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  1. A simple set of four screw jacks to lock it in place as required. There are small cheap ones out there for just this, easy to make as well. Iain
  2. Money pit ! 😗
  3. Its the same with LPG, its a subsidy that reduces the tax paid not a lower taxation class. Therefore they can be changed or removed at any time "reverting" to full tax same as petrol or diesel. Central London will be OK, just spend billions more on the transport infrastructure. The rest of us will just make do.
  4. Not good for older vehicles and they admit it ! Also no more lower duty on red diesel. We of course all live in London and can use electric pods to get to the office. 😡
  5. Ahh but all erks were not a/c trades, such as dumpies and shinies….it goes on, but not always as polite. i.e. Zobs ! Iain
  6. Riggers, sooties, fairies and plumbers. Aircraft trade persons.....:-) Iain
  7. Normally registering with a V55/5 also taxes the vehicle so insurance is required.
  8. Just how complete is it though. If it has been stripped of engines, systems and cockpit instruments etc it is just a shell in poor condition.
  9. Nothing wrong with that . Its a good sign, costs and resale value etc don't stack up to how it makes you feel, that's priceless. Remember to take pictures ! Iain
  10. Welcome Steve ! Hang in there ! Jeep types will be along have no doubt and then you will be pestered for details as you go and pictures, lots of pictures.... But you will get loads of good help. Jeeps are not my thing, except Mutts, but good luck and have fun. Iain It might help if you put your intro in "introductions and welcomes" as well.
  11. I think it was Dan Snow in another documentary who got a good look at one, valued at a couple of million £. Highly luxurious and hand made, not for the masses or to get dirty in the field. A lot of effort that could have produced many more usable vehicles. Vanity...
  12. The G4 are often seen on parades etc but I seen a 6 wheel Kublelwagon on a documentary the other day as a reenactment. Searching the interweb it was most likely a reconstruction, which hints at there being some originally.
  13. Hmm, you might be getting much busier doing some building work soon ! Hope you have a bucket and spade ready. Iain
  14. Oops, yes back to the original question. We are looking at 20 years or so before all new manufacture of petrol and diesel engine cars is banned. (This may change as diesel for one is now cleaner than ever, and if you note some research current standard diesel engines leave the air cleaner. Early days on that research but interesting.) By then there will still be millions of cars and light vehicles using those fuels. It will take a long time for the market to deplete, fossil fuels will be with us for a long time yet. I would think we are looking at 30 years plus before we have to worry and alternatives are already around now. Subject to change of course, we are reliant on the whim of government and the power of lobbyists. Iain
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