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  1. man of my own heart but if you are not sure of what you have done take it it back out and start again unless you are completely confident with your workmanship then go for it
  2. take it back out real seal aint going to make that much difference/ but if that is not what you want to hear give it a tow start and give it a blast around and see if it frees of
  3. personally think its you choice brake shoes wont be bothered what they rub against. Years ago we were taught to grind wear lip of with grinder and rough up shiny bit as much possible with sand paper./meant emery tape
  4. probably pie in the sky but how about a couple of formers and your mates press as per this clip though I would think in 1/16th brass I would think the home press you have would do it
  5. See what you mean about the split pin strange arrangement. Have seen similar before on a very old jones baler holding ram crank on to gearbox and they never worked loose so must be fit for purpose
  6. don't want to probe to far but how is MJ registerd
  7. looks like Niek has given the definitive answer to what your vehicle is and how it came about. I would not use it in anger with out bracing it forward or without stabiliser poles when over the back.
  8. Mike I was agreeing with you the photo showing autocar u-8444 wrecker is 100% not the same crane the a frame I said was civilian was the bit that spaces the wrecker from the casualty
  9. Hi sorry if I misled you originally regards model but was right about make. I am curious about the vehicle. When you mention hydraulic hoses what are they for eg has it been converted to hydraulic motor drive. My own feelings are the drag winch and towing frame are civilian mods. The more I look at it I have seen a vehicle with that crane on it in fire brigade colours/use. I have checked on pictures in Falck museum. Not there so was on a working station in scandanavia /Holland maybe about 30 years ago
  10. From pictures it looks like who ever put body on was hoping to get around plating and testing buy calling it a recovery vehicle. But this wont work for a vehicle this size that carries a load on its back. I would suggest you find out what its load ratings are eg overall each axle etc. Preferably from the manufacturer and have this in written form. Next you will with out a doubt have to convert it to dual circuit brakes. This will mean a few valves and piping on the chassis may be an extra air tank and a new foot valve. next the brakes have to be able to cope with the weights suggested. This may mean another set of spring pots on the rear axle plus another overload protection valve. (although it might have a transmission brake I don't know). Next it will have to be fitted with obligatory lights/indicators/brake lightsf/ fogs (with relevant marks on them if they want to pedantic). side rear markers and side guards. having done this and it passes you should in theory be able to down plate to a weight you can drive it on a car licence although looking at it I very much doubt it. It will be possible to test it and I wish you luck with it but look carefully at cost before going to far with cosmetic work. I guess this type of vehicle will have been used and approved for use by US forces in Germany if so you used to be able to use the german approval no in the UK Oh and you will need some different front wheels or some boy racer arches on the front plus spray suppression gear all round
  11. best summing up I have seen to add to the bit about exemptions people seem to seize on these as an excuse non of them allow you drive on a private basis to shows etc
  12. Hi sure winch is civilian mod. Hard to say from picture but guess Garwood. The PTO arrangement on them was a good set up for winching. The main gearbox was 4 speed + reverse unitary construction on the rear of gearbox was another gearstick with high low and PTO on it. so you could have 4 speed + reverse on PTO shaft. £1000 would be a good price if you could buy for that. As it stands I guess 8.5 tons @ £180 scrap
  13. as far as I am aware if the person you are buying of is not vat registered and you are not then no vat is payable. it is the same as buying a bar of chocolate or a tent or a bike say keep the receipt and show it. I think this is one of daft things where if you read the rules and regs where someone will be quite happy to take your money off you
  14. Sorry I am not saying download flash player from a site. Flash player comes with windows 8 its all ready there it just needs activating once and once only three key presses from the start menu/control panel menu why not have it when its already installed on your machine Flash Player is integrated with Internet Explorer in Windows 8. You do not need to install Flash Player. Click the tools menu, in the upper-right corner of Internet Explorer. From the tools menu, choose Manage Add-ons. Select Shockwave Flash Object from the list. Note: Ensure that your current website has rich media content. If the current website does not contain rich media content, Shockwave Flash Object doesn't appear in the list. Click Enable, and then click Close.
  15. don't know if you are on windows 8 but there is a known problem with flash player not installed message. Very easy fix just type in windows 8 flash player not installed in google and follow 3 simple instructions to fix
  16. I have often thought why is it not made compulsory at secondary school 2 days twice say over a five year period
  17. every day a school day first time I have seen baby antar labelled as big ben certainly has big ben type rear bogie fitted dual wheels
  18. Oh a word of warning if you do buy the two engine side panels inside the cab where lagged with blue asbestos
  19. I don't think they built as early a 48 I don't know but would suggest around mid 50 to late 50s the one I had came out of ruddington 81. very heavy rugged built chassis. simple design. Huge petrol engine but enough room to fit desiel in eg Leyland 680 etc I put a Scania in mine. The dealer who I bought it off said he still had an agent in india who were refurbing the for the indian army. Paid £650 for it with cracked block and recon engine in crate.
  20. failing that there was a pre war chassis that was converted to recovery I believe called hathi
  21. sad I know bot the unimog cab in the back of it is worth more than the hippo twenty years from now there will be loads of folks thinking why didn't I buy that bloody hippo
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