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  1. I think the biggest problem with the proposed changes to mot regs on this forum is a fear of the unknown. Instead of thinking of ways of thinking of ways of getting out of testing vehicles why not do a check round and present it. Instead of thinking how are they going test this or that forget about it thats their problem not yours. Once you have seen how the tests are conducted mainly on the braking side you will agree if it fails it should not be driven on the road. One other thing i have noticed is an excuse for being exempt from mot on historic vehicles is that it will cost me this much to make it roadworthy. Now iam not a clever person but if i was proposing changes to mot regs this would not cut much ice with me. Why is it still being driven around lastly when it does pass you will have a smug grin on your face as you drive out
  2. sticking my oar in again anything with 1600 x20 off road tyres will not grip on rollers at a least two local test stations i know of so tapley meters. all it must do is reach required percentage. ( you know you have passed when it falls over)easy and pull up straight. hand brake is tested by pulling up ramp at test station and it must hold vehicle still you are are allowed to put foot on brake while applying hand brake. Honestly after you have done it you will agree if it cant comply the vehicle shouldnt be driven on the road
  3. STGO plates can still be done retospectivly by various companies but it dosnt exempt the vehicle from plate and testing till you get to the largest catogory. IT also has to be done with consultation with the manufacturer or their represntive. I cant find the papers now but it used to be a lady called jenny i will have a little bet you cannot get it above 32 tonnes GVW
  4. May be getting over my head with this one but i think crane trailers were originally given dispensation because the weights were origonally one lump. I think every body tends to over look this now they are a multiple parts and will cotinue to do so until something trajic happens involing one and some smart ***** lawyer comes in with a big claim. Same to be said for overwidth vehicle i bet you have no way of recompense of DVLA if proved wrong after all buck stops with owner
  5. Have read posts with interest. Please dont sit back and think you will get exemptions for this reason or that. Make your representations in bulk now as a combined group it may do some good. Many years ago they brought out propsals to start road taxing recovery vehicles upto that piont we had used them on trade plates. this meant at the time that our own companys road tax bill would have jumped from £150 ish to £18000 overnight, as companys we all wrote to our MPs our assosiations had meetings with people in high places, We didnt stop it but we did get concessions. Next came the proposal that all load carrying recovery vehicles had to have MOTS. talk at the time said thats finished the recovery industry the countrys roads will become grid locked. All that happened was a load of death trap vehicles vehicles went to scrap yards. Normal wreckers eg lift and tow trucks were not included in the Mot scheme. As we work for two police forces our contract insists that all vehicles have MOT this is not as bad as it seems the modern heavies are treated as per normal trucks the older one are treat in a different light. personally i have taken many times Leyland martian and foden gun tractor no problems. Remember they cannot fail on worn components only dangerous eg shackle pins bushes track rod ends etc. Brakes cannot be tested on rollers (when you leave them in all wheel drive) so they resort to a tapley meter with you driving around the yard. this would also be used for over width vehicles Frankly if they dont pull up quick enough in a straight line they should not be driven on the road anyway. All other things are CU regs which you could get fined for anyway if caught eg lights horn etc. air and fluid leaks are frowned upon. At no time were we asked about speed limiters tacos. Matrian did fail first time due to no screen washers dispite beng exempt wipers due to opening wind screen. Personally i see no problems for the bulk of the people and vehicles on this site. This only leaves cost all i can say there is if every body drops out then surely those who stick with it will see price of there vehicles rise???? Finally dont sit back and think well i will be exempt for this reason or that cos if things do go wrong it will cost you a lot more
  6. Dont really understand what you are saying is there an exemption for private heavy goods vehicles. or maybe an age limit thing. Not knocking but that was the only reason we didnt buy one because Vosa told us we could not use on road with out notification. I understand were you are coming from with antars but as far as i am aware majority of mobile cranes are road legal By the way i am on about the Foden Drops not the scammell
