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  1. So, try this stuff (or similar) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pliogrip-universal-panel-bond-bonding-metal-wood-plastic-fibreglass-welding-glue/223125314904?hash=item33f34e1d58:g:CG0AAOxy5jxSamr~ Its used on vehicles and has the added benefit of sealing the joint preventing moisture wicking in and rusting out. Not that Range Rover tailgates rust...
  2. Anything like this or dodgy emails report them to ; report@phishing.gov.uk It's the government unit that chase these scumbags. It used to be City of London police but now a national agency. It's worth forwarding all these scams and any suspect emails they all get looked at and help build up intelligence and evidence. Too many vulnerable folk get taken in and lives ruined. Iain
  3. Just put "solar battery charger" into eBay and there are thousands. Maybe someone could give a recommendation as the choice is huge. My concern would be leaving a basic one on for too long and trickle charging the battery to death. I am sure there are smart versions that can be left on without problem. Iain
  4. Perched on the edge of the kerb ? Iain
  5. This all started when you disturbed the distributor and its all getting very complicated. I would look to the distributor again and look for a simple problem like a insulator missing or in the wrong place. Maybe even the timing 180 out, something simple. Hopefully.
  6. How frustrating ! Have you checked the voltage at the coil during cranking, It may be a duff wire or connection causing a drop when under load. Iain
  7. Bloody shame, that would make a lovely run-around ! (As long as its not blinged up with all the bolt on extras..) Does it have a split, top and bottom tailgate ? Used to see these used by dumpies, no doubt in case a spark set off a thousand pounder. Iain
  8. And a tech in best blue ? Possibly with a GSM.
  9. That's good ! Cant be too cautious though.
  10. Right enough, not many unaffected panels. Pity...
  11. Oh dear, so it is (is that a KERR?) and so much more besides. In my defence its not wrapped around it "just so" in the usual way Still, more parts for other vehicles to sell on including at least two spotlights...
  12. Worth a thought though. It looks clean and straight, if in generaly good condition it could be a decent buy and you could recoup quite a bit when selling off the extras. At least it's not covered in chrome and it's missing the tow rope around the bumper and a canvas bucket hanging off the tow hook collecting road dirt.
  13. That's more like it ! https://ineosgrenadier.com/reveal/exterior-design?utm_source=Salesforce&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=btg4&userId=vIKJ1hTwrmS0NZsj8cFrauzvhBAO2BSTTtPJbHORx3o=&lastname=zULivi61CfZKhdlGiqMYRg==&country=United Kingdom&lang=blank&utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=
  14. "After about 6 months, a senior officer arrived and could not understand why they had no military facilities and no evidence at all of the British army. No camp guard or guard room not even a radio, he wanted to put one man on a charge for something, but the solider did not have a service number, and there were no army forms or clerks, nothing." What a shame for the poor officer 🤣 Dammed commoners'..... Jokes apart, really interesting !
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