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  1. Dear Guys Can somebody guide any what are minimum recommended spares for Triumph TRW 1952. i am looking to collect some important spares. Secondly i have no experience of motorcycle restoration. how diffcult to restore TRW myself. i was thinking to start learning with some small bike like Triumph tiger cub or something. please suggest. Thanks & Regards
  2. Very Nice Drill . anyone know what bikes are used in this drill ?, cannot guess ? Regards MT
  3. Dear G506 Thanks a lot for your explaination, i understand things now, i can do rest of the research more easily. Kind Regards M.T
  4. Thanks lot for your valuable help. I have question if i look at TRW Part list Manual there are following Piston/Rings set which one should i use. or what is best one. i am clueless . . PISTON COMPLETE . PISTION COMPLETE 0.020" O/S . PISTION COMPLETE 0.040" O/S Thanks MT
  5. I am based in Qatar . the Bike is in Pakistan ( My Home Country ) . perhaps if everything works out fine , may be i will bring it there . Regards M.T
  6. Dear Guys I am new to this forum. i have craze about vintage bikes, even my wife know all name of vintage bikes :-) , because i keep looking for them and sometime we fight for that reason. that i am not giving her proper attention :-). i think this usually in married life. i have Triumph TRW 1952 my first vintage bike. the motorcycle is in restoration process . i need your help on following question. -- I want to learn how to restore my own bike oneday. so i can do all break/fix myself in future, from where should i start. -- I am looking for Piston/Rings for TRW . where i can find geniue parts with good prices. Thanks & Regards M.T
  7. Triumph925


    Very Nice Pictures . M.T
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