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  1. Hi Paul I think a letter or email to Land Rover at Solihull would be the only way to get these details. Maybe even who (he or she) put in the last rivet... ;-0 Cheers Iain PS It was built the same year as mine but my landy was put out as a kit of parts and the vin shows 1989. It was then manufactured by JRA in 1990.
  2. A good tone setter to have just inside the entrance would be a copy of the sign that was just inside the gates of RAF Bruggen ( out of sight of the main road). "Our task in peace Is to train for war- and Dont you forget it." It was a big sign that you could not miss every time you entered camp and was not popular with some civilian family members. But that summed it up, it's why we were there. Iain
  3. Thanks but I think I'll just hold on to it, it cost me a lot more than that. Cheers Iain .
  4. A unused Racal crew helmet (bone dome) dated 10-5-88. Size small, I am assured. I bought this from Racal about 15 years ago and it's sat in a cupboard since. Complete with bag and alternative rear pad (B2 fitted and B3 in a bag). Offers invited... Iain
  5. Series Land Rover under seat tanks?
  6. Mk3iain

    New toy

    The sun is out and it's time to roll up the sides, it's how it should be. looking forward to summer.
  7. I still cannot paste any links but if you search "Gainsborough loader" some good info comes up and the Marshall club info. Apparently 10 Mk1 and 150 Mk2 were made for the MOD, the Mk1 with cable operation and the Mk2 upgraded to hydraulic. Fitted with a Leyland 680/20 engine of 145hp. Quite a beast, does it run?
  8. A quick search came up with quite a bit including a club. Made by Marshall,sons and Co of Gainsbourgh. I tried to copy the address but it won't do it, yet. I'll try again.
  9. Found in a box in good used condition, no grubby marks on pages. Printed April 1942. I cannot remember how much I paid for it so any advice welcome. Offers. Iain
  10. Reduced to £15k for quick sale.
  11. Returned to the back of the shed for the time being...
  12. After succeeding in getting my Milly through its first MOT here are my lessons learnt from the experience. Firstly it was not as bad as I was expecting it could be. Trying to get clarity from various agencies was a battle until I finally got talking to the right people at DVSA, that's the tech folk at HGV tech.( HGVTech@dvsa.gov.uk ) They are approachable and helpful. Filling in the VTG1 (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/671493/hgv-first-test-application-form-vtg1.pd ) was easy enough, there is only so much info available. I did not have all the axle weights and the truck does not have a chassis plate with this info, the manual states front axle weight and rear bogie only. So I included some pages of data from the manual with dimensional drawings , that was accepted. I nominated my nearest ATF on the form but did not book a test yet. The application was accepted and an upfront payment of £113 made. This was all done online. DVSA now have a technical record of the vehicle and use this instead of plating. I called the ATF to book a test and had to pay the test fee again plus the lane fee, a total of £179, ATFs are used to dealing direct and are not used to fees being pre paid. In my case there was a problem with the rear bogie dif lock and the brake test could not be progressed so the whole test was abandoned, this means another full test at the full fee of £179. Be warned! Brake performance was low with the mid axle poor, so it failed first full test, also the headlights had European lenses. I had to give the brakes a good going over and took some sand out the mid axle actuators also changing the diaphragms. Re test was £73. I turned up with a tachograph exemption form ( https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/754827/declare-heavy-goods-vehicle-does-not-need-tachograph.pdf ) filled in with reason 2 indicated. The examiner will know if its valid! In preparation I also read through the guide for testers (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/774311/hgv-inspection-manual.pdf ). Full of all the important gen. and applicability dates. For example; SIDEGUARDS Motor Vehicles first used from 1 April 1984 with a design gross weight exceeding 3,500kg and where the distance between the centres of any two consecutive axles exceeds 3m; REAR UNDER-RUN DEVICES Rear under-run devices are applicable for motor vehicles with a gross design weight exceeding 3,500kg and first used from 1 April 1984; Its all in there. In effect the vehicle will be tested to the standard it was made for. So there should be no surprises as long as it all works as it should. I was surprised as the inspector used an exhaust gas analyser when it should be visible exhaust, but the reading was very low. Its an AEC of course! The full test is set at 45 mins a re-test after fixing a fault is 10 mins, same as a car. So not too terrible, it did not take that long with the amount that needed looking at on the Milly as compared to a modern truck. The brake tests take the longest time. That's the first test over, from now on it will just be a call to the ATF to book a test, same as a car. I hope that is of some help to someone, most of you will be very familiar with all this but some of us are not and just need pointing in the right direction. Iain
  13. Thanks Robin Yes it will be sad to see her go and I've just got it to the point where it's just about done, but there is always something else to do. The kit took ages to collect, it's those odd items that rarely turn up such as the oxy acetylene kit. The EB and Can-am are safe here for now.... As an asside, I had a copy of an original brochure for the UK Can-am and it was produced for the manufacturer (assembler) BSA. I had no idea BSA had made them! Lent it to a Ca-am expert and never seen it again. Iain
  14. The exemption form is presented to the inspector at the time of MOT, a DVSA examiner will have a good idea if the exemption claimed is valid! As David says DVSA are aware false declarations are being made and excepted by online systems. Just because it is accepted does not mean it is valid. I have just taxed the Milly and for the first time managed it online as the system now says it qualifies for "historic vehicle" MOT exemption. Just so happens it has just lost that exemption of course and has an MOT......
  15. Gorgeous and a tad scary, perfect!
  16. I had a VXR8 with the LS3 and it drove really nicely with a gentle right foot, ok it could liven up when asked. It's fairly modest compared to other GM crate engines, and it sounds Fantastic. With the right box it should be OK, I just need the money!
  17. They seem to tick many of the right boxes for Paul, I still like the limber though.
  18. I've been checking up on the Foden FH70 gun tractor and it seems to have dif locks all over the place. I've always liked them but never had one. Comes complete,with a tea shack on the back and a crane to help load your stuff. Iain
  19. I would think any LGV that does not already have dif locks will be a custom job to modify. I am sure there will be a larger military vehicle out there with dif locks as standard but I cannot think of one right now. Does anyone know of any? What is the width limit, I'm not sure of the with of a Foden but someone on here will be able to advise. Iain
  20. Dare I say Bedford MJ or DAF, perhaps a Foden 6x6 gun limber?
  21. That's going some, I thought my plan of putting an LS3 in my XJ6C was going to upset purists. It would be to make the car more usable in today's traffic and be more "green" you understand........
  22. For sale, A NOS wiper motor, No3 Mk4, F.V.381752/150 I am looking for £60 plus postage. cheers Iain
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