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  1. Link to YouGov ' small claims' - https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money
  2. If you can afford the £60 it costs and you have solid back up evidence take it to the small claims court. This can all be done online by filling in two forms. What often happens with chaotic small firms is they ignore all the letters ,do not defend the claim and judge automatically finds in your favour. If they do not pay court sends bailiffs in and usually you get your money back and all costs. But it sounds like you will win your claim whatever .
  3. Well spotted , the wheels look very military too so probably a converted ex army Q4, Wonder what body was for ?
  4. Interesting Commer 6x6 on flickr , not sure if it is a converted ex army Q4 or maybe a Douglas 6x6 conversion for the oil industry .
  5. Lots of Dingo's and Daimler Armoured cars , odd Fordson AA tractor. https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/9348?search_term=ROYAL REVIEW&search_join_type=AND&search_fuzzy=yes
  6. The Austin K6's at the end have unusual bodies, high double drop sides , anyone know their purpose ?
  7. Bit of a case of 'do you know what it is yet'😊 Assembling Army Trucks 1944 - https://www.britishpathe.com/video/assembling-army-trucks/query/assembling+army+trucks
  8. High on a Yorkshire cliff top the bottom half of a Motley MG mount remains which amazingly rotates freely on its bearings after 80 years.
  9. ANNUAL CAMP 1957-activities and events of the 278th Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery (T.A.) in the 1950s. https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/9353?search_term=camp 1957&search_join_type=AND&search_fuzzy=yes Bedford OY and MWD, Morris Quads, Scammell Explorers, Austin K9's, Matadors, Mack NM, Jeep, BSA etc
  10. Yes I have, I have read that the Scammell tank transporter was shipped out of France and served in the Western Desert campaign which I find quite remarkable given the panic at the time. I have put together a little collection of BEF photos on Flickr-
  11. Film of 278th Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery (T.A.) in the 1950s. Still using lots of wartime gear including Albion FT15 N's with 25 pounders, https://movingimage.nls.uk/film/9352?search_term=278&search_join_type=AND&search_fuzzy=yes Stills Albion FT15, Carriers,BSA M20?,Albion FT15N, Commer Superpoise I ton radio van.
  12. Being going through a lot of old film archive websites and found quite a few interesting military vehicle ones- For starters a 1943 film about a garage in Cambridge on a very busy main road , that also is doing a lot of work on AEC Matadors , Morris Quads , CDSW etc link- http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/2044 still shots from film of Matador , anyone interpret the markings ?
  13. Afraid I can see the DVLA'S point, if anyone could claim a reg. no. with little evidence what would be the result. When rules were easier and low reg.no.s became valuable much skullduggery was done. One of my workmates had a lucrative sideline dragging then almost worthless S1 Land Rover wrecks out of hedges with low numbers , putting their id plate/reg. number on to his good one and getting it MOT'ed so he could sell the number on.
  14. Yes I am very interested in BEF vehicles and apart from the Valentine's this could be a BEF column.! Seeing the interior of the artillery and search light 6x4's is interesting.
  15. Yes I was looking for the Scammells ! So given the vehicle mix anyone hazard a date ? To me there appears to be no vehicle that was made after the Valentine ( July 1941 ) so I would guess late 41 or 42 .
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