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  1. It is a definite buyer beware. I expect the seller is unaware of the need for an MOT, but was a recent purchase. At least with an MOT a buyer would have a bit of confidence about the condition and that the hard to test things like brakes, wheel bearings, joints etc have been tested and found OK. Anyway, it would all be fine until it all goes wrong.
  2. I don't know Mike. Having looked into this in depth including discussions with DVSA HGV tech there is no way this is exempt an MOT. I have heard many dodgy ways folk hoped to avoid the MOT but according to DVSA unless it is STG or pre 60 not used commercially it needs an MOT. No ifs or buts. I asked specifically when I had mine ! The MOT would have been due at next renewal of road tax (free for this) and I think I am correct also on changing ownership as the tax is cancelled. It may be possible to make an exemption declaration and get it taxed but this would be a false declaration with all the possible consequences. At the end of the day if it is roadworthy it should pass the MOT, if it is not roadworthy it should not be on the road.
  3. All spare engines now sold !
  4. Beware ! This Milly is for re-sale by another vendor on Milweb, shown as MOT exempt ! It is not exempt an MOT and has never had one so no extension due to Covid either.
  5. Shop around, RR, Marcus Glen, Jawel paints and Arc-rite and others all do mail order paints for around 1/3 of that. I have used all of the above, all are reliable and quick and will provide what you want also spray cans of your chosen paint, handy for later touch ups. Give them a call. Iain
  6. I don't think so, but maybe.. Apparently 4 tanks were placed on the ship for the A bomb test and its thought to be a Chaffee or Pershing.
  7. Hi All Can anyone give an idea what this is, located on or near the recently found USS Nevada. Not easy with just the hull bottom showing.. Iain
  8. Hi, I never had anything to do with green goddesses but I was a firefighter a few years ago and still remember some stuff. The pole on the roof is a ceiling hook used to pull down burning or suspect ceilings. The portable pump is usually called a "featherweight pump", later versions took 4 to carry comfortably ! The chimney rod would normally be with a stirrup pump and nozzle with a roller for putting out chimney fires, also bucket, canvas bag and salvage sheets. The large hard hoses are suction hoses used to supply the vehicle pump or portable pump. I don't know if the GG has a single or two stage pump. It would have a centrifugal pump, normally the first low pressure stage would supply the larger soft hoses with around 5 bar at the branch and then the second stage would supply the hose reels with I think around 15 bar, The hose reels are known as high pressure jets, normally. It would be good to see the pump tested, there will be a standard test in the operation manual. The Jack is for lifting the axels near a wheel not to lift the chassis. Hope that is some help. Iain
  9. Matt with a gloss undercoat to protect/seal the surface. You might just like the gloss finish..... Iain
  10. I think the +35 shows that your face fits OK, lots of well deserved support for your posts. I thought the "rank" was a direct link to post as well, maybe software glitches. A "Fizzer" is a disciplinary charge usually punished with jankers. So I hear... Iain
  11. Hmm, maybe been on a fizzer or two. 😅😷
  12. Have you tried giving Kelsey a call ? https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/subscription/HCM Difficult times but I'm sure they will have recent back issues. Iain And its now a 5 part special !
  13. If you forward it to the bellow link it will all help in police Intel. They are the national team for Phishing scams, it may not get immediate attention but it all helps. NFIBPhishing@city-of-london.pnn.police.uk Stay well Iain
  14. Not good ! At least with older land rover's and Bedford's if the word came to leg it to a new location quick the worst would be a jump start off another vehicle. Now it would be, hold on get the laptop out... Most likely there would be a trail of abandoned vehicles. Not much chance of the average collector storing one of these and sorting it in a few years time in the shed. I'll keep to older stuff. Iain
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