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  1. I am sure if you re-post this in the motorcycle section some of the 'regulars' will come up with some help Pawel.
  2. I am sure I have seen this image before on here but despite doing a 'search' I cannot find it again. So, what make of truck is it? It shows quite a rare photo of one of the RAF radar units being unloaded on Omaha beach. Judging by the spectators on the ship this was not on D-Day itself, maybe the day after?
  3. Every day on this site is like an excellent day in school. Thanks gents for the continuing discussion.
  4. Hmm, an interesting observation regarding the prime mover passing something. It possibly might be something passing behind it, as the pair of photos show the assembly is parked up. But in fairness there doesn't appear to be any candidates visible in the first shot, which could only have been taken a matter of 'flying moments' before the second. Again the photos also rule out a convoy, sorry 🙂
  5. For those who are interested, the original can be found on Britain from Above - EAW015735 ENGLAND (1948). The town and River Ouse, Selby, from the west, 1948 http://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EAW015735
  6. Sorry Crosrec, the date is not wrong.
  7. Yes John and David, it does appear that my amateur assumption regarding the i.d. of the towing vehicle is likely wrong. The Mack does look like a promising candidate. Going by the date of the photo, which is very accurate, the 50ton Dyson can't be a candidate for the trailer if what Wally says about their 1951 introduction is correct. (Not doubting that).
  8. I found another slightly different angle with better focus and contrast. So yes David it does appear to have a dozer blade. The date is 18/05/ 1948 so very nearly its 72nd birthday! Thanks gents for the input regarding its identity.
  9. Being as such stuff is outside my experience I thought I'd ask on here. It is a Sherman being pulled by a Diamond T but what make of trailer is it likely to be? 1948 is the date of the photo.
  10. i don't know about Lodge plugs, but the world is awash with Chinese replicas of NGK plugs. None of which, reputedly, last more than a few firings; so maybe you have one of them. The NGK copies are so good visually that even NGK cannot tell the difference!
  11. Morris CDSW FAT, but you will now need to go to Ireland to see it. (belonged to the late Mike Peacock)
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