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  1. Mk3iain

    Tyres on soft ground

    It's worth the effort to get it working especially as you may be in remote locations when you most need it. I am sure someone on here knowledgable on DAF trucks will help with that. If you have not already go for one of the Schrader inflator hoses with guage and clip on connector. They alow you to stand back when putting air in, it feels much safer than holding the issue inflators at the valve. Iain
  2. Mk3iain

    Tyres on soft ground

    Tyre choice is going to be a compromise for you if you are needing good road holding with some off road. The DAF should have a tyre inflator on the chassis for use when going back onto Tarmac. All you should need is a hose to reach each wheel station and you can then alter pressure as required. Not as fancy as CTIS but gets the job done. Iain
  3. Mk3iain

    any cucv owners about ?

    I have had my M1008 for round 15 years and use it often. Its just gone through its second mini overhaul and I've fitted an artic heater kit. Its ex RAF Mildenhall , 321 STS. I have kept it as near original bar some extra lights etc as I use it regularly although I don't put big miles on. For a collectable ex military vehicle it is very useful!
  4. Mk3iain

    AEC AV760

    Now much cheaper on E bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AEC-AV760-Engine-reconditioned/283342276591
  5. Mk3iain

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    Thanks Richard Thankfully a very rare occurrence, did he steal the 432? I remember a clip of a 432 in the UK being driven fast in town by a guy standing in the drivers position, not a good image! So far collecting ex mil vehicles has positive image in the UK ( helped along by such as Combat Dealers), although the balance of public perception could easily tip. Its in our hands to maintain that image, not too difficult... Iain
  6. Mk3iain

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    I for one don't see an EU conspiracy but I have a minimum of faith in democratic process especially when lawmakers are seeing their lucrative career path curtailed.. I am at a loss to think of an example of a collectors vehicle anywhere being taken and used unlawfully. No doubt I am wrong, but I can only think of stolen military stock being a problem. A Marine Corp M60 that came to grief on a central barrier comes to mind. Anyway, it's not happened yet and it would take a while for the law to come into force in Germany, if it does. Let's not get complacent though.... Happy days!
  7. Mk3iain

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    I don't see this being a "political soapbox moment" , merely legitimate concerns being discussed around developments that could impact our hobby. The fact that lawmakers and politicians are the same, usually, and laws effect us, it is reasonable that background politics will be touched upon. Maybe I'm missing something......
  8. Mk3iain

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    You are most likely correct, but does it need to be. Non of these regulations are crucial to the overall trade between countries and would have no impact if we went our own way with laws regarding vehicles and deactivated guns.It would only have effect if items were moved over borders and only to the individuals involved. I have no doubt we will still blindly follow the EU lead if democracy is respected and we leave. Surely this is when clubs and other representative groups can lobby to influence lawmaking in our country and stop these crazy snowflake laws? In a democratic country it would, we will have to wait and see..... Iain
  9. Mk3iain

    New toy

    OK Here are some examples from the record book, its in loose leaf form but sadly it does not have any info prior to the rebuild. P1.pdf P2.pdf
  10. Mk3iain

    New toy

    I have the Service record book, it details every service, modification and repair and parts used since rebuild. It also details the rebuild by Tenix Defense Systems in June 2008. It was then with Norforce before passing to 51 FNQR in April 2010.A couple of picture of the record book. I'll post more soon if any interest.
  11. Mk3iain

    New toy

    Some pictures from underneath showing the widened rear chassis and the gearbox PTO with 3 part shaft to the winch. Also the front axle cast with "Australia Land Rover". It is not noted in any narrative that I have read but the chassis has a Solihull vin number showing it as a 1989 manufactured knock down kit with undetermined engine. This vehicle was delivered in 1991 and most likely constructed in 1990. I presume that many if not all of the 4x4 kits were delivered in that year and built over the next couple of years. It would be interesting to see if the 6x6 versions have a Solihull vin as the chassis were entirely made in Australia with only a few panels etc from standard Land Rover parts.
  12. Mk3iain

    New toy

    Thanks Tony I'll look them up! Hopefully the engine won't need parts very often but you never know... The space to the left of the fuel filter is for an ARB compressor used for tyre inflation, I'll replace that and the perished hose in time.
  13. Mk3iain

    New toy

    Thanks guys! Yes it's the LT95a and the recommended oil is the same as the engine and that is what I'll use. looking on an Australian forum (remlr) there is a lot of discussion on the subject and on advances in oils/fluids with many recommending such as Castrol Syntrans. I'll be happy with engine oil as I'll not be doing big miles and will carry out regular oil changes. I did make the mistake many years ago of filling a SD1 manual box with gear oil, it was instantly very noisey. Never again!! I had thought that I had a problem as when hot there is a clatter from the box but again on the other forum it's recognised as a 4BD1/LT95a thing......phew! Interestingly they use the output used on the 101 for powered trailer for the third axel on the 6x6. I'll get some pics from underneath of the installation and of the widened rear chassis. Iain
  14. Mk3iain

    New toy

    Thank you very much Tony! I'll get some 15/w40 and change the oil and filters, still pondering the gearbox oil but I'll not be doing big miles so may stick to the same as the engine. I have read that the 4BD1 is rated for 5 t class vehicles so not working hard in a Landy even at its max weight. The prices I have seen for silicon hoses are around £70 each and minimum of 2 as they are preformed with different diameter ends. My hose has a pinhole about half inch from the clamp at the water pump, I'll try some tape while I wait on hoses coming from Australia. There is a very good article from an Australian classic car (BMC) mag that I have a copy of. It explains the whole story from trials and development. Apparently the Isuzu engine was picked as it had similar specs to the rover v8 and Isuzu were happy to work with them and supply a bespoke version. I have this as a download and if anyone is interested can email it to them. cheers Iain
  15. Mk3iain

    New toy

    Not being very knowledgable, what would be the grade of oil recommended for the engine? I am told they are very tolerant but I would like to look after it for the long term. The gearbox and transfer box use engine oil but things have advanced a bit over the years and gearbox oils/fluids for this type of box are around now that did not exist. I looked on the Australian Land Rover forum and there is lots of discussion on the subject and many recommendations, but what would you folk suggest? As part of the settling in process a rad hose has started leaking.... I had asked for a spare set with the Landy but it got overlooked and now I need a bottom hose. I was going to get a set of silicon hoses made but the cost that I have seen are very high! Any ideas? Any help/advice would be appreciated! many thanks Iain