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  1. just a quick one I think but not 100 per sure A long is agent for auto home what ever all the original poster is trying to achieve is all ready in place if they take you on they will find some one who can do job. So rather than start new club offer to those clubs services that exist an extension to there services eg obsolete tyre sizes chance of unobtainable spares/ or even if they want to be dragged up the motorway on a pole at 35mph
  2. so I guess you are saying con man or am I reading this wrong best way to say something is to come out with it hate people who suggest things and say nothing
  3. No if there is an old tunnel down there chances are 100% there is some thing in it if only track. The thing you have to ask is there a tunnel
  4. the lock wire holes make the fittings look like aircraft types although never having worked on aircraft I cant be sure. Martian power steering pump had similar fittings and sure that pump was areo industry
  5. Agree with Tony B the power of suggestion gets people going like nothing else on earth and its fuelled by those who want to believe. I just hope the aircraft museum don't throw a rake of money in looking for a rare aircraft that was giving covering fire while guarding it when it disappeared. War or not how the hell can you lose a train
  6. Quite correct yes there are exemptions BUT none are any use or apply to the bulk of the readers on this forum. There is certainly none that would allow civilians to attend meetings etc. The fact it is registered does not automatically mean it is legal to ride about in it. This thread has about been done to death. Read all the other threads on the subject
  7. Rides of in to the distance smirk on his face confident he has made the right decision. At least the recent poster with a Foden drops made up a good story about it not being for him As for filling in the V55 its just like being back at school doing an exam answer those you know leave the rest blank Oh and don't forget to put your name on it that's 10 extra marks plus they know who to screw when it all cocks up for giving false information
  8. Does not have to be fatal a relatively minor head injuries to a kid on a bike will see you and your family in misery for a long time
  9. "There is none so blind as them that don't want to see". Hence the "can you advise me how to register a vehicle i know is illegal". Then I can down load it on some other dupe and get my money back
  10. Sun 14:15 breighton airfield Vulcan gave us proper display three flypasts one very low absolutely awesome.
  11. work on £140 a ton as stood there If you have use for the winches add a little more . Personally I add nothing more for nostalgia or historical value but other people might see more. end of day its all down to what some one is willing to reach out and pull out of their back pocket
  12. I don't know the owner but I do know the guy charged with selling them he is very amicable and if you contact him as per my original post he will be more than willing to supply any info alternatively I am willing to gleen any info you want. as a heads up they will not be sold for less than scrap value (why would they). By the way chris who is selling them is very patient but is very curt with dreamers
  13. Brewstop you have gone very quite perhaps you have not heard what you wanted to hear or has it confirmed what you suspected and you cant ride about in over width vehicles for pleasure no matter how they are registered. Good point is it brings their price down so you can afford to lowloader them to shows etc.
  14. I find the back ground music very smoothing hope it helps the guys who have to sort out. With out some more demolition site clearance and cutting gear they are not going to get any where near with a road going crane
  15. its not far from Smit international they will send a little one out to sort that
  16. does not matter so much what it registered as. The problem is the use its being put to if its use is not one that allows certain breeches of C&U regs then its illegal. None of these allow civillians to ride about for pleasure.
  17. depends what you want to use it for if just for riding about going to shows etc then you will have dipped out as there is no way you can make it road legal
  18. Yep that's what I meant to be fair to Man they have stood by their product regardless of age when the engines are swopped the engine has all ancillaries on it and clutch
  19. Are you going to take a slightly longer propshaft with you to make up the length difference or just rely on local mechanics as when the gearbox goes
  20. not running MANs down but we tow for local Man dealer they are having Problems ecg sticking and blowing motors. had one today reported starter us while underneath picking up saw hole you could get your head through in side of block. No oil on floor just spots stains up back of cab as in pictures told to park along side of other 2. Man are actually pulling engines out of production trucks to satisfy demand or so I have been told
  21. Was it in a services with blown engine. Just going by the oil patches. Man are having serious problems at the moment with three to six year old trucks of a certain mileage going bang
  22. Think about it from out side the box every body is working on the principle that it the vehicle is worth a fortune as a military vehicle But what is it worth once its stolen its scrap value only . Everyone on here tell me what you personally give for a knowingly stolen jeep bearing in mind you are fans . Now tell me as a thief how you are going to make money out of stealing it. As for does Trackers smart water etc deter thief's obviously not they still keep stealing them. I have said it before and will say it for the last time when vehicles like this go missing don't look for organised gangs from eastern Europe look next door for jealous neighbours or start thinking insurance fraud
  23. Sorry no photo but went to brieghton airfield near Selby. Saw at least 60 old planes take off and land . Not into aviation but told they were all Bukers some had travelled from all over Europe. Also great line up of Morgan cars Large scale Model aircraft. A mint WW11 jeep 6 wheeler F1 car with Beta wrote on it last week when I was there a spitfire landed and did a few low level runs. On tomorrow been told it will be better than today
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