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  1. Hi does anyone have any mannuals or info on the clansman 344 Pete ex 10 H & 651 Sqn AAC (26 flt int AVN SQN)
  2. Naw I have a better one This Saladin has its full complement of ammunition inside, Aden 1964/5. It would have made a big bang if it had fallen into the Wadi and the ammo exploded. Pete
  3. I have a dead clansman 344 anyone got any manuals I do need a copy of emers if possible to repair the set. it is dead no noise at all, might be the power module. It has 3v, 6v, and 12v power modules (I thought they were 24v systems) none look burnt out, any ideas? Pete
  4. Do you mean the one that was mine in Munster that I drove for a while? I am in the turret was letting Tpr Oswald drive my baby as he was on Ferrets and wanted to drive my Saladin 07BB10. Do you have a picture of her now I would like to see it if possible, So what photo do you have of her and am I in it? Me doing a spot of cooking in front of my baby Munster 1966/69 Pete 4th Troop 10th Royal Hussars (XRH)
  5. I have a dead clansman 344 anyone got any manuals I do need a copy of emers if possible Pete
  6. Any one know who this tac sign is: red/ blue number 31
  7. The Regiment (10th Royal Hussars) had C42 & B47 in Aqaba 1956/7 and when we went to Aden 1964/5 we had C13 & B47 I actually spoke to another troop in the same Sqn. Over a 1000 miles away on 16 feet of rod loud and clear I was impressed with the C13. Being a ham I would love to get my hands on one now but they have become as elusive as the pimpernel, I know a person who was going to install a 19 Set in the 1/24 Ferret he is building until I enlightened him, we had a staff sergeant and a couple fitters replacing them when we arrived. Above one of our Ferrets (Aqaba). Pete
  8. Pye Power Supply: 5820-99-645-0123 if anyone has any info on this bit of equipment or a circuit diagram please contact me Pete
  9. Dave these are the the tac signs we had on our vehicles in Aden in 64/65 see my website re Aden http://www.xrhgb.com Enjoy pm me for more info. Peter ex 10th Royal Hussars
  10. Here is one in action in Aden 64/65 if you need more pm me and I will have a look you might find more on my website http://www.xrhgb.com Peter
  11. Hi Guys If you know of any ex REME Saladin gun fitters that live in or near Derbyshire or further a field let us know as we would like build a FMR and fit a bracket onto the 76 to fire a .22 rifle and need help. Peter
  12. If you know of any Saladin gun fitters that live near by or further a field let us know as we would like build a FMR and fit a bracket onto the 76 to fire a .22 rifle. Pete
  13. _____________________________________________________________________________ Jules use this link http://www.vmarsmanuals.co.uk/archive/files_index.htm and you will get straight in no membership needed for 19 Set kit. If you go to the royal signals mob 19 Set group you will be expected to join and then when you want to download some documents you will be expected to : Sit up and beg, Roll over and play dead, offer your paw and fetch the stick. If you don’t do it right and you get it wrong 3 times you are locked out, Customer service at its best !! Just because ONE person tried it on everybody is being punished as if they own the Copyright. Personally I think the Gnomes have been sitting on a toad stools around the camp fire eating magic mushrooms and consequently are living in an enchanted world of their own oblivious to the real world, reminds me of my halcyon days in the sixties ……… Peter
  14. Hi Bigmal Welcome whereabouts in Notts are you I am in Derbyshire. I own a website www.xrhgb.com if you would like to use some of the in service pictures of AFV (W) for your personal use feel free if you post any to other sites please give us the credit (www.xrhgb.com ) I have done a bit of modelling (no not on the cat walk) I am now into the real thing latest project is a Saladin which I am helping to restore you’re not a Gun fitter by any chance are you being REME . Peter ex 10th Hussars
  15. Hi my name is Peter and I am an alcoholic, (just kidding I think ……) Military I am from a military family so I am an Army brat I tried the civilian thing for a bit, it was too boring. I joined the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry TA in Salisbury in 1963 whilst working as a trainee auto electrician the job did not pay much and the money from the TA was helpful. I Joined the 10th Royal Hussars 64 it was an armoured car regiment Ferrets, Saladins, Saracens and Stalwarts and the usual B vehicles I saw active service in Aden 64/65. When the regiment amalgamated with the 11th Hussars in 1969 I left and went to Army Air Corp for a couple of years then about 4 years with the Para’s. Civilian Left the army went into Computers started as an operator then went into programming ended up a Manager. I am the webmaster for the 10th Hussars “Shiners Club” which I designed an programmed. For those of you restoring vehicles there are lots of pictures of armoured cars etc. which you may use as long as you mention my website: www.xrhgb.com If you have any questions about military vehicles feel free to ask I will try and answer them. Peter
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