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  1. Perfect Gaz, Always good to find these local sources and they will come in handy for other things I'm sure. Cheers Iain
  2. Here are pics of all the markings,no part numbers but manufacturers indents. It would be easier to get ones that fit from a local supplier, at least they will then have certs. I hope that helps.
  3. No problem Gaz Sadly it's not a workshop but a repurposed comms shack and was just an open space with a bench down one side. I have fitted shelves and use it as a store. The corner brackets I had initially thought were for antenna but they all seem to have them and they are strong, I think they are for legs for free standing the container. Maybe someone who has used them or is knowledgable will let us know. Iain
  4. Yes that's the ones Gaz. I find them easier to use anyway and you would need a spreader bar for the side lift points. You can get away without one easier using the end shackles. It so happens I lifted and moved one yesterday and although it was still loaded with around half a ton of stuff(maybe more) it was no problem. Disclaimer,(just in case) All relevant health and safety stuff was taken into account and the risk assessment and lift plan approved. Tested and rated lift gear( as much as I could), trained and competent operator. Carried out in a controlled and contained environmental using eco friendly fuel and an inclusive and diverse Eco crew.
  5. Yes, they are 1/2 UNC. M12 x 1.75 are a close but not correct fit. Iain
  6. Glad to help Gaz. I have to confess that I have used the shackles on the ends to lift on occasion, using wood planks to protect the structure. I'm not sure that they are rated for lifting but it worked ok.
  7. Here you go Gaz. Two locating pins at the top with 3 bolt holes at the bottom. SWL 2915lb By Arbil. Hope that helps Iain
  8. Zis-3 Robin, it's a field gun. Thanks to the interweb...
  9. Try these https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Belts-V-Belts/c4601_4790/index.html The part number from the book is;. A1/13518. NSN. LV7FW/3030-99-873-9684. Or measure an old one and be sure to ask for a matched set. I hope that helps. I have a set nos, but they come with a recon engine 😉 Iain
  10. Maybe these will help with finding parts. Iain
  11. Spotted a new one on EBAY for £783.93, ouch! Oh, and £550 on Amazon I think it cost me around £100 to get mine repaired. . Iain
  12. According to the parts book it's a CAV 24v, CA45F24-3M. LV6MT4/2920-99-811-0170. I had to get mine repaired when the shaft sheared due to engaging when the engine was turning. It's a standard type and most specialists should be able to fix it. If I can find the name of the repairer I used I'll post it. Iain
  13. Hi Paul I think a letter or email to Land Rover at Solihull would be the only way to get these details. Maybe even who (he or she) put in the last rivet... ;-0 Cheers Iain PS It was built the same year as mine but my landy was put out as a kit of parts and the vin shows 1989. It was then manufactured by JRA in 1990.
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