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  1. From a recovery operators point of view the nato hitch kicks up a lot of problems. The bulk of the people who are willing to work for the rates offered by the clubs insurance companies are running vehicles that are at their GVW limits with vehicle only. and employ drivers who are not qualified to tow trailers. Hence the clubs have to out source to bigger concerns who who do this every day. But it costs them money hence the reluctance to take on new customers
  2. are you saying all AA vehicles are fitted with a 50mm ball or a nato hitch
  3. looking at pictures does look in very good condition. i have had three of them over the years and the first one 40 years ago was much worse state than this. Word of advice when restoring go for getting up and running curing big faults before concentrating on period switches history dash board decals paint codes and other minor details. i have noticed a lot restoration come to a complete halt because the list becomes to big. Have you sourced an engine for it ?? till its up and running you dont know if its got frost damage to base of crane and it still slews etc
  4. simply tee into a pipe that has a constant air supply run pipe to seat base and pipe into seat. Could be either colour one will be feed one exhaust. you will know if wrong air will leak out. job done. the exhaust pipe is usually piped through the cab floor through a grommet to atmosphere.
  5. ex prison service i guess. Needs tax and Mot if not exempt for some other reason
  6. my guess militant with coles crane on it worth scrap unless some body on here wants it
  7. Not a lot i can add about tug. The Darlington winch was a very powerful piece of kit i believe the shear pin on the drive shaft was designed to break at around 25 ton line pull. The anchor was raised and lowered by the winch. The same model winch was used on some models of the mighty antar for loading tanks
  8. forget it you can register it but you could not find a legal reason to ever use on road. Registration does not give you a legal right to ride about in it. Try construction and use see if you can find a loop hole
  9. could it not be emegency container had stored water and gone rusty before you used it
  10. i think Ruxy has summed this whole issue up in two words Snake oil. Basically two facts 1 if you put no fuel in the vehicle it will stop. 2 pull up to a pump and put in petrol or derv and it will go if you picked the right one . Why does it have to get so anal
  11. the one i fitted to the drops had a 12" deep subframe fitted on the owners request. I wanted to go with 6" but customer gets what the customer wants. Small world the cab of the gear your fitting is now on the foden i took my gear of
  12. What i like about it is you cannot overdo it eg once the rust has gone nothing happens. If you end end up with holes in your pipes they where shot anyway
  13. sounds to me like forget foden get a scammell leyland/daf and put a body on it
  14. first of all apologies to greyhound 13222 for filling post with crap i had cut the round symbol and pasted to post. not thinking all other stuff would go as well. i can not delete it now. As for rates they are not much better now.
  15. think it depends on what you are doing with it
  16. i have had one suggestion already possibly Tourhill Commercials Kilmanock
  17. if you dont mind me pinching one of your pictures i could probably identify the operator by posting on some of the other sites i go on
  18. Just a thought i have never heard of the company you mentioned in Scotland. But there used to be a club called National Breakdown (the fore runner to Green Flag). They had Commercial agents all over the UK. When you became an agent for them the rep give you loads of stickers to put on vehicles like this
  19. This is the primer for the system i suspected may have been fitted but as said i have never had a tm so dont know. This was usually fitted on or under the dash. i have three ex army vehicles in yard as now all fitted with this type. But i have never looked to see how they work as i just give them a whiff of ether if they hesitate to start. The handle on one in the yard is marked Holt Lloyd Start Pilote. I think Sean n is right and yours has a different system.
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