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  1. How is it MOT exempt ? It will be eligible for historic vehicle free tax as over 40 years old but is post 1960 so should have an MOT unless I'm missing something.
  2. Sorry to hear this, it obviously meant a lot to you. I hope it's not due to a traumatic event or news, you would not be alone in that. Best wishes Iain
  3. See this thread, I expect it will be the same for you. Although I did not expect it, the plating cert(VTG 7A and VTG 6A) turned up a few weeks later, done as part of the first test. Iain
  4. Agreed, Land Rover ones are the best bet and there are comfy versions out there but new, even aftermarket can be expensive. You might come across some used "upgrade" seats if you search around.
  5. No, is the short answer. I have done this a couple of times and had to change them again. The seats have to be low enough that you can sit comfortably without the steering wheel jamming against your legs, it can be that bad really easily. After a while with seats that are a bit too high but seem OK you will get fed up with looking at the top of the wind screen. I am sure others on here will know of seats that work but I would advise taking your time to get the right ones. It can be done and it may mean modifying the seat fixings to lower them that little bit. The perentie are fitted with Siri seats but they had to be modified and seem very good. Iain
  6. Only in my experience,. I'm not an expert, others on here are far more qualified. As far as I am aware the XZL have in effect replaced XL in military use, I suppose if the Fox was still in service it would be fitted with XZL. The XL is probably more biased to off road and seems to wear faster on Tarmac but is a good all round tyre. If it were me and not intending to do big miles I would stick to XL. They are correct for the vehicle and look right. If it's down to driving a lot and road performance then the more modern XZL. In a perfect world a set of XL for show and XZL for driving around. Just like having winter tyres for your car, a tad more expensive though. Iain
  7. If you can get XL at a reasonable price, OK, but if you are not too bothered about being totally original then XZL. They are a very good tyre (tire).
  8. Do they have to be Michelin XL ? Have you looked at Boyce Equipment, they have 11.00 20 Goodyear radials. They are out there, maybe not next door though. Iain
  9. Like this ? A set of tyre levers won't get that out....
  10. Hi I am led to believe that the Eager Beaver used the same wheel without run-flat inserts. Here is the parts book page with the list of bits for the wheel though sadly there is not an illustration. It shows what could be two types ? And states that it is a "Dunlop HB133 modified". I don't know what the modified refers to maybe someone way more qualified than me could comment. It does show that the wheel is fitted with standard 11-00 x 20 Michelin XL tyres with a "Flap, rust , slip". Considering that these vehicles could motor along on roads at reasonable speeds, not just potter around a yard, I would say the fox would be OK. I hope that helps a bit. Iain
  11. I have the same on my Militants and Eager Beaver (I think the EB has the same rims as the Fox) split rims. In the Militant manual it states to paint the rim nuts red and wheel hub nuts white as standard not just for parade show. Red is to highlight a danger as in think twice if you are taking the wheel off the hub. It would be dangerous with a high volume tyre at reasonable pressure. Its also convention to avoid mistakes when in a rush for example. Iain
  12. I take it that is a tow rope on the side but why are there smaller lines attached along its length ? Interesting picture.
  13. No semantics. I suppose to be as correct as I can then its directives and regulations. Anyway, regulations will have to be accepted into national law to prevent a black hole.
  14. Fraid not Andy, EU laws need to be enacted by national governments but EU regulations are immediately applicable to countries within EU. Iain
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