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  1. i dont know naff all about this set up but from memory that looks a a lot like the Rootes blower fitted to commer ts3 Quick Goggle confirmed Rootes still exist so may be worth a call. like a lot of things MOD it will have been an of of the shelf item adapted to fit
  2. agree with attleej in one respect the engine was a very good one for its size far better than the RB81 and although it seems eye watering now it compared well with 14 ton Commer cattle truck a local haulier ran it had humber super snipe engine it. if it aint leaking internally i would stick with it. plus i know it aint multifuel but a little contaminated petrol wont hurt it. If you do decide to change for another or change to diesel have a few tips that that will save a lot of grief cursing and swearing.
  3. from memory the problem with them was even with engine and rad drain cocks open about 4" of water was left in the block. some of the reconditioned spare motors were dynometer tested for oil pressure/compression. Others were bench tested filled with water. before being sprayed that light blue green colour. then crated. the water filled ones all cracked in storage in the winter of 67. the dealer who sold us our big ben opened 3 crates before he found a good one.
  4. bison parts range from 175 too £300 for plate cover thrust bearing. price difference goes from diameter plate 320 ish mm 350 ish mm 390 ish mm. The trick is to avoid saying MOD army when ordering .99.5 % 0f army vehicles built since the late 60s use standard of the shelf components. eg air pots on fodens are bog standard type 22 but with virtually non obtainable fittings screwed in and a unique end cab. People also think the Rolls Royce engined diesels are exotic.parts are half price off a perkins dealer who built the engines anyway only difference is rocker covers and compresser and exotic screw in couplings even such things as tranfer boxes axles are made as of the shelf but tags are taken off so it becomes difficult to identify who made it Oh by the way i think the clutch you need is the one fitted to the daf 55 .
  5. go into any decent heavy goods vehicle supplier say you want a clutch for a daf 45 when they ask for a chassis no shrug your shoulders they will supply you with something if it dont fit take it back with parts you want the will exchange. as for changing they are not that heavy or challenging to do i did one on my own at side of french motorway HGV Direct would be a start when when looking for a supplier
  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1762306687164747&set=gm.1010904749060566&type=3 just nicked this of the web
  7. am i correct the trailer was a command centre or missile carrier chassis that had a dolly with it to allow fifth wheel or draw bar operation my hobby is making 1/24 models and i have made models of every wrecker i have constructed in real life the Big ben was the only on i missed out would love line drawings as an aside 11 years ago i saw a BIG Ben in i believe army service in Sri Lanka. with a low loader carrying a tracked machine at 2 mph up a steep incline between Bentota and Kandy followed for 1/2 an hour
  8. First of all it does indeed look as though you are making a good job of restoration. if you should ever decided to remove the cab eg to remove engine as long as you a means of lifting it vertically it is simplicity its self. the only things to detatch are the air pipe to wipers one wire to interior light and four mounting bolts put ratchet handbrake as near vertical as poss and lift straight up. This leaves a chassis that can be driven about. seats etc stay with chassis. May have put you off with winch. The winch is a fantastic piece of kit extremely power full plus smooth and controllable. i was trying to hint that if you use it and the chassis rears up do not try tethering it down with a crawler or some thing at front end it will damage the chassis big style (guess how i Know ?????) From memory the Big Ben was supplied in two forms. Artic with 3" ocilating fifth wheel chassis was very short at back end Rigid with troop caring body this was longer wheel base and had larger over hang at rear. From your pictures your truck is the longer one shortened over hang when converted in civilian life. if you have any more pictures of winch which is certainly been added after leaving army/raf service i will have some more tips. block had great success with a product called ?steel stick? and some friends supplied us with a paint on substance that was used in for sealing air craft fuel tanks as a backup Keep up the good work i for one would like see the old lady doing the rounds
