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  1. There is one on eBay, if you search BV206 you'll find it. Not sure if it's a side or back door though.
  2. I was involved in the route survey for that cable. It passed north of Beauforts Dyke but we came across plenty of crates of objects shaped just like shells, beer barrel like objects that looked like depth charges and lots of other dodgy stuff. We were not allowed the say they were shells or what ever as we were "not qualified" even though one of our number used to be a clearance diver. The initial plan was to use BA and waterproofs as we hosed the ROV before bringing it onboard after a dive. In case it had been contaminated with any nasty chemicals. We refused as we were not trained, equipped or qualified to deal with chemical agent contamination. (Most of us were ex military). So we did nothing, just the sniff test. You could not make it up. We were told that local fishing boats were used for much of the disposal and were paid by the load. That resulted in some loads being ditched early and as we seen much of the stuff is spread over quite an area. Iain
  3. Dropped to offers around £10,000.00 Sadly a metal a dealer is waiting in the wings so this is the last drop before I clear all the Milly stuff away.
  4. Looks like stowage for a set of plugs and caps.
  5. Could be part of a targeting pod such as Lantirn or maybe test equipment for the system. i.e. optical harmonisation. The Paveway guided bomb is a laser based system (or was, things may have moved on) but the targeting systems use optical based designation. UK Paveway 2 was in service in my time so I am way out of date..... Iain
  6. Just a daft thought but could a set of brakes operating between the steering box and final drives work? It would give you a main brake and the pedal would not be a dummy. If that makes sense. Fantastic work Jon!
  7. Thanks Terry That is a lovely truck and looks well looked after. If you get the time and inclination it would be great to hear its story. And more pics of course! Iain
  8. This should help Terry. From an original user handbook that is now loose leaf as the staples have rusted away. Are you in the UK and do you have any pics of your truck ? Iain This is from the recovery vehicle handbook not sure if all are the same.
  9. Projekt Grenadier is moving on with news yesterday of a new factory in Bridgend and more announcements. http://view.grenadier.ineos.com/?qs=4bb3c267797198fc67e10a5e74ddfecbe8648c231799b337bf40103600d7bcefaaa59614d5c3497ba263db1b4591953d7c162b7edc99e0b329ecdcad495015458633b1e63fd8a6f5 No mention of military sales as a target but you never know.
  10. I wish JLR well and I love their products, mostly. But to promote this as the next incarnation of their most iconic and original product is at the least a disappointment if not a insult. Why could they not call it what it is, a Discovery HD or XD or whatever. Then promote its virtues and it may sell better. But then I'm not paid millions for my marketing genius.
  11. I had a series 3 Safari at the time and loved the new 90 and 110. Still a fantastically versatile utility vehicle adaptable by anyone into anything (almost). Less rain worked its way into the cab in a hard top and otherwise it was an evolution on the original. I always fancied a 90 V8. One day maybe. Your right, I'm not too keen on the new thing. Loved the Discovery 4 !
  12. The JLR marketing team, more spin than a British politician. How can you build up the expectation of a replacement Defender and end up with yet another in the Range Rover, Discovery range. My expectation was for a vehicle with some of the attributes that championed by the Defender and its forerunners. Possibly an updated version made in India. Is this going to happen, maybe they are having a joke. Maybe not. Flexibility, I cant see a crew cab or soft top variant or any real variation on body style. Soft roader only. No WMIK for this. Ruggedness, OK its made with more welds to make it stronger, is that it! I could go on but what's the point. Its not a Defender.
  13. Hello moderators and web guru's. As there are now nearly 5000 active posts in the classifieds section, is there a way to separate live/valid posts from those that are no longer active or are forgotten. Such as a time limit of say 3 months unless rejuvenated by the poster and then moved to another section for reference. Just a thought as its a lot to search through and the valid ones get lost in the crowd. As usual, I may be missing something..... Iain
  14. Still available + another but without flywheel, generator, exhaust manifold but otherwise complete and cheaper. Towards the back of the shed, but I have an EB !
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