  7. Quite fancied one of the foden drops but put off by width. are ther any issues with the width of them. When in civvy street always thought legal max width was 2.55 m excluding wing mirrors lights unless special types
  8. I fitted a David brown 6 speed overdrive gear box to the engine. Because of the length of the box and propshaft angle i had to move engine forward completely destroying the looks of the vehicle worked on until early 80s. engine sold to farmer for corn dryer vehicle sold for scrap 350 + Tulsa winch off 1940s corbit truck. Original RR engine was sold to another farmer who reckoned he was recon aand fitting in grey Fergy for tractor pulling
  9. Hi little story about a Leyland Martian. Around about early to mid 70s we bought a gun tractor with the big crew cab of a chap in North Yorks for use in our recovery business it cost £400 we chopped the rear of the cab of and added home made recovery gear and it worked great for 3 years.. One day it disgraced its self and dropped a vavle insert. after being stood for a month i lost my temper with it and took out out the engine and box. I then bought ex blue circle cement scammell 8 wheeler and removed engine and box for £300. two days after i had cut truck up Blue circle Melton offered me £300 pounds for rear axles of it . I was on a roll i then fitted engine Leyland 680 and scammell six speed box into Martian. Boy was i chuffed once fitted i had moved the radiator forward only slightly so lhe truck still retained its looks. the unusual design of the scammell box meant i could retain the original floor. then i had a long wait for a clutch flexy pipe being made to mate a master cylinder i had cobbled up to the scammell slave cylinder. The truck was parked up against the rear wall of our shed. When the flexey pipie arrived i hastily fitted it upon trying it i could not get a gear the clutch plate was stuck to the flywheel. So i stopped engine selected first gear and started engine again truck lurched backwards through asbestos steel wall and finally stalled when it climbed on top of a jones baler in shed. cost me 450 to repair wall and straighten baler. Thats how i found out that scammell gearbox went different way round to every body elses i ended up with six reverse and one forward
  10. The sentinal aircraft tug we have has FV dash panel get in touch
  11. Sorry havent got used to posting on site yet. Another job old Foden did. This had defeated all attempts to move it for two weeks wieght 50 tons arm 28meters long 400ft up a pile of fly ash from power station alongside very deep lagoon. 2 days submiting method statements to get get control of site some compond rigging and job sorted . miss that old Foden
  12. Hi long shot but have you got fixed up am coming down to kent wed next week to pick up a mutt could sort for you
  13. Yep for sure Looks to be in really good condition got a quick look over today in daylight. Very clean has front hub problem but have new axle to go on. might be having a spin very shortly. will be taking drops gear of if anyone has use for it.
  14. Hi bit exited just picked up a leyland drops today . This is going to be converted into a recovery vehicle for use in our family business. Havent seen it in daylight yet but looks to be in in excellent condition. will post some pictures as soon as i get chance. When finished it will take place of Foden FH70 which we have recently sold
  15. Re bogged Foden Foden had recovered 20 ton digger out of pond 400ft down hill side. What you cant see is it is lying sideways at about 30 degree angle. When hauling in slack rope after recovery we hadnot spotted was that winch rope had a broken strand and had created a right bird cage mess on fairlead. We returned following day drove digger in front of foden and hung on to high side engaged diff locks and drove out picture os scene when first arrived
  16. Hi heres some pictures of a FH70 that made it in ti civvy street. The crane is EX leyland Martian we fabricated the legs bodywork and underlift in our workshops. It worked very hard for us for 7years all in all very nice truck. we sold it last year and is working hard up in the North of Scotland
  17. Names Steve Have owned a few milatry vehicles over the years. First was a Morris Mr2 then Thornycroft big ben leyland Martian cargo truck austin K2 Leyland martian recovery Foden F70 Scammell EKA All where used in our recovery business. I came on this site by accident and can honestly say i think its fantastic. Biggest shock i got when i trawled through it was picture of one of our old trucks under Leyland martians
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