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  1. Thanks very much for all the info, I'll definately get onto those sites and have a dig around. That web page was created a few years ago now, work on the WK60 ceased due to lack of parts but since then I have managed to get hold of a spare engine, 2 gearboxes and 2 power dividers. Lukily I've managed to find some more wheels aswell as the original ones had rotten at the bottom due to it being sunken in the mud for many years, I have enough now to make a whole set. When work commences again on the WK60 i'll be sure to do a restoration blog. Dave
  2. Fantstic news that the Guy is still around - a real rarity. Good luck with it. Yes it is a rare beast, do you or anyone else know of any others saved from extinction? I'm also after manuals for the FBAX (could be a long shot), I've trauled all of the manual sellers on ebay and some other sites but have had no luck, has anyone got any info?
  3. I'm in Wantage, well Grove to be exact, we lost a big collecter/restorer from the area when my dad moved to Wales a couple of years ago. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Dave from Oxfordshire. I have a life long passion for mv's due to being surrounded by them from a very early age - I had my first birthday in the back of a Dodge WC over in Guernsey on a channel island tour (not that I can remember it :undecided:). My earlyest memories are of travelling in the back of my old mans GMC to shows up and down the country and also over to France for the Normandy celebrations. Once the Jimmy was regretably sold my dad then restored a C15A 12cab which is now stored in my shed along with my own vehicles comprising of a C30 11cab which is on the show scene and won runer-up best canadian at Beltring last year, C15A 12cab which is part restored, Dodge WK60 which I have been collecting parts for and awaiting restoration, Guy FBAX which is unrestored but will be a futur project and a James ML paratroopers motorcycle. I have a burning desire to own my dads old GMC, registration KSU 498, does anyone know where it is???
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