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  1. Sun 14:15 breighton airfield Vulcan gave us proper display three flypasts one very low absolutely awesome.
  2. work on £140 a ton as stood there If you have use for the winches add a little more . Personally I add nothing more for nostalgia or historical value but other people might see more. end of day its all down to what some one is willing to reach out and pull out of their back pocket
  3. I don't know the owner but I do know the guy charged with selling them he is very amicable and if you contact him as per my original post he will be more than willing to supply any info alternatively I am willing to gleen any info you want. as a heads up they will not be sold for less than scrap value (why would they). By the way chris who is selling them is very patient but is very curt with dreamers
  4. Brewstop you have gone very quite perhaps you have not heard what you wanted to hear or has it confirmed what you suspected and you cant ride about in over width vehicles for pleasure no matter how they are registered. Good point is it brings their price down so you can afford to lowloader them to shows etc.
  5. I find the back ground music very smoothing hope it helps the guys who have to sort out. With out some more demolition site clearance and cutting gear they are not going to get any where near with a road going crane
  6. its not far from Smit international they will send a little one out to sort that
  7. does not matter so much what it registered as. The problem is the use its being put to if its use is not one that allows certain breeches of C&U regs then its illegal. None of these allow civillians to ride about for pleasure.
  8. depends what you want to use it for if just for riding about going to shows etc then you will have dipped out as there is no way you can make it road legal
  9. Yep that's what I meant to be fair to Man they have stood by their product regardless of age when the engines are swopped the engine has all ancillaries on it and clutch
  10. Are you going to take a slightly longer propshaft with you to make up the length difference or just rely on local mechanics as when the gearbox goes
  11. not running MANs down but we tow for local Man dealer they are having Problems ecg sticking and blowing motors. had one today reported starter us while underneath picking up saw hole you could get your head through in side of block. No oil on floor just spots stains up back of cab as in pictures told to park along side of other 2. Man are actually pulling engines out of production trucks to satisfy demand or so I have been told
  12. Was it in a services with blown engine. Just going by the oil patches. Man are having serious problems at the moment with three to six year old trucks of a certain mileage going bang
  13. Think about it from out side the box every body is working on the principle that it the vehicle is worth a fortune as a military vehicle But what is it worth once its stolen its scrap value only . Everyone on here tell me what you personally give for a knowingly stolen jeep bearing in mind you are fans . Now tell me as a thief how you are going to make money out of stealing it. As for does Trackers smart water etc deter thief's obviously not they still keep stealing them. I have said it before and will say it for the last time when vehicles like this go missing don't look for organised gangs from eastern Europe look next door for jealous neighbours or start thinking insurance fraud
  14. Sorry no photo but went to brieghton airfield near Selby. Saw at least 60 old planes take off and land . Not into aviation but told they were all Bukers some had travelled from all over Europe. Also great line up of Morgan cars Large scale Model aircraft. A mint WW11 jeep 6 wheeler F1 car with Beta wrote on it last week when I was there a spitfire landed and did a few low level runs. On tomorrow been told it will be better than today
  15. sorry I don't know popped on on my face book page as I am friends with him. Just thought it may be off interest on here as ex MOD of no interest to recovery industry any more and will be cut for scrap if not sold. Breaks my heart to think the 981 will probably end up getting chopped would buy it myself but struggling to find spare cash for a cup of tea never mind a diamond T. Looking at the bonnet it has not been cut so may have original Hercules derv in although I don't know. Just looked again both 969s not bothered.
  16. Chris Reeves has these for sale
  17. As for the jeep stolen recently lets look at it from two different points of view. By the way I genuinely feel sorry for the gentleman whose lost it. One jeep in in very good condition all present £10,000 One jeep in in very good condition all present £12,000 with a bit of verifiable history One jeep in in very good condition all present priceless with a bit of verifiable history with the fact its family history(to its owner) Same vehicle in hands of a thief One jeep in in very good condition all present £100 (tyres off petrol drained at scrap yard) history and sentimentality add nothing at all Broke up and used as spares maybe £1500 now that may be a serious thief but not a clever one
  18. Yes I agree trackers do work and they track vehicles BUT they in no way deter anyone who wants to steal a vehicle in deed I know of lots of vehicles that have been damaged purely to find the tracker for its sim card( the ones that advertise a tracker is fitted). Trackers do not deter thieves in fact on a simple vehicle like a jeep they use it to advantage once found it is thrown into the back of a passing tipper etc. And a point I must stress is so your vehicle has been stolen you know where it is what do you do next. answers on a post card please. A simple fact is people who steal vehicles for their scrap value have them cut up within hours. those that are been stolen for ringing and onward sale are dumped somewhere out of the way and left to see if they are collected or put in containers or steel clad sheds. Thjs may surprise a lot of people but if your vehicle goes missing and you know where it is if you report it to the police majority of the forces merely issue a crime number and tell you to inform your insurance company. Its the same as making of off with out paying at a petrol forecourt no longer a police matter because it knackers up their crimes solved satistics
  19. how does smart water work it is no better or worse than those micro dot things/writing post code with an ultra violet pen on your computer or putting your name on school sports clothes/gear. It don't deter any one . Plus it pre presumes someone is can be bothered to check for markers if its ever found. Just don't let it go in the first place
  20. Fact niche market out of the ordinary vehicles greatest number of reported claims for fire and theft is after prices have soared then started to plummet again. Goes against the grain for serious thieves
  21. made my thoughts on trackers as a theft deterrent known before. Useless and if it does disappear and you think you know where it is don't expect police will give chase with blues and twos and get it back for you. The bad boys love them they can get about £400 of free calls out of the sim cards before they are barred. Physically stopping theft in the first place is the only deterrent. Also don't get two paranoid about losing them apart from landrovers serious thieves have no interest in the military vehicles scene.
  22. Type in Minimec injector pump on your search engine you will get a wealth of info and videos illustrating the 3 things I have pointed out and save a fortune for what is a very simple fault and once very common problem. It was only condensation and lack of use that caused it
  23. One other suggestion if that's electric solenoid on pump maybe it should have a wire to it on truck engines there was a button there with a convoluted rubber cover on it that you pressed in for excess fuel for cold starting it used to flick out when the engine revved. Ops Richard and I must have been typing at same time
  24. Looking at the above photo the stop control is not connected have you been stopping it by hand. the stop control is pointing in right direction to start. The speed control cable looks all wrong to get any revs on if it did start. Eg all travel gone on cable with arm in tick over position. On the side of the pump is plate with two bolts on. If you take this of you will see all the gubbins in side I bet it will be gummed up with rust caused by condensation from being stood a quick a quick spray with freeing oil or diesel and a poke or two with a screw driver and it will free off. this is not the rack but the mechanism that allows the the stop to override the throttle. You can still start it with plate off to see if you have cured the problem. It was a very common problem with those minmec pumps
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