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  1. For sale, A NOS wiper motor, No3 Mk4, F.V.381752/150 I am looking for £60 plus postage. cheers Iain
  2. Hi David You can nominate an ATF that you chose, I suppose the nearest, and leave the time and date. The application will be looked at and they will let you know if it is OK for you to go ahead, you can then get in touch with the ATF and book. DVSA will take your test fee £113 and give you a reference number hopefully the ATF will accept this and just charge a lane fee. They may charge the test fee again but this can be claimed back from DVSA, not a good system. The 23500kg is what the roller road calculated from the measured axel weights. Iain
  3. I'm glad it's been of some use, no point everyone struggling unnecessarily. The initial test is applied for direct to DVSA using a VTG1 and then booked at the ATF, retest and any future test will just be a call to the ATF. I found that my ATF booked about a week or so ahead. Remember you have 14 working days to retest. The Mk3 Recovery has a declared GVW of about 20t but the measured weight was 23500kg. The calculations for brake effort used the GVW so no need to add weight. A cargo truck requiring weight would be down to the owner/operator presenting the vehicle fully prepared with the weight onboard and secured. This ATF and the DVSA examiner did not have a Tapley, so no option other than the roller road. Once you know the system it's not a problem. The only hassle for me was the cost, it's £179 per full test, £73 for a retest. As I had my first test abandoned due to a stuck dif lock it was a second full test at the full charge, it soon adds up. I hope that helps. Iain
  4. Hi Mike Every bolt or screw I have come across has been unified thread except of course pipe fittings etc which so far have been BSP. UNF for screws and bolts, UNC for studs usually. They were made during a time of change and some metric turning up would not have supprised me but it's all old school. I perticularly like unified for some reason. Ill put together a guide to how I found the "first test" procedure and relevant points and requirements. If this helps anyone that would make it worthwhile. Iain
  5. A pic of the equipment with the truck, it also includes a straight bar, a spotlight, a spreader bar with couplings and a complete set of anchor plates and pins. If I find anything else I'll add it in. The fire extinguishers shown on the truck are from the workshop and are not included, they don't fit anyway and were held on with cable ties. Overall the truck is in good original condition and I am carrying out painting as I go. Some little jobs to do (it will never stop), I've to refit the rubber gutter between the cab and rear body and just generally fettle. I can't help it! I am after offers around £17k and will do a good deal on the spares truck if wanted. Cost of transport from Aberdeenshire is not that bad as trucks bringing agricultural machinery regularly head back south empty. I sold a trailer recently that ended up in Braintree and was carried at half price, it was the only item on the truck. Iain
  6. After all the work on the brake system it really paid off and I should have done it anyway. A couple of brakes that had maxed at around 1100kg were up to 2200kg so quite a difference and brought them all up to the same range. So much so the tyres were skidding on the rollers at times, they are a bit big for the rollers. The problem was lack of use, quite common according to the examiners. Everything else was good so that was that, at last. Iain
  7. MOT passed so the Milly is now for sale. Iain
  8. Looks like an Australian registered Landy so not taken from UK I would suspect. I can say from experience that you would be looking at around £2k each way including dockyard handling charges using container shipping. Not cheap. Iain
  9. Exemption 2 is in fact the one I am using with the Mk3 Recovery, it seems that there are very relevant changes since this thread was raised in 2009. It helps to know the facts rather than rely on second hand info. When I get my Milly through the MOT I'll summarise all the relevant gen that I uncovered to make it easier for others. Iain
  10. I thought I would update this old thread as requirements have changed and of interest would be item 30 on the exemption form. DVSA form 75, 2018 revision. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/754827/declare-heavy-goods-vehicle-does-not-need-tachograph.pdf "Vehicle is no longer used for the carriage of goods and is taxed as Private HGV"
  11. What a fantastic event, would love to see more. I'll bet it is very a very social occasion as well!
  12. Hopefully should be plenty photo opportunities...... You wont be missing our weather!
  13. Yes, definately not a Mk3 Militant recovery, wrong crane short cab etc.. That must have taken a bit of work to prepare and how successful was it?
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