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  1. Armageddon also fits well and I think is more British :-) Good luck with the project!
  2. Introductions

    I thought there was a gentle request to post an introduction before other posts could be lodged. I have seen similar on other forums to screen out the opportunist scammers and spammers. It is nice to have an idea who folk are and where they come from. The administrators seem to be well on the ball as we don't seem to be easily targeted. With the ongoing controversy regarding social media sites and the misuse of personal data, it's good to know! Iain
  3. Introductions

    Have we dropped the need for introductions before posting? I may be missing something but I think the forum is loosing something without the apparent little bit of vetting of members. As I said I may be missing something.... Iain
  4. Tank rides insurance

    When I ran a Tank Driving company Towergate were the only ones offering insurance. It was cover for driving various vehicles and not to give rides as you are planning. It was VERY expensive and helped towards the ultimate failure. It should be cheaper for you. Also try NFU, lots of farms diversifying etc. Good luck with it ! Iain
  5. I'm not a fan of hers, less so as time goes by but it is her job. Carwyn Jones will talk about Wales, Arleen Foster will talk about Northern Ireland. Theresa May is PM of the UK. I suppose the super mayors are the first incarnation of the much needed devolved rule in England. All meant to move some of the riches etc away from London. Lets not get anti Scottish, leave politics etc out! Back to the real subject. Again where will the old car market be in years to come. Never mind electric and hybrid, modern cars are not home mechanic friendly. Iain
  6. Range Rover advice please

    I had a 4.6 for about 7 years and loved it. A couple of niggles. some electrical items such as wipers and Windows started to behave oddly, but after checking on the inter web I found advice to check all the earth bonding from engine to chassis etc. I went around cleaning connections and it cured it! Also had the suppension collapse after an exhaust leak melted a pipe above the rear suspension. Other than that it was pretty reliable. They can get expensive if the electronics start to give up.... Good luck with it. Iain
  7. chieftain, is it multifuel.

    I am sure that "multi-fuel" was to accept Civgas or Avtur as alternatives where needed not as the norm. Certainly not 100ll or any other chemical. I know of M35s and the like needing new fuel pumps etc when white spirit, thinners and other gunk has been fed through, OK maybe for a couple of miles......:undecided: And as said, then there are the adjustments needed. Iain
  8. chieftain, is it multifuel.

    At 1000lt to fill up I would seriously doubt it has been tried:nut:. I would stick to red diesel or stock up on fuel filters etc. But it is best surely to look after the engine and feed it with diesel. Iain
  9. Recovery and Towing

    A very vivid demonstration of the deadly result of a recovery tow gone wrong. I can understand your wish to get the message over but I think fair warning is due to anyone that wishes to watch. Unless this is a very good mock up someone has died and the images are very graphic and could upset!!! Iain
  10. Land Rover Paint

  11. Land Rover Paint

    The older LRs would have been factory painted in gloss DBG and the IRR applied on top later. A gloss undercoat would give the protection you need. Alternatively wipe the Matt paint down with Duck oil now and again, it freshens it up and protects! Iain
  12. UK pettol and diesel ban on cars from 2040

    Yes, things move on and I'm sure they will be up to speed with the technology. I can't help think though that the battery packs will not last forever and will be expensive then there are the motors etc. Can't see these on the bench in a shed getting fettled. If costs come down enough maybe the local spares shop or inter web shop will stock cheap replacements, maybe. I feel that the manufacturers will want shot of the cars, vans, trucks etc at the end of their warranty and most will then be recycled. I am not sure many will pass on to second or third users. On the bright side as Tony says alternative fuels for proper engines should be more readily available to keep our stuff on the road in a clean and healthy way that no one should find offence in. I'm sure some will though.... All food for thought. Iain
  13. UK pettol and diesel ban on cars from 2040

    What is going to become of the used (electric/hybrid) cars after the dealers stop supporting them. Will they be supportable by your local garage at reasonable cost or by self maintenance. The technology used at the moment may mean there is no longer a long term second hand market, does this mean many people will be costed out of car ownership? Iain
  14. Good to hear, I'm sure they will be able to help you. I think Rod may be at a wee show down there for the week........ Iain
  15. Hi Tim Speak to Rod at Marltrax, he has a few trucks in stock! cheers Iain