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  1. Currently have Land Rover 101 FC 12v GS; Land Rover 101 FC 12v Radio Body; Land Rover 24v FFR Lightweight; Can Am Bombardier and a Harley Davidson MT350 plus the CS kit and bits for all of them.
  2. Military Stories, yes please, I have a Can Am Bombardier and just love it. Also have a MT350, but its not a patch on the Can Am.
  3. That looks a beast, in a nice way..
  4. Very sad news, like many here, met Peter in the mid 70's, thinking we were alone with our thoughts on military vehicle preservation and ownership, but all that changed with the formation of the MVCG. What a great guy, will be sadly missed. RIP Peter.
  5. That house still survives, but not the house and buildings used by the Army Photographers, which is now part of a block of flats that covers the plot.
  6. Tony, Think W&P arena at the end of the show as un-limited and limited as a couple of sets of wheel ruts about 6" - 8" deep in the middle of the pitch.
  7. So if I have done this correctly, there should be 3photos, 1st is an original 1940's Photo taken at Chiselhurst on common outside local church, is shown with British census number and micky mouse camo. 2nd is the LAA tractor we rescued and restored, taken in the 1980's and the 3rd is from Canadian Military Vehicle Profiles Volume 2 by William Gregg, which is labelled "Canadian LAA tractor in British service, France 1944............................
  8. Your not kidding they are strong vehicles, I have a couple of stories using ours at the All Ford Show at Abingdon and on tour in Belgium. The winches are fantastic pieces of kit, at Abingdon we pulled a 5ton Ford out of the mud side wards because the driver managed to get the motor stuck, in the mud, right near some trees and the only clear route out was side wards. In Belgium, we camped in a sports stadium overnight with a host of other WW2 vehicles, including a 6x6 Dodge Weapons carrier towing a T16 Bren Gun carrier on a trailer which sunk up to its axles in the middle of the football pitch, and we pulled the whole lot out in one go, with limited damage to the fotball pitch. The 6x6 had the rear propshaft removed so was really a 6x4. What fun we had.
  9. Somewhere on my bookshelves, I have a photo of a CMP LAAT from Imperial War museum records, in British Army livery, photo was taken at Chiselhurst in 1944 in front of the local church. I will search for it and see what references are on the reverse of the photo. In the distant past I assisted my pal Bill with the restoration of his CMP Ford LAAT, and had a CMP of my own.
  10. Hello and welcome I had a Morris Commercial MRA1, way back in the 1980's, one of the best trucks I have ever owned, always started on the button every time. Sorry when I sold it, even borrowed it back to tow a vehicle home.
  11. Great piece of memory jogging, Thanks. That's spooky, was looking at some old photos of Beverley Museum the other day. Where has all that kit gone to????
  12. Well hello again, saw your intro on the 101 club forum. Hope to see you at Beltring.
  13. Tis a long time ago, but I seem to remember that the 4x4 was a special, in fact a Dodge Weapons Carrier (I believe), running gear and an Austin K2 body.
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