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  1. Sorry havent got used to posting on site yet. Another job old Foden did. This had defeated all attempts to move it for two weeks wieght 50 tons arm 28meters long 400ft up a pile of fly ash from power station alongside very deep lagoon. 2 days submiting method statements to get get control of site some compond rigging and job sorted . miss that old Foden
  2. Hi long shot but have you got fixed up am coming down to kent wed next week to pick up a mutt could sort for you
  3. Yep for sure Looks to be in really good condition got a quick look over today in daylight. Very clean has front hub problem but have new axle to go on. might be having a spin very shortly. will be taking drops gear of if anyone has use for it.
  4. Hi bit exited just picked up a leyland drops today . This is going to be converted into a recovery vehicle for use in our family business. Havent seen it in daylight yet but looks to be in in excellent condition. will post some pictures as soon as i get chance. When finished it will take place of Foden FH70 which we have recently sold
  5. Re bogged Foden Foden had recovered 20 ton digger out of pond 400ft down hill side. What you cant see is it is lying sideways at about 30 degree angle. When hauling in slack rope after recovery we hadnot spotted was that winch rope had a broken strand and had created a right bird cage mess on fairlead. We returned following day drove digger in front of foden and hung on to high side engaged diff locks and drove out picture os scene when first arrived
  6. Hi heres some pictures of a FH70 that made it in ti civvy street. The crane is EX leyland Martian we fabricated the legs bodywork and underlift in our workshops. It worked very hard for us for 7years all in all very nice truck. we sold it last year and is working hard up in the North of Scotland
  7. Names Steve Have owned a few milatry vehicles over the years. First was a Morris Mr2 then Thornycroft big ben leyland Martian cargo truck austin K2 Leyland martian recovery Foden F70 Scammell EKA All where used in our recovery business. I came on this site by accident and can honestly say i think its fantastic. Biggest shock i got when i trawled through it was picture of one of our old trucks under Leyland martians
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