beepbeep

    GMC Insurance

    Hi diggerdog, just seen this and as pointed out no claims doesn't come in to it. You do however, need a 'daily' to get a classic policy. Don't know where you're planning on keeping a GMC but my son has one and we saw the premium go up when he brought it home from storage just outside of Ponteland, my Dodge insurance has shot up this year as well and when I queried it I was told that there's been a re-assessment of our postcode call in sometime if you want a chat or advice, you know where I am Chris
  5. beepbeep

    Who is it in Newcastle?

    Hi, yes I've still got the Dodge but it's been off the road for the past year with engine problems. Finally found the time to finish the work on it at Easter and just waiting for a new battery to come then it'll be coming out again, hopefully for the Blyth Battery event in two weeks :cheesy:
  6. very kind of you and thanks for the photos. That's what I love about this hobby, the history and stories behind our trucks and the great people you meet through owning them. My Dodge was laid up for most of 2016 so I'm aiming to make it to some shows this year......hope to see you somewhere! chris
  7. Not a huge amount more to tell about my Dodge...... I have a great interest in US Signal Corps as my dad served in North Africa and Italy as a linesman with the Royal Signals and was attached to the US 5th Army. Ultimately I want to mark my truck up as a unit that would have been in Italy at the time my Dad was there but for my trip to Normandy in 2014 I wanted to mark the truck up in markings of a Signal Corps company that would have been there in '44. I found the photos I posted above and marked my truck up as 'PHOTO 30' as my own Dodge is the same down to the position of the Jerry can, rifle rack and pioneer rack. After coming back from Normandy I discovered that 'PHOTO 30' was built within days of my own WC51 and now, thanks to your photo above (which I've now found online) I now know that the driver was Eddie Urban and that he probably trained at Camp Crowder! Here's a couple of photos, the first taken in Normandy with a period camera and the other, a Camp Crowder cushion cover I picked up on eBay last year
  8. And from the research I did at the time I seem to remember that 166th was Patton's 3rd Army Signal Corps company........and yes, here's a Belgian site with a lot more background info http://www.combatcamera.be/combat-photography-units/166th-signal-photographic-company/
  9. Just seen this, here's a few images of Signal Corps photo Dodge WC51's and my recreation of a WC51 of the 167th Signal company for my trip to Normandy in 2014. The original photos are courtesy of Military Mashup and could maybe be taken in Germany in 1945?
  10. As above, traditional anti freeze! I use Prestone....£12 for four litres from Costco!
  11. beepbeep

    MAT1 paint

    Surprised that nobody has answered this! Universal Jeep Supplies, comes in 1 litre cans. Chris.
  12. beepbeep

    GMC CCKW 353 B2 - headlight help needed!

    Peter, my apologies for the previous info, the Ebay seller monty-2000 keeps only the 5 inch sealed beam unit and not the 7 inch. Chris
  13. beepbeep

    GMC CCKW 353 B2 - headlight help needed!

    You'll find the circuit breaker on the back of the multi function light switch. The sealed beam units are available from a seller on eBay, goes by the name of monty-2000. Chris.
  14. beepbeep

    GMC 353 - matching wood top bow to metal elbow

    I checked the new elbows against the originals on my son's GMC today. The original elbows have rectangular holes on the inside face unlike the NOS ones and the angle of the bend is smaller as well!
  15. beepbeep

    GMC 353 - matching wood top bow to metal elbow

    I bought a set of elbows for my son's GMC from LWD parts last year. They are identical to the ones you have bought and although I haven't tried them for fit yet I would imagine they are not correct. The reason being that I'm pretty sure they are ex French Army. I have bought a number of ex French Army parts for my Dodge in the past (not knowingly) and without fail they have been of poor quality and fit. These dealers don't distinguish between US and French manufacture and just list the parts as being NOS.........buyer beware!