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  1. Towing when under SORN

    Guess what the police do if they come across untaxed sorned vehicle that right they have it towed away by a local recovery agent no stipulation about how its done unless it has mechanical issues that affect it
  2. Towing when under SORN

    Its a broken down vehicle full stop use what ever method you want
  3. Only just seen this post. Interceptor quick read through your post only thing i can say is for every question you ask there are a 100 answers. But before you go any further do not commit to any training schemes as yet . until you have decided what route you are going to go down. They are regarded as a distress purchase by operators to enable experienced staff to go on jobs that certain clubs who pay shit rates demand paper certificates for.. As for all your other question i am quite willing to give advise on forum or on the phone. For a start the extension off a scammel will fit the EKA on a foden. As to which truck towing down road scammell local tractors etc odd vehicle etc Foden

    wish there was a like box to tick on this forum
  5. ww2 Jeep £40,000

    one only has to read the way the ad has been wrote to sense its a con from some nigerian gezzar or such like but who is based in holland or flemish speaking part of belgium
  6. M/C MRA1 based on a civil lorry?

    i had one i bought in 1972 bought from a local scrap yard that had been vandalized by kids. I paid £20 for it and it included any parts i wanted that they had else where in the yard. After a few trips backwards and forwards i got every thing i needed of an old pop delivery lorry owned by a Company called Lords in Hull it was described as 30cwt morris by the scrapyard owner. I remember it was the same truck except for transfer box axles and compresser bolted on to gearbox and ignition switch. Alas cannot give a model type no but sure the one in heartbeat is the same
  7. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    got to say your doing a great job on that truck.
  8. Points Identification

    not sure that long ago could be RR B81
  9. Range Rover advice please

    think you bought a pup fella
  10. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    unlike face book cant press like . SO like like like the whole restoration great stuff
  11. Recovery and Towing

    I have been away for a few days so all though i i have been able to view i could not post. I believe Radiomike 7 is right and it was a made up thing. With hind sight i simply posted with out checking. Having said that i do believe it was trying to get across a message i have stressed many times. Recovery is one of the most satisfying/reward tasks one can do be it for making a living or simply helping some one out. But here is the rub every one can see judge size by simply looking at something. Very few have any concept of weight (force) or the load it it is imposing on equipment. Hence dont think if a rope of any material were to slap you at the back of the head it would be a warning
  12. Recovery and Towing

    years ago i once got into an argument about recovery on this site involving some naive people having innocent fun recovering a stalwart at the time i was mocked for pointing out some salient points. just come across this video https://www.facebook.com/david.allamby/videos/1402144089904204/ I also can got banned for one 1 month for people putting on a recovery demonstration at WP. For pointing out their mistakes yuking at and riving at a vehicle and adding more vehicles and pointing out farming mentality type errors WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT
  13. Dave Crouch had pallets full of them. http://www.crouchmilitarysales.co.uk/crouch-recovery/
  14. From a recovery operators point of view the nato hitch kicks up a lot of problems. The bulk of the people who are willing to work for the rates offered by the clubs insurance companies are running vehicles that are at their GVW limits with vehicle only. and employ drivers who are not qualified to tow trailers. Hence the clubs have to out source to bigger concerns who who do this every day. But it costs them money hence the reluctance to take on new customers
  15. are you saying all AA vehicles are fitted with a 50mm ball or a nato hitch