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  1. Hi, I have been a member of the forum for a while. I don't own a military vehicle, but did serve in the British Army 1982 - 88 in the RCT, with 1ADTR (4 Sqn) inc NI tour as part of an EOD team, ended up on the MDT, which was a great job! Also did 2 years in the RCT TA at West Bromwich. I have posted a few pictures previously and will post more pictures when I get time as they are hard copy and I need to scan them in! Main reason for being a member is I like all things military. Andy
  2. Hi I don't own a vehicle but have an interest in them as I am ex army (RCT) I will scan some pictures and post them when I get 5. Andy
  3. I was on the RCT MDT in the mid eighties, got to drive this! The load was a MK2 Stalwart and JCB 410 Fork Lift, which as you see just fitted. Page 1 of this thread featured 23GT99 while I drove 24GT00. Nice truck slow though, especially when we travelled from Plymouth to Scotland at 30mph. Got very interesting north of the border as our movement order directed us via Fort William and round in a loop to the show site, which I think was in/near Elgin. Very narrow roads for a 60 foot long rig with an trailer around 11 feet wide :shocked: Andy
  4. I reckon so looking at my mapping as 1ADTR were based at Bunde which isn't that far away. Was a long time ago though and I wasn't there when it went in :-) Andy
  5. Yours seems to have faired better than this "BATUS" Bedford MK that a Cheiftan ran over in 1986! Regards Andy
  6. Just signed up and have been reading this thread. As ex-RCT I have some pictures that I will post on different topics, in due course, if thats ok? Regards Foden's here is a 1 ADTR TTF that went for a swim, in Germany. I can't remember the full story but it was around 1984/85, basically the handbrake "failed" and the truck ended up in the river fully loaded with 12,000 litres of diesel. Following recovery, which caused a lot of the damage to the truck, it was ultimately rebuilt, although I can't be certain of this. I apoligise for the pictures as this was camera technology 25 years ago! Andy
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