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  1. The singles look much better IMHO .
  2. I suppose the very early OY's will be quite rare as the vast majority were left in France after Dunkirk. I have seen hundreds of 'Soldiers Photos ' of abandoned OY's in France and the majority seem to be on single tyres , does anyone know when they swapped from Twin Rears to big singles ? Couple of IWM pics here of early twin rears one at a French port dated 28/01/40.
  3. Fair comment , perhaps the question should have been why no locking diffs on 4x2's? Would this have been a simple addition in WW2 ?
  4. I wonder why these were not used on British 4x2 vehicles in WW2 , thinking particularly of the many 15cwt 4x2s that were used in combat roles . Expense ? technology? Reliability ? Had modern vans with LSD and it transforms them off road.
  5. I worked with an ex RAF fireman who drove Alvis 6x6 fire crash trucks and in service they had a pile of sleepers near the fire station which they drove over to unwind their Salamanders ( not a euphemism😊). This was part of their routine.
  6. Some Flickr photos of Leyland Martians in Aden-
  7. Background Flickr photo of Alvis Salamander in Aden with RAF Land Rovers-
  8. Would imagine some residual value is priced into the lease cost so will heavy MVs turn up at normal truck auctions amongst all the other civvy ex lease trucks and vans ?
  9. Thanks for that , obviously much modified since beach days ! Don't suppose the reg.no. is still Q702OVL ? Curiously this comes up on car number detail sites as a 1999 Bedford Fire Engine! Craig
  10. Hit the nail on the head here , clues in the name ' carrier' not a fighting vehicle , designed to carry the infantry's heavy weapons ( not The Infantry) in the field . However they did give the infantry an armoured vehicle of their own and certainly with the BEF were used to good effect in offensive roles against German infantry, specially in rearguard actions . Being so small , low and fast they were also difficult vehicles to hit. Despite the bright BEF idea of painting large white 'target' squares centre front and sides for recognition !
  11. I would be very interested in seeing a picture of your ex Skegness machine. I assume it's not on your flickr site as can't see it. Craig
  12. I always got the impression this was not a popular replacement for the Bedford MJ in the services , why was this ? Craig
  13. Took these pictures of Alvis Mk6 's in Skegness in 1988 recently scanned them in and have been trying to find some info about them , pleased to hear one may still survive ! Craig
  14. Towing the Brabazon airliner in Pathe news film titled 'Brabazon Plane' http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=58762
  15. So say this year if my insurance runs out in June and my tax in August and I decide to park it up in the garage in May for a 2 year rebuild , don't fill in a SORN until the tax reminder comes , I will be fined for no insurance in July/August ?
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