  9. a few little pointers (1) the vehicle you have was i believe never offered in a civilian version although the the name was applied to other versions (2) the back window is civilian conversion that was much required as the original three window with guards set up was absolutely useless (3) the engines were exceptionally prone to frost damage not just externally but internally about 5 inches up from where the sump bolted on to the point every one i saw sold at ruddington had a reconditioned engine sat on the back or assigned to in a crate along side (4) the winch i said in previous post could be a garwood is not but an ex martian recovery one or derivative. If it has been set up correctly it will completely gaffer or destroy the truck if you ever anchored it the same winch was fitted to latter versions of antar made in the newcastle area but forgotten the name it is a civillan conversion as non of the mod trucks ever had a winch fitted (5) they had a gear stick with 4 speed plus reverse behind this was a second gear lever with high low and pto on . To engage Pto you had to sort of two handed manovre lifting the rear of the stick with one and pulling back with the other to engage PTO the one i had usually ended having to jump on back undoing a tower assembly levering selectors back into place refitting then having another go Anyway best of luck if you can cope with no power steering they are an absolutely bullet proof piece of kit
  10. Guess what the police do if they come across untaxed sorned vehicle that right they have it towed away by a local recovery agent no stipulation about how its done unless it has mechanical issues that affect it
  11. Its a broken down vehicle full stop use what ever method you want
  12. Only just seen this post. Interceptor quick read through your post only thing i can say is for every question you ask there are a 100 answers. But before you go any further do not commit to any training schemes as yet . until you have decided what route you are going to go down. They are regarded as a distress purchase by operators to enable experienced staff to go on jobs that certain clubs who pay shit rates demand paper certificates for.. As for all your other question i am quite willing to give advise on forum or on the phone. For a start the extension off a scammel will fit the EKA on a foden. As to which truck towing down road scammell local tractors etc odd vehicle etc Foden
  13. wish there was a like box to tick on this forum
  14. one only has to read the way the ad has been wrote to sense its a con from some nigerian gezzar or such like but who is based in holland or flemish speaking part of belgium
  15. i had one i bought in 1972 bought from a local scrap yard that had been vandalized by kids. I paid £20 for it and it included any parts i wanted that they had else where in the yard. After a few trips backwards and forwards i got every thing i needed of an old pop delivery lorry owned by a Company called Lords in Hull it was described as 30cwt morris by the scrapyard owner. I remember it was the same truck except for transfer box axles and compresser bolted on to gearbox and ignition switch. Alas cannot give a model type no but sure the one in heartbeat is the same
  16. unlike face book cant press like . SO like like like the whole restoration great stuff
  17. I have been away for a few days so all though i i have been able to view i could not post. I believe Radiomike 7 is right and it was a made up thing. With hind sight i simply posted with out checking. Having said that i do believe it was trying to get across a message i have stressed many times. Recovery is one of the most satisfying/reward tasks one can do be it for making a living or simply helping some one out. But here is the rub every one can see judge size by simply looking at something. Very few have any concept of weight (force) or the load it it is imposing on equipment. Hence dont think if a rope of any material were to slap you at the back of the head it would be a warning
  18. years ago i once got into an argument about recovery on this site involving some naive people having innocent fun recovering a stalwart at the time i was mocked for pointing out some salient points. just come across this video https://www.facebook.com/david.allamby/videos/1402144089904204/ I also can got banned for one 1 month for people putting on a recovery demonstration at WP. For pointing out their mistakes yuking at and riving at a vehicle and adding more vehicles and pointing out farming mentality type errors WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT
  19. Dave Crouch had pallets full of them. http://www.crouchmilitarysales.co.uk/crouch-recovery/
  20. From a recovery operators point of view the nato hitch kicks up a lot of problems. The bulk of the people who are willing to work for the rates offered by the clubs insurance companies are running vehicles that are at their GVW limits with vehicle only. and employ drivers who are not qualified to tow trailers. Hence the clubs have to out source to bigger concerns who who do this every day. But it costs them money hence the reluctance to take on new customers
  21. are you saying all AA vehicles are fitted with a 50mm ball or a nato hitch
  22. looking at pictures does look in very good condition. i have had three of them over the years and the first one 40 years ago was much worse state than this. Word of advice when restoring go for getting up and running curing big faults before concentrating on period switches history dash board decals paint codes and other minor details. i have noticed a lot restoration come to a complete halt because the list becomes to big. Have you sourced an engine for it ?? till its up and running you dont know if its got frost damage to base of crane and it still slews etc
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