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  1. No as it has all the original shipping date 20th april 1945 , it was shipped from N Y to Antwerp {code name Hail }it retains it`s original ORD number and anti freeze fitted date and details of inspection , The details where under coats of newer paint ,the ORD number on the side was under the allied star
  2. just out of interest my GMC has the original shipping details on it still and it reads P.S.J (this is the shipping company ) N.Y. (New york) P.E ( port of embarkation ) . the men for stencils are http://www.axholmesigns.co.uk cheers j
  3. i know of one in holland ?? a guy i know was breaking one jonny
  4. looks like you linked up with the photo in the end , was just i spotted the photo on ebay and looked the jeep up on dvla , i then found a photo on the war and peace show site with the jeep on again ....great to have a little history on any vehicle all the best john the tyre guy
  5. don`t know if anyone can help looking to share some transport to the W&P , i`m located in wetherby yorkshire , right next to the a1 i`m looking for transport for my fire truck , 22 feet long and 3.4 tons so not to heavy , plan going saturday before till monday after ...will share or could do with linking up with someone to share costs ...pm me if you think we can work something out cheers john
  6. one for the bike lads (and girls).. nice original footage of training , don`t know if this has been seen before , great to watch the green horn riders tackle some yorkshire country side ......enjoy http://yorkshirefilmarchive.com/film/dear-sergeant-or-story-rough-riding-motorcycling-course jonny loot
  7. after a trip to belgium the slightly mad yorkshire guys ( and some of our southern friends ) are at it again ...so fun in jeeps ... enjoy jonny loot
  8. or leave it standard and it will last another 60 + years ......
  9. with regard to the valves , everybody goes for big valves on tuned engines, you can massively increase the efficiency by cutting the valve seat back ,if you leave a narrow seat and machine the edge off , you are increasing the valve size buy the amount that is removed , flow the porting and your gaining power for free i`m pure yorkshire so love things for free jonny loot
  10. been trolling through old files on the laptop and found this from 2010 , this is the bmvt winter rally one of the yorkshire mvt weekends away every year , a mix of convoy and social get together, made better for a little snow .....if you saw our normandy video you`ll know how we roll up north ............enjoy keeping them rolling on and off road jonny loot
  11. thanks for the interest Towbarlover , it still has the hood number on and i know quite a lot of the history , been on the same base from it`s delivery date july 1943, there are two trucks in the states of the same make and type with very close numbers i plan to leave it in the original paint for the time been ,it would be a shame to paint such an original vehicle
  12. looks like artillery to me as it has the wheel lugs to strap the wheels down , i`ve seen jeep wheels of guns with the same lugs
  13. yes been touch with this guy it was him and his site that i got i load of info off , very helpfull , i`m still learning a lot as i`ve never been into fire trucks before .......everything`s new
  14. bit of work to do before she`s a pumper ...hope to be out and about with it next year ,